2006 Homecoming Meeting Minutes

Chris Burke, 93
Jim Stuhltrager, 89
Chris Bartnik, 91
Jeff Damcott, 91
Avi Sadiky, 06

42 Proxies, cast by Secretary Burke as per proxy sheet.

Rob McHugh, UG 07
Jason Chottiner, UG 09
Tim Uhrich, UG 09
David Hartwich, UG 09 - Treasurer

Meeting Called to Order 5:10 pm by Br. Stuhtrager, standing in for Pres
RM via proxy

Covered Br. Maltz's notes, written and transcribed as follows:


Things I would like the cover in the meeting.

Chris can you please keep detailed minutes of the meeting. I would like to post them online for everyone to read

Please apologize to the brotherhood for me not being at my first meeting, but work has sent me to LA.

National has finally taken over full financial and title of the chapter house.

All liens, loans, insurance and taxes have been paid.

We were surprised with a Borough bill for garbage removal that hadn't been paid in several years - somewhere in the range of $5000-$8000.

National has hired Greg Butts as Property Manager & Tom Harner as Financial Manager

House Improvements
To date

- Carbon Monoxide detectors were installed
- Parking lot has been fixed - no longer floods 
- Steam Traps and shut off values have been installed on all radiators 

Future Projects
Board has approved renovations over the next year. The following items are being explored and bids are being taken. The below list is not in any particular order.

- Roof replacement
- Repair Chimney
- 3rd floor - Gut and redoing all of 3rd floor
- Might enlarge bathroom
- Sprinkler System Installation 
- Removal of both trees on left side of house - to install pipes for system 
- Window replacement 
- New Locks for doors - keypad or electronic keys (still working out details)
- Maybe remove concrete/coal area in front of house - replace with landscaping 

Leases for undergraduates
Will be moving from a 6 month lease to a full year lease for 2007/8 school year - will work with those brothers who graduate midyear.

Side Projects

- Replace French doors in living room
- Replace/fix cement porch 
- Replace Front Door 
- Add flagpole to front of house 

National would like the alumni assoc to take on 3 or so projects. The above side projects might be well suited. Any other projects are welcome.

Need to come up with a 3-year plan for the alumni association to take back control of the house from national.

Our first priority is to increase overall communication with alumni and the alumni assoc.

Cover our plans for better communication
- Pledge Class Captains and see if there is anyone who would like to be one. 
- Omegaphone went out and we have received a positive response from alumni - Chris can you please cover how we will using Affinity.
- Continue use of website. 
- Committees - Financial, Risk management, Communication, Physical Plant - any volunteers? 
- Talk about how a group of 10 or so brothers have been meeting over the phone and in person to discuss future projects and other house stuff. Anyone interest in being included, please let us know.

Meeting format

Open meeting

Reports from ...

AlumnI Treasurer
Alumni President
Active Chapter President 
Active Chapter Treasurer 

Old Business

From officer table - none
From the floor - none 

New Business

Elections - count any votes of alumni brothers in attendance and add them to the list I sent you previously.

Once elections are complete, than vote on the bylaw amendments. Count votes from alumni in attendance and add them to list I sent you

Any new business from the floor


Specific comments regarding Br. Maltz's notes and other agenda items:

1 Jim stuhtrager to call borough re trash, as OX has been paying Phi Sigma Kappa to use their dumpster for all this time, so given no trash service, we should not owe back dues.

2. Although gravel has been dumped in parking lot, they are still having problems with flooding

3. Steam traps were installed and paid for by National, shut off valves were paid for by undergrads

4. Undergrads concerned national wants to remove all trees on property

5. Undergrads concerned that national not focused enough on security of facility

6. Block glass windows in former bar area of basement are cracked apparently this is a code violation? Brother Stuhltrager to investigate?

7. Undergrads do not appear to be getting copies of Omegaphone. Br. Burke to talk to Affinity about this.

8. Undegrad President, Robert Blumstein, not present, gave report via email to alumi officers two days later, transcribed as follows:


Omega Chapter Update:

* We have 8 new members
* We Had another successful KICKS tournament on Oct. 15th which
raised approximately $1600 (we don't have the final count yet)
* We participated in homecoming, for the first year at our own
house, with Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority
* We received 1st place for GPA in IFC, coming in with the highest
GPA out of 48 fraternities with 3.40.
* We had 9 brothers participate in the Homecoming day of service,
with one brother group leading and 2 brothers as overalls for the event.
* We are sponsoring a blood drive on Oct. 30th which is a part of
the annual MSU-PSU Blood Drive Challenge. Brothers will be staffing the
event all day and many will be giving blood as well.


9. Undegrad Treasurer, David Hartwich, gave report as follows:

a. 17 brothers in house, $35,700 per semester revenue -- national giving him rent numbers to fund. He estimates slight surplus.

10. Br. Stuhtrager called for votes on Alumni Exec Board, votes tallied as follows by Br. Burke:

President - Richard Maltz, 46
Vice Pres - Jim Stuhtrager, 46 
Secertary - Chris Burke, 46 

This includes 42 votes submitted by Proxy and 4 votes cast for the candidates above, by Avi Sadiky, Jeff Damcott, Chris Bartnik and Chris Burke.

11. Br. Stuhtrager called for votes on bylaw amendments, votes tallied as follows by Br. Burke:

For: 45
Against: 0
Abstain: 1 

This includes 42 votes submitted by Proxy and 4 votes cast for the proposed bylaws, by Avi Sadiky, Jeff Damcott, Chris Bartnik and Chris Burke.

Meeting adjourned via motion by Br. Bartnik, seconded by Br. Damcott, at 6:05 PM