2015 Homecoming Meeting Minutes

Call to Order - 10:06am

Call to order the 2015 Homecoming meeting of Theta Chi of Penn State

Introduction of officers, alumni and undergraduates

Reading & Approval of Minutes from 2015 Founder's Day Corporation Meeting- Waved

Alumni Reports

1. President’s Report – David Hartwich by Jeff Damcott

  • Internet... Transition to Comcast. - Service contract of two years has been signed to provide upgraded speed and service

2. Treasurer’s Report – Chris Burke (download report)

  • Financial Report - see attachment - Chris explained our financial position as of Sept 30, 2015, Jeff Damcott asked if we had an appraised value of the house and property; Chris noted is was almost 2 million and was done when we repurchased the house from National about 5 years ago
  • Jeff Damcott asked how much yearly donations were affected by the capital campaign and we were down $3000-$5000 per year during the campaign
  • Chris explained that this report is not set to match year to year numbers and he is working to set a fiscal year so that we are comparing year to year figures. Reports in the past changed due to what month Homecoming was held.
  • Chris stated we have an overall healthy financial position
  • Numbers/Brothers in the House-A discussion of the minimum number was again held. 25 is the number of in-house brothers needed to breakeven; but an occupancy amount closer to 32 would be more ideal. A brief discussion was held on the split of in house vs. out of house brothers and what were the reasons for those living arrangements.

Undergraduate Reports

3. President – Undergraduate President Ryan Gattoni (download report)

  • 41 Brothers- 27 in-house
  • Won Theta Chi Chapter of Excellence in all categories but recruitment
  • LEC Field exec visit went well
  • IFC has become much more strict due to the recent issues at other fraternities at PSU
  • Dr. Baker, Director of Greek Life, is leaving PSU for WVU
  • 6 new members in this class
  • 3.26 House GPA which is top 5 in Greek Life
  • $892 raised for GI Theta Chi
  • Kicks is Nov. 7
  • Have been assigned their Neighbor to neighbor Representative- (neighborhood outreach program)
  • • A discussion on rush was held. There is an understanding on the undergrads part of their own recruitment needs. Involvement in outside activities was agreed to be an important part of the process and the undergrads are doing a great job in this area. Some ideas to improve the appearance of the outside of the house were presented as potential help to market the fraternity.
  • A brief discussion of the maintenance and cleanliness of the property was held.
  • An update on the University President’s committee for the review of the Greek system was discussed. There are no formal findings of this committee at this time and only rumors are currently being circulated. There is a feeling that the Greek system will be under a larger microscope and that more rules might be instituted on the individual Chapters.

4. Treasurer – Waiting for reports

  • The Chapter indicated they were in good financial standing and all bills are up to date. Projections are to have a small budget surplus at the end of the semester.
  • Chris Burke recommended the undergrads to start a transition budget for the next incoming officers.
  • Other chapter reports- A briefing on the new National mandated position of Health and Safety which focuses on mental health and well-being programming and being a facilitator of the resources that are available to the chapter.
  • The undergrads are working to transition their file storage to the National Omega Phi program.

5. Old Business

  • Campaign Plaque-In process and will be presented at Spring meeting
  • Summer 2015 Capital Renovations- Jeff Damcott
    • Bar floor war refinished with a Cementous /epoxy coating system
    • Laundry bathroom has been completed except for a coat of paint
    • Bathrooms and dining room floor were professionally cleaned
    • Several other small repairs were made within the house
    • The heating system was flushed to remove sediment accumulation
  • Jeff Damcott provided an update on were things stood with the remaining house improvement needs. The board is committed to continuing on the smaller expenditure projects such as landscaping and wear replacement schedules. We are at a crossroad moment for the larger issues including the renovations to the main and second floors. These projects will cost a substantial amount of money and will need to be planned to maximize our investments and are impacted by ADA requirements.

6. New Business

  • Richard Maltz Century Award. To be given at Homecoming Meeting.-
  • Names were forwarded to Dave- the board will follow up
  • Bylaw amendment suggestion-attached-Chris discussed the rational for the suggested amendment for the next board to review.
  • Election of Alumni Board- Winner were:
    • Chris Burke
    • Ian Maxwell
    • Aaron Speagle
    • Dave Stoltzfus
    • Kevin Trippel
  • Officers will be determined by the newly elected board.

7. For the Good

  • Jeff Damcott thanked the outgoing board for their service for the last couple years.  
  • 27 Brothers in house
  • House GPA
  • IFC indicating that Theta Chi is the farthest along for accreditation for Chapter of Excellence

Adjourn: “It is to thee Dear Old Theta Chi”- 11:19  

2013 Founder's Day Meeting Minutes


A. Call to Order

Call to order the 2013 Founder's Day meeting of Theta Chi of Penn State

Introduction of officers, alumni and undergraduates

B. Reading & Approval of Minutes from 2012 Homecoming Corporation Meeting

C. Reports of Officers and Committees

a. Alumni Reports

  1. President’s Report – Richard Maltz (given By Chris Burke)
    1. Upcoming Calendar
      • May 3rd is upcoming Golf Outing
    2. Nittany Co-Op
      • a. Working out a contract to start management of checking in and out of undergrads Fall 2013
    3.  Summer Housing - house closed
      • 3 Brothers have asked permission to stay at the house for the summer.  Chris Burke and Rich Maltz will go over numbers and come up with a fair rent if this is economically viable.  If it is agreed to then the house will remain open.
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Chris Burke
    1. Financial Report (see Burke’s report)
    2. Numbers/Brothers in the House
      • Fall 2012 – 28
      • Spring 2013 – 23
      • Fall 2013 – 24 projected at the least
      • It was reiterated that IF BELOW 25 brothers in the house that maintaining the current rent is NOT sustainable  (House needs to bring in $125,000 per year to be sustainable)
      • What is the systemic problem of why almost 50% of the brotherhood does not want to live in the house?
        • Undergrads will file a report/survey citing reasons why more brothers aren’t living in house.
        • The alumni corp. and undergraduate leadership will attempt to come up with solutions to address main causes of why the number of brothers in house isn’t higher. 

b. Undergraduate Reports 

  1. President – Ian Maxwell (See attached report)
    • Note on academics the 3.08 GPA average is including one brother who had to leave the university and he was averaged in at a 0.00 so the GPA average is actually higher and this will show in the Fall semester
  2. Treasurer – Mark Moseley

D. Old Business

 1. Capital Campaign update – Richard Bartnik

  1. Pledges from 63 alumni thus far
  2. $133,000 pledged
  3. $65,000 collected
  4. $15,000 used so far on windows and shudders for entire house
  5. The decade of 2000-2010 has the most donors

E. New Business

 1. Side Porch – Richard Bartnik

  • Dave Shrader has completed his survey of the porch area and we are currently going to the borough for a building permit
  • Hope to have work completed by the end of summer 2013

2. OX Gala - Oct 19, 2013

At the Nittany Lion Inn – stay tuned for additional programming information in the near future

The annual homecoming alumni corporation meeting will be held at the Nittany Lion Inn the Saturday of the Gala.

3. Nomination Committee

  • Chris Burke would like everyone to know that Rich Maltz will be retiring from President at the end of this term due to distance.  Thank you Rich again for your many years of dedicated service!
  • We must have 5 candidates on the ballot for the Fall meeting
  • Should we change the bylaws to include a transitioning period between board member elections and installation of alumni officers?
  • Can we increase the number of board members from 5 to 7?
  • Dave Hartwich and Jasen Marshall are the nominating committee and will handle the elections of the board this summer

F. For the Good

Burke – Leo Sugg and Jim Stuhltrager are doing a great job heading up the Theta Chi Gala

Burke – It’s good to see the side porch project is getting moving

G. Adjourn: “It is to thee Dear Old Theta Chi”

2012 Homecoming Meeting Minutes

2012 Homecoming Meeting Agenda

Call to order - 5:05pm

Introduction of Officers

Reading of the Minutes
  1. motion passed to waive the reading of the minutes
Undergraduate Reports
Chapter President - Kevin Trippel
  1. Currently 42 undergraduate brothers
  2. 8 New Members in the Upsilon Pledge Class 
  3. 28 living in the house for the fall, 3 graduating at end of fall
  4. A minimum of 25 living in the house for the spring, however 3 brothers are trying to break housing contracts to move in for the spring
Chapter House
  1. 28 Brothers currently in house
  2. First year with cook went great, so we are continuing to offer the meal plan
  1. 3.2  Average for Spring 2012 – (higher than all-male average)
Intramural Sports
  1. Finished 2011-2012 year in 8th place.
  2. Currently in 9th place for Fall 2012
  1. Partnered with Orchesis Dance Company
  2. Still Awaiting Results
  1. Raised almost $4,100 on first canning trip, next is October 19th-21st
  2. Trying to get corporate sponsors this year if anyone may have potential contacts
  1. Date set for October 14th with Alpha Xi Delta, supporting Autism Speaks
Alumni Relations
  1. Alumni Tailgates at football games
  2. next tailgate is at the Ohio State Game
  1. Sent Sam Shively to National Convention in Palm Springs, CA. Earned Key Man Award
  2. Next National Event is Mid Year Leadership 
  3. Alumni will once again pay for two registrations for summer National event (paid for National convention - $800)
  1. Received 2011 IFC Chapter of Excellence
  2. 2011 IFC Chapter of the year
  3. 2011 Penn State Presidents Cup for top Greek organization
  4. 2011 Chapter Advisor - Richard Bartnik
  5. Chapter of Excellence
  6. On track for 2012 Chapter of Excellence
Chapter Treasurer - Kyle Sussman (download report)
PNC Bank Statements: 
  1. Dues: $923.57
  2. Paid $9,075 insurance bill
  3. $175 in donations
  4. House: $30.25 (Unused Account)
  1. Brothers in House = 29*$2,500= $72,500 (29*$25= $725 to undergrads for supplies)
  2. Meal Plan= 24*$1,175= $28,200 (all amount to undergrads)
  3. Net incoming = $43,115-$28,917 = $14,198 (matches incoming dues)
  4. Dues: 43*$330= $14,190 (all amount to undergrads) 
  5. $14,190-$1,200= $12,990 (to come)
  1. Meal Plan = 4*$7,048 = $28,192 (meal plan bills)
  2. Currently $14,096 in unpaid meal plan bills and $347.57 in unpaid supplies
  3. Supplies = roughly $725 total
  4. Total outgoing = $28,192+$725= $28,917
  1. Total- (meal plan, dues, supplies) = $43,115
  2. Awaiting two checks currently: $18,700 and $6,120 = $24,820
Short term expected:
  1. After 2 checks in, 3 bills out: ($18,700+$6,120) – ($14,096+$347.57) = $10,376.43
Other chapter officer reports
  1. none
Alumni President - Richard Maltz
Capital Campaign
  1. Passed $104,000 in pledges. 
  2. Moving slower than hoped
  3. will be reaching out to more brothers for both donations and getting involved.
  4. Please make a pledge and than reach out to your friends and let them know they should make a pledge as well.
  5. Windows and Shutters have been installed
  6. Top to Bottom House Cleaning
  7. Undergrads are to compile a list of complaints of areas that weren’t really cleaned.
  8. Fratfix cooks did the cleaning and they really weren’t professional or anything.
  9. Showers weren’t really cleaned well enough?
Move in / Move out
  1. Undergrad chapter officers couldn’t keep up with everyone when this was done at the end of the spring 2012 semester and the beginning of the fall 2012 semester
  2. Look into Nittany Co-op for their inspector and move in services
  3. Talk to alumnus brother Leshawn Haynes, he works for a hotel/ apartment management company that might also use a service that we could also use or at least get a quote from.
  4. discussion about requiring brothers to live in house.
Side Porch and Bar Area renovation
  1. This is the next big project that will be attacked
  2. If we start it we are worried about ADA compliance issues so thinking about delaying it until we have more money to pay for it all.  Alumni Board will be having a conference call to come up with a plan of action
Kitchen Renovation
  1. Talks about investing in a dishwasher.  Was it a mistake to not install one when the renovation was done?  Can always put one in later.  Undergrads should look into it and determine if they really need one and price a few options out.
Work weekend
  1. The undergrads need to decide on a date as soon as possible.
Alumni Treasurer - Chris Burke (given by Richard Maltz) (download report)
  1. Financials broken down into alumni, house, and capital fund. Capital fund is making money, just not collected all pledges as some are made over time.
  2. Need to discuss increases to insurance coverage, based on conversations with insurance broker for total assets in house and rental loss coverages.
  3. Chapter House expenses and revenues solid, rebuilding reserves after purchase of chapter house
Old Business
New Business
  1. Undergraduates present “Helping Hand of Omega” award to Richard Maltz '90. Thanks for doing so much for our chapter!
  2. Board of Director elections will be held at 2013 Homecoming. Will appoint someone to find those brothers interested in running of for the board of director.
  3. Richard Maltz, alumni president, announces he will not be running next year. Living in California makes it too difficult to be involved and attend functions in State College.
For The Good
  1. Chapter has done an awesome job and congratulations on all the awards.
  2. Br. Vandenburgh '63 making the annual pig roast dinner. Thank you very much Br. Vandenburgh.
Motion to Adjourn - 5:55pm

2012 Founder's Day Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: 5:34pm by Br. Chris Burke

Introduction of Officers and alumni

Reading of Minutes: Motion to wave reading of Homecoming 2011 minutes by Br. LeSean Hayes, seconded by Br. Jeff Damcott. Unanimously approved

Presentation of Alumni President’s Report- Br. Burke for Br. Rich Maltz

  • Gave mention of upcoming events like Golf (May 4th and whitewater rafting in Pittsburgh area (May 17/18)
  • Alumni will finance 2 to National Convention, though undergrads must attend all events for reimbursement
  • Homecoming is October 6th.
  • Need a list of all interested in summer housing; all must live on 3rd floor due to construction
  • Actives agreed to move mattress to 3rd floor in one room to protect from construction

Treasurer Reportclick here to see report 

  • 2012-13 Rent to be set at $2475
  • Discussed budgeting of consumable expenditures and meal plan with actives

Undergraduate President Report:


  • Currently 55 undergraduate brothers
  • Initiated 9 new brothers in Tau Class this spring
  • Graduating 14 this year, starting fall with 43 members

Chapter house

  • 30 currently in house
  • 32 living in house this fall
  • Continuing with house cook for coming year


  • Chapter GPA Average: 3.23
  • Ranked 17th academically among 46 fraternities

Intramural Sports

  • Sports are done for the year, currently in 7th place without soccer or wrestling included


  • $42,663.26
  • Had 2 brothers dance with fraternity, 5 danced overall
  • THON child A.J. Bobby is doing great, family has been up to visit multiple times


  • Sending Sam Shively to convention in Palm Springs
  • Applied for Howard Alter award


  • IFC Chapter of Excellence, top 5 scoring of all fraternities
  • Thon almost $9000 over 2011
  • Comment by Br. Burke on number clarification of in-house brothers at which a rate adjustment would be needed. Burke indicated they should be OK at 28 but below that there may be a rate adjustment to cover all expenses.
  • Actives are pushing for more brothers to live in house if they can be released from other housing contracts

Undergraduate Treasurerclick here to see attached budget

Account balances: (as of 4/18/12)

  • Dues: $16,192.90
  • House: $30.25 – (Unused Account)
  • Expected Incoming Dues: $2100 -­‐ 7 Brothers (as of 4/10/12)
  • Amount Paid for Meal Plan currently: $20,980
  • Meal Plan to Be Paid: $6,900
  • Expected Incoming Meal Plan: $1,150
  • Projected Account Balance: $16,192.90+$2,100-­‐$6,900+$1,150 -­‐$1,000 (Loan) = $11,542.90
  • This does not include petty purchases.

Upcoming Expenditures:

  • Senior gifts: ~ $30
  • Composite: ~ $1,600

PSU IFC Refunded $270 – Chapter of excellence

$75 Donation – Sold old unused textbooks

Raised dues $30 to provide 3 shirts to each brother

Update of repayment of loan to the alumni corp.

Old Business: None

New Business

 Capital Campaign-Richard Bartnik

  • Provided history to date ; overview of current process
  • Approaching $100,000 in pledges
Move-in/ out forms
  • Provided overview of the process and plans for inventory and damage controls


  • Described new lease agreements and the changes from the old agreements to be more in line with the timing of the university calendars
  • Lease will run from one week before fall semester to one week after graduation Summer tenants starting in 2013 will have an individual summer lease


  • Moving forward with replacement with tentative install date of 6/25
  • 2nd floor rooms need to be made as accessible as possible for the install crews


  • Board has approved removal and replacement of dishwasher and will be installing some sort of waterproof wall covering around the machine area
  • Sidestep area is on hold. Actives are encouraged to try and go back to using this entrance. A quick discussion on locks for the door was held.
  • Total house cleaning of will be preformed prior to fall move-in.

For the Good:

  • Br Burke.-gave Br Richard Bartnik for the good for getting the window project off the ground
  • Br Burke. - Meal plan for everyone

Motion to adjourn: approx. 6:06pm

Singing of It Is To Thee

2011 Homecoming Meeting Minutes

A. Call to Order – 5:05pm

  1. Introduction of officers
  2. Introduction of Alumni and Undergrads 

B. Reading and Approval of Minutes from 2011 Founder's Day Meeting

  1. Motion to waive the reading of the minutes was made and approved by vote

C. Reports of Officers and Committees

  1. Undergraduate President Jeremy Railing
    • Membership
      • Currently 46 undergraduate brothers
      • 6 New Members in the Sigma class
    • Chapter House
      • 35 Brothers currently in house
      • We now have a house cook!
    • Academics
      • 3.22 Average for Spring 2011-(improved from last year and higher than all-male average)
    •  Intramural Sports
      • Finished last semester in 3rd place overall
    • Homecoming
      • Won overall Homecoming Competition
      • Partnered with Society of Women Engineers-Theme: Mario
        • 1st place float
        • 1st place t-shirt
        • 2nd place overall in Airbands (top Greek organization)
        • 2nd place banner
        • 3rd place carnival
        • 4th place Mad Hatter (2nd place greek organization)
    • THON
      • Raised almost $5,000 on first canning trip, next is December 2nd-4th 
      • Visits with the Bobby family
    • KICKS
      • Date set for November 5th with Alpha Xi Delta, supporting Autism Speaks
    • Alumni Relations
      • Alumni Tailgates at football games
      • Special Events
      • Scholarship dinner-November 16th
      • Pledge Bolt to Philadelphia - November 6th
      • Dinner with Penn State President Graham Spanier - November 7th
    • National
      • LEC Beau Slayton visited last week, visit went well
      • Voted NAtional officer Jereme Grinslade an Honorary Omega Chapter Brother
        • alumni also awarded Jereme a national certificate of appreciation for his work on managing the chapter house during the Norwich ownership
    • Awards
      • Earned 10 Chapter Excellence Awards in Scholarship, Recruitment, Service and Philanthropy, Alumni Programming, Finance, Ritual, Internal Cooperation, Campus Involvement, Risk Management, and Social
      • IFC Chapter of Excellence - Everything on track with Chapter Accreditation to get IFC Chapter of Excellence this year
  2. Undergraduate Treasurer- David Stoltzfus (download P/O statement)
    • University collection funds from undergraduates, but some brothers haven't yet paid and that is hurting the cash flow. Brothers cannot schedule classes or graduate owing money to house.
    • Omega received an exception from National's OmegaFi program
    • House laid out money for beds, and requested alumni pay for the mattress.
      • Chapter asked to send paperwork for Alumni Treasurer to work out the payment
  3. Alumni Treasurer Report: Chris Burke
    • House Ownership - form committee of two alum and two actives to discuss the following
      • Subleases to be given out before end of each semester
      • Room check in and out 
      • Room Keys need to be returned
      • security deposits
      • summer housing and storage of belongings
    • Move in process will be in effect at the beginning of next fall
    • House will be professional House clean each summer
      • Alumni Work Weekend - undergraduates asked to pick a weekend in the spring for the next alumni work weekend. Ideally that weekend should have a sporting event for alumni/group to attend that weekend.
      • National Convention is July 4 - 7 in Palm Springs, CA - alumni will pay registration for two brothers to attend, but they must receive the Key Man award for attending all events.
        • may cover some additional costs - yet to be determined
      • Laundry Machines - we are interested in replacing laundry machines. Could buy 2 washers and 2 dryers with 5 year warranties - machines would be free to use, but would raise monthly rent by 10 to 15 dollars a month. 
        • Undergrads need to decide if they want to buy them on their own and keep all the revenue from the increased rent, want to split the cost and revenue with alumni corporation or if the alumni corporation should buy them and keep all the proceeds - undergrads will let us know.
      • Dishwasher for kitchen
        • Do we want a dishwasher or two sinks? Discussion seems to be that a dishwasher would be best, even though it has more issues with service and repairs- a stainless steel wall will be place on the wall where the dishwasher is placed (same location as other).
      • Windows
        • Discussion on doing the windows on the 1st and 2nd floors. 2nd floor might not be livable during this process (most likely the summer), so house could be closed during the summer.
    • Don't forget to please stop by the cocktail party after the meeting. Food and drink will be provided (with the help of Mrs. Bartnik cooking - please thank her for all her had work)

D. Old Business

  1.  Capital Campaign - Richard Bartnik discussed next steps in the capital campaign
    • we will approach the top 100 potential donors first
    • Alumni board has already pledged $50,000 toward campaign
    • received approval from Society of Greek Housing for 85% of our proposed work to be tax deductible for donations
    • discussion of what level of giving should receive tax deductions - alumni board will set a minimum giving level at a later time

E. New Business

  1.  Elections - the new board of directors for the alumni are.... 
    • Chris Bartnik
    • Richard Bartnik
    • Chris Burke
    • David Hartwich
    • Richard Maltz
    • We thank Jim Stuhltreager for his board work over the last 5 years. We also like to thank those bothers that stepped up to help - Andrew Bott, and Jansen Marshall.
    • Alumni Board will meet later to elect a preisdent, treasurer and secretary.
    • Alumni Corporation gives Chris Burke national Certificate of Appreciation for all his time, effort and hard work on securing the alumni corporation a mortgage

F. For the Good

G. Adjourn: "It is to thee Dear Old Theta Chi"


2011 Special House Loan Meeting Minutes

Below are the minutes from the meeting.

2011 Special Board of Directors Meeting about Loan/Mortgage Approval on August 10, 2011

A. Meeting via conference call started at 8:07 pm

  1. On the call are Board Members Richard Maltz, Chris Burke, Chris Bartnik and Jim Stuhltrager.
  2. Jim Smith is unable to call in, but has provided a proxy to Richard Maltz for his vote.

B. Chris Burke cover details of the loan from Nittany Bank and 2nd loan from Norwich Housing Corporation of Theta Chi Fraternity.

$516,000 Nittany Bank (5.25% pts) 
$ 64,000 Borrower's Equity 
$ 80,000 2nd Mortgage (Sellers Note) (5 to 7% pts) $660,000 Total

$640,000 Purchase Price 
$ 20,000 Estimated closing Costs $660,000 Total 

25-year mortgage with a balloon payment in 10 years

Discussion of other options and ramifications of not securing a loan.

We have till September 15th 2011 to close and pay Norwich Housing Corporation.

Norwich Housing Corporation and Nittany Bank will combine audit, appraisal and other loan aspects to save Alumni Corporation money and time of not having to do process twice for both parties.

C. A call to vote is requested by Alumni President Richard Maltz

  1. All board members vote to secure mortgage from Nittany Bank and a second mortgage from Norwich Housing Corporation.

D. Alumni Board directs Chris Burke to charged with securing loan and buying the chapter house back from Norwich Housing Corporation.

E. Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm

Download PDF of Minutes

Addendum - September 14th, 2011
On September 14th a vote was held asking the alumni board to approval an increase in our loan request from the Norwich Housing Corporation from $80,000 to $100,000. The measure passed with a 4-0 vote for raising the amount of the loan from Norwich with one abstention.

2011 Founder's Day Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: 6:03pm by Br. Jim Stuhltrager 
  • Introduction of Officers and alumni
Reading of Minutes:
  • Motion to wave reading of Homecoming 2010 minutes by Br. Chris Burke, seconded by Br. Jeff Damcott. Unanimously approved
Presentation of Alumni President's Report- Br. Jim Stuhltrager for Br. Rich Maltz - click to download
  • Election Committee- Nick Geyer volunteered
  • Calendar: Discussion of sending representatives to the Golf Outing Capital - click to download calendar
  • Campaign - Richard Bartnik
    • Provided history to date with agreement with Affinity for the feasibility study starting in Nov of 2010. Covered the process of the study by the committee to gauge interest and if willing to donate would there be a time preference of a one- time donation or a pledge over 3 to 5 years. Donation over time was found to be the majority response. Affinity contacted approx 100 others and found similar results as the committee.
    • The decision to move forward was made after the report from Affinity was presented. 
    • $500000 was a figure Affinity felt could be raised predicated on one $100,000 donor and 2 $75,000 donors 
    • Tax deductibility: We found a group called the Society for preservation of Greek Housing and are working towards setting up an account with them to provide a way to have a tax deductible donation. One of the necessary steps is to have an architectural feasibility study of the property. Br. Dave Schrader, who is an architect and alum from the early 1990's, has been through the house twice and has prepared a study and submitted it to the Society. Click here to download a copy of the study.
    • We are in the silent phase of the campaign: This is where we contact a select group of longtime donors to get pledges from them. Starting this past Sunday with the alumni board we have pledges of $35000
    • Class captains are now being identified to work on contacting members around their years.
    • Windows
      • Last year we spent time to get quotes for replacement and picked a company. The Board approved the money to do the project and it was presented to National for approval. They said no to the replacement and since they own the house the windows could not be replaced. 
      • We are moving forward to replace the windows as soon as we buy the house back. Brs. Rich and Chris Bartnik have offered to front load their donation if we do not have the money on hand to replace them if we deplete the account with a 20% down payment on the purchase of the house.
Br. Damcott made a formal thank you to Br. Schrader for his work on the feasibility study and his continued help as we move forward. The document he produced was 67 pages long and went into great depth on the condition of the house.
Br. Burke suggested he and several others e-mail him thanks for his work.
Br. Stuhltrager expressed his concern over starting a campaign due to the financial climate at this time and referenced the first study about 10 years ago that said not to do it. He is more comfortable and really optimistic with this study and this is the time to do even despite the financial climate we are well positioned to implement the campaign. The board has discussed in depth and feels if not now when are we going to be positioned to do it. He also stated that the timing is a testament to the actives in the room because they are the difference as the alums involved 10 years ago are basically the same. The strength of the actives and recent alums is why all feel this campaign will be successful.

Treasurer's report: Br. Chris Burke - click here to download report
  • PNC Bank has given a firm pre-approval for a mortgage. We want to move to underwriting in the next week or two. 20% down payment is the primary issue as it is fairy firm. PNC has been reasonably flexible and he will be speaking with higher officials requesting a wave of the 20% based on the loan to value of asset ratio. If it is not waved, this will cause impacts on work to the house and the capital campaign. He is in continued discussion with PNC to work on option for us so we do not deplete $140000 out of our accounts.
  • Br. Bartnik asked about closing date of Aug 1. Br. Burke discussed our options but stated PNC feels it should not be an issue. A possible earlier closing may be available but we have to review what is best for the alumni cash flow.
  • Br. Evans '67 asked how will the costs to the under grads compares to the present arrangement we charge them. Br. Burke said there will some link but if numbers living in house are > or = to this year's number there should be not cost change. If in house numbers are lower there may be a cost increase. The success rate of the capital campaign and the use of the campaign fund for house improvements will also have an impact on the fees.
  • A question was asked what the biggest changes the under grads should expect with the alumni repurchasing the house. Br. Burke discussed the relationship between alums and under grads. He stated from a financial perspective it is all about profit and loss to break even on running the house. Under grad numbers will impact this. The impact of the capital campaign and the establishment of a repairs contingency fund will help buffer the cost fluctuations. The hope is for a better understanding of running the house and a closer connection of the under grads to the house.
  • There was a discussion on the recruitment of members and the numbers impact on the loan rates and costs of running the house.
  • Br. Burke reviewed the alumni association financial position and the future planning of reserves and capital campaign funds.
  • Br. Bartnik commented on the costs associated with the capital campaign and stated our intentions to save were possible by hiring under grads to perform some tasks.
Undergraduate President Report: Geoff Rolstone - Click here to download
  • 56 total members will start fall with 46
  • 9th in GPA
  • Going for 2nd in IMs Volleyball champs again won 5k 
  • New Thon family
  • 3rd in Homecoming
  • On track for Chapter of Excellence again after missing last year 
  • 4 attended National meeting this past year 
  • 4 Undergrads to attend National Initiative Academy 
  • Won IFC CORE program and will be refunded half of IFC dues as reward 
  • Participated in State Patty's Day Sober walk and had the most members (30) from any group. 
  • Looking into having a cook in the fall.
Undergraduate Treasurer: David Stoltzfus- Click here to see budget
  • Discussion on use of Omega Phi for bill collection
Old Business: 
  • None 
New Business:
  • Summer house status - need for formal request and we will need keys to all rooms 
  • Discussed summer lease and costs 
  • Review of rafting outing and discussion of next trip in May 
For the Good: 
  • Br. Stuhltrager again thanked Br. Schrader for his work 
  • Br. Burke 46 brothers in the fall 
  • Work by undergrads on THON
  • In CDT newspaper for work with seniors 
  • Scholarship awards to undergrads 
  • Br. Geyer to help national with chapters at Colorado State Univ and Univ. of Colorado at Boulder 
Motion to Adjourn: approx. 7:20pm 

2010 Homecoming Meeting Minutes

A. Call to Order - 9:05am

1. Introduction of officers
2. Introduction of Alumni and Undergraduates 

B. Reading and Approval of Minutes from 2010 Founder's Day Meeting

CReports of Officers and Committees:

1. Alumni Reports  - Treasurer Report: Richard Maltz for Chris Burke 

  • August 1st deadline for buying back the Chapter house from National
  • Chris Burke has been tasked with securing a mortgage – which he has already started – Chris Burke’s main focus will be to bring all finances in order and to secure a loan
  • Need to touch base with National about getting a signed purchase agreement
  • Need to get a property appraisal
  • Richard Bartnik will work on capital campaign, but we need a couple of volunteers to help.
  • See attached reports for more detail financial info

2. President Report: Richard Maltz

  • OmegaFi – will have to do this in some way. Looks like the minimum we can participate is to have them collect all the National Fraternity Fees (insurance, recharting fees and brother fees)

National Partnership with Omega Financial

The Grand Chapter has selected Omega Financial, Inc. to provide billing and financial services for all chapters. Omega currently works with 25 of our chapters, which gives them significant experience within Theta Chi. In addition, Omega has similar national partnerships with 12 other sororities and fraternities: Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Sigma Phi, Kappa Alpha Order, Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Sigma Kappa, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau Gamma and Sigma Pi.

For those who may not be familiar with Omega Financial, their proprietary system allows members online access to their individual accounts and to pay chapter bills online. In addition, chapter officers, chapter advisers, house corporation officers, and other alumni volunteers will be able to have real-time, online access to the chapter’s finances and membership information.

Omega has proven itself to be a leader in fraternity financial management. After full implementation, Omega’s average collection rate for fraternity chapters is an impressive 96.01 percent. Based on these results, the vast majority of our chapters can expect to see an overall increase in cash flow.

Rollout of this program will begin this fall, and all chapters will be required to begin using the service within the next 12-18 months. Specific deadlines for chapters to adopt this service will be announced at the Convention.   If your chapter is currently required to use financial services provided by your college or university, exemptions to this requirement will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Omega Financial will provide this service to all Theta Chi chapters at a discount. Those chapters currently using Omega will also receive a reduction in rates. Each chapter’s rate will be assessed individually depending on budget and chapter size. Effective immediately, please do not contract independently with any other financial services provider or renew any existing relationships for these services.

The International Headquarters staff stands ready to assist individual chapters as we fully implement this program. Further details on this partnership will be presented at this summer’s Convention and in subsequent mailings.

  • Discussion to figure out if the Penn State Collection system is required and if so could we get a wavier from the OmegaFi program.
  • Need to form a nominations committee by Founder’s Day weekend for elections at next year’s Homecoming. Looking for volunteers.
  • Need to produce and follow a calendar of due dates – a calendar of all events, due dates, etc will be published online – see attached sample calendar
  • Undergraduates have issues with the raise in rent and the fact that they met their goal of having a certain number of brothers in the house.
    • Discussed possibility of given chapter a rebate – alumni to give it further discussion
  • Discussion of work needed to be done to chapter house. All work (no matter how small) must be approved by Jereme @ National.
    • Talk about basement French doors needing to open out, while they currently open in
  • Windows – plans to replace windows on first and second floor are for this coming summer. Depending on National and where we stand with purchasing chapter house will effect when this work can actual start.

3. Undergraduate Reports  - Vice President Greg Smith for President Nick Geyer 

  • Fall pledge class of 11 and initiated 7 brothers this past spring
  • So far for Homecoming they have placed 3rd in talent and have brother Daniel Cartwright on the Homecoming court and we are paired with Sigma Alpha Sorority
  • KICKS had 24 teams and raised $2000 for Autism Speaks
  • Chapter finished spring semester with a 3.19 GPA
  • top 10 spot in the Penn State Intramural Standings with promise in our soccer and volleyball teams. Brother Jim Barrett earned first place in the IM 5K for the second straight year and our Softball team went 1-4
  • The chapter has become even more involved on this campus by rejoining the Greek Week festivities during April and were paired with Sigma Nu Fraternity and Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority
  • We are participating in our first Greek Sing with Delta Upsilon Fraternity and Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority
  • As for our recognition, the chapter has earned the Chapter Achievement Award for the second straight year with our goal to boost our efforts to try for the Alter Award next year and on campus we have also earned another consecutive Chapter of Excellence award by Penn State
  • National no longer bans alcohol in chapter house, but chapter will follow all state, local and IFC rules governing alcohol and parties at chapter house.

Decentralization of Alcohol-Free Housing (AFH) Policy

Continuing efforts to decentralize the Fraternity, the Grand Chapter has repealed Article V, Section 13(b) of The Constitution and Bylaws of Theta Chi Fraternity, Inc. As a result of this action, the Grand Chapter has delegated the authority to regulate use or possession of alcohol within chapter houses to the host institution, property owners, and the active chapter, which is subject to all federal, state, and local laws.

The Fraternity continues to encourage all chapters to maintain living facilities that are free of alcohol use, as it promotes a safe, clean environment that is conducive to academic achievement. The Fraternity also recognizes that for Alcohol-Free Housing to be successful, individual chapters must have ownership in the policy and provide enforcement at the local level.

All chapters and members must understand that this change does not affect their expected compliance with The Constitution and Bylaws of Theta Chi Fraternity, Inc., Theta Chi Risk Management Policies, or any policies of their host institution. Any chapter that applied for an Alcohol-Free Housing waiver for the 2010-2011 academic year will have its application fee refunded or applied to its outstanding balance owed to the International Headquarters.

Prior to the opening of the 2010-2011 academic year, active chapters with housing should confer with their property owners to determine what policies will be adopted at the local level regarding use and possession of alcohol on chapter property. The International Headquarters staff is more than happy to consult with any chapter in crafting its local policies. 

4. Treasurer- David Stoltzfus for Jeremy Railing (has Blue Band)

  • Collections are great, due to the university collection funds. Brothers cannot schedule classes or graduate owing money to house.
  • Alumni now receive money from Penn State to pay all house bills. Chapter is given money to pay for none house operation money – as budgeted.
  • Been working with Chris Burke to bring financial books in order
  • See attached reports for more detail financial info

5. Other Undergrads Officers:

  • THON – last year raised over $30,000. Goal this year is $40,000 and are hoping alumni can help support THON
    • THON Chairman will write something up for next Omegaphone newsletter
    • Omega’s THON child passed away several months ago.

D. Old Business

  • None

E. New Business

1. Proposal for creating scholarship by Tim Uhrich - see attached proposal 

  • Discussion on what to give scholarship for
  • Discussion as to who would handle scholarship – Penn State, National or another organization
  • Discussion on how to raise money. Ideal of selling alumni brothers unused football tickets

2. Proposal to make national brothers who were involved with restaring chapter honorary Omega brothers – Tim Uhrich

  • Vote taken in support to encourage undergraduate chapter to make those 3 brothers Honorary Omega brothers - approved

F. For the Good

1. Br. Richard Bartnik (and Mrs Bartnik) for all the time, effort and things they have done or the chapter house and the brothers.

2. Happy birthday Jeff Ziggy Damcott

G: Adjourn: “It is to thee Dear Old Theta Chi” 

Download 2010 Homecoming Minutes and Report

2010 Founder's Day Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

Introduction of officers

Introduction of Alumni and Undergraduates 

Reading and Approval of Minutes from 2010 Homecoming Meeting 

Reports of Officers and Committees:
  • Alumni Reports  - Treasurer Report: Chris Burke
    • Buying back the Chapter house from National 
    • Finalizing push for August 2011 instead of August 2010
      • In order to continue to build a greater reserve and rasie money with a capital campaign to help offset purchase and major captial projects
      • Tim Uhrich: National’s concern is we are holding them back from helping other chapter’s with their houses
      • Priority is buying back the house and making sure we can succeed
President Report: Richard Maltz (Chris Burke Reporting)
  • Donations have been steady but we need to find ways to increase them
  • Question was brought if mailings need to be discontinued in order to save some money
    • Let people opt out of mail and opt in for email updates instead?
    • More e-mail updates as well?
    • People have been really impressed by the undergraduates: “What is going on?” e-mails: Keeps alumni connected with the activities of the undergraduates 
  • National Convention in Orlando 
    • Tim Uhrich elected voting delegate by majority vote
    • Undergraduates to be going as well; alumni look to help support their travel
  • Question was brought up on the timing of meetings if they are effective during Homecoming and Blue White 
    • Suggestion was brought up on doing a possible tele-conference meeting and/or monthly ones as well 
    • Possible meeting during Alumni work weekend instead?
    • Suggestion was brought up that we should contact Greg Allen since he works for ATT and he may be able to help us with tele-conferencing 
Non board members:
  • Tim Uhrich - CAB Update (Chapter Advisory Board)
    • Aunt Laura is now an adviser for Service 
    • Richard Bartnik is now the chapter adviser 
    • Theta Chi Golf open is on May 1st, more info on website 
    • Look out for ski trip Jan 2011
    • Alcohol-free housing may be reversed this summer at convention
    • Looking to start a history notebook
    • Should the alumni corp. starting giving out scholarships to deserving undergraduates?
  •  Jasen Marshall
    • Wants us to explore setting rent at Homecoming meeting instead of Blue white to be more like State College housing market 
    • At least start doing leases in October 
  • Rob Blumstein
    • White Water Rafting Trip, May 22nd, more info on Alumni website 
Undergraduate Reports - President: Nick Geyer
  • a. RA’s: Sean Haggerty and Jim Barrett 
  • b. 4 brother’s on IFC this semester
  • c. Huge fresh start and Homecoming involvement
  • d. THON: 4 dancers, $30,000 raised
  • e. Walk For Carly on May 1st in Carlisle
  • f. IM Sports: Top 10
  • g. Flicks: 11 teams, $550 raised
  • h. 18 new members this year!!! (11 fall, 7 spring)
  • i. Chapter of Excellence for 2009! Second year in a row!
  • j. Dan Cartwright won “Living the ritual” from Greek Awards
  • k. Greek Week was successful with Sig nu and tri sig
  • l. Homecoming 2010 with sigma alpha (Theme: Alice in Wonderland)
Undergraduate Reports - Treasurer- Jeremy Railing
  • Finances are looking good! (Most stuff covered by Burke)
Undergraduate Reports - Other Undergraduate Reports
  • Starting a new philanthropy: SHACK
  • 100 miles trek to raise money for Cancer
  • iGoal: $5000 ($50 a mile) 
Old Business
  • None
New Business
  • Possible ticket s swap website or listings for Football weekend ticket availability?
  • New Windows? - Richard Bartnik to take charge of this
  • Start a possible lion-line system with undergraduates to call alumni asking for donations?
  • Increase the size of the alumni board?
  • More involvement for Alumni? (Rob B. to charge getting more people involved)
For the Good:
  • Awesome job with Greek Involvement
  • Thanks to Chris Burke for stepping in for Maltz this weekend
  • Undergraduates continue to make alumni proud!
Adjourn: “It is to thee Dear Old Theta Chi”

Respectfully submitted.
Jasen Marshall

2009 Homecoming Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 11:00am - October 17, 2009

Introductions of Alumni and undergraduate members

A motion was made and seconded to waive the reading of the minutes from the 2008 Homecoming meeting.

Alumni President report – Richard Maltz
  • National is moving forward with the alumni buying the chapter house back in August 2010. Discussion of where we might be able to get a mortgage is discussed.
  • Current state of fraternities on campus with recent deaths and borough’s push to hold party hosts responsible for their guest once they leave your property
  • We have been listening to a group of fraternity alumni from various other chapters at Penn State (which is reforming Lion Fraternity Alumni Association). They having been meeting with IFC, the borough and Penn State to outline their goals for fraternities at Penn State.
Alumni Finances – Chris Burke - download financial report
  • Howard Alter’s estate – is in the final stages of being settled. Howard left Theta Chi of Penn State 2% of his estate (little more than $85,000)
  • We are running at a slight (on an annualized basis) negative in terms of marketing expenses (Affinity) to donations.  We expect this to reverse over the next year, as we reduce our marketing expenses, by changing some of the services we currently pay Affinity for.  The larger differential shown is for a 9 month period, which typically balances out over longer periods.
  • We are still in process on combining the Alumni Accounting for Donations and Fundraising and the chapter house accounting related to rent, national costs, and chapter operating expense.  That will be complete by December of this year.
  • The capital campaign is going to be our big focus over the next 12 months.
  • Profit & Loss January through September 2009 Ordinary Income/Expense
Undergraduate President Report – Daniel Cartwright
  • Chapter Achievements (this past calendar year)
    • THON- raised over $16,892.85 – a recent high
    • Won our 3rd Consecutive Volleyball Championship
    • 5th place overall in IM Fraternity Standings
    • Created a new philanthropy – F.L.I.C.K.S. (Frisbee Tournament raising money for PA CASA)
    • Received the Penn State Chapter of Excellence Award (1 of 5 Chapters to receive this award)
    • Received the Most Outstanding New Member Education Process Award
    • Finalist for The Most Outstanding Chapter President (James Patterson)
    • Tied for 1st Overall in Academics (GPA) and had the highest pledge/new member GPA
    • Continued K.I.C.K.S. this fall and had a great turnout
    • Doing well this homecoming – 1st Place in Airbands 
    • Initiated 23 new members this past year –currently have 13 pledges/new members 
  • Alcohol Waiver - Since receiving the waiver, we have developed a comprehensive and thorough social policy that follows closely with the IFC social policy. We have created laminated signs that have phone numbers of taxis, lead to exits and bathrooms, and employ up to eight sober brothers at any event. We have held socials with sororities, had invitation only parties, and have had a dated function up to this point. In light of the death on campus we have continued with our strict policies of having a guest list, employing only one bartender who can monitor levels of obvious intoxication, and have even had sober brothers drive select individuals home who clearly cannot make it by walking. 
  • Alumni Work Weekend - date for the Alumni Work Weekend in the spring will be decided on in the upcoming weeks. It will preferably take place later than March, allowing for work to be done on the outside of the house in warmer weather. 
  • Campus Involvement - we have brothers that are more involved in both Theta Chi and Penn State. More brothers are participating in community service and getting involved on campus with various clubs and leadership positions. Younger members of the fraternity are stepping up to take positions and chairs. Hopefully this will be a trend that continues sharply upward and I would like to thank all of the current brothers, undergraduate and alumni, for making these new heights possible. 

Undergraduate Treasurer Report – Kent Rentschler - download financial report
  • Chapter finances are in good condition – currently have $21,000 to put towards the capital fund.
  • All brothers are in good standing with bills towards the chapter. Penn State collecting the dues, room and board is working out well.
  • All bills are current with vendors and national.
Old Business
None was discussed
New Business
  • Elections – a new board of directors was elected – Richard Maltz ‘90, Chris Burke ‘93, Chris Bartnik ‘91, Jim Smith ’89 and Jim Stuhltrager ’89 were elected to the board of directors. As in accordance with the by-law the board will elect from its ranks President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • The brotherhood would like to thank our outgoing board members Robert Blumstein ‘07, 
David Gendelman ‘07
Christopher Zegar ‘04 for their continued interest and support of Omega chapter.
  • A By-Law amendment to change (below) was voted on. 
    • Section VI - Article 1
The general membership of the members of the Alumni Corporation shall, elect five (5) Directors who shall hold office for two (2) years. Once elected, the Directors shall elect three (3) officers from amongst themselves: a President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary. The remaining two (2) Directors shall serve as Directors-at-Large. Each Director, regardless of officer title held, shall have one vote in the execution of the operational business of the Board
  • By-Law Passes overwhelmingly.
  • Creation of a Chapter Advisory Board – Timothy Uhlich (currently a LEC with the National office) brings up a proposal to create a chapter advisory board to help the chapter and its brothers by bringing in someone that the current brothers can discuss things with and to eliminate some of the reinventing the wheel with every new officer. Some of the brothers that were identified as potential advisors will graduate into their roles either in December or in May. Here is what we have come up with thus far: 
    • Member Development Advisor - Jason Chottiner '09 
    • Social and Risk Advisor - Jared Metzger (December Graduate) '09 
    • Recruitment and Scholarship Advisor - Tim Uhrich '09 
    • Ritual and Standards Advisor - David Gendleman '07 
    • THON and Public Relations Advisor - Jared Case (May Graduate) '10 
    • Property and Financial Advisor - David Hartwich '09 
  • We need to establish how we are going to replace advisors down the line. Again, these are not to replace the current structure, but rather to supplement it and create a way for recent graduates to stay actively involved. We will try it out for a year and if things seem to go well a by-law amendment will be proposed.
  • Any brother interested in helping out as a chapter advisor, please let us know.
  • The annual ski trip that started with the undergraduates will be continued and alumni will be invited to participate – more info TBA.
For the Good
  • 1st place in airband competition for homecoming
  • 1st place in academics this past spring semester
  • the alumni website is a great place to get news and info, please continue to send in news and photos
Motion to close – seconded

Meeting closed with the singing of “It is to Thee”

Meeting ended at 11:55am

Respectfully submitted.

Richard Maltz '90
Alumni President