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The following text appeared on National’s website - The below is from Omega's history from the 1927 Theta Chi history book and Rattle articles from 1919 & 1933. The installation article is a reprint from the April 1919 Rattle

Omega Chapter and Installation Committee, Penn. State College, PA. - March 14, 1919

Omega Chapter at Penn State University was installed on March 14, 1919. The installation brought Theta Chi’s third chapter located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Penn State, located in State College, began in 1855 as The Farmers’ High School. In 1862 it became the Agricultural College of Pennsylvania and finally in 1874 the Pennsylvania State College. The college was established in accord with the Morrill Act making military training mandatory for practically all male students. State College, a town of 2500 people, is located almost in the geographical center of the State of Pennsylvania.

In the Spring of 1915, a group of young men who were members of the Philadelphia Northeast High School Club of The Pennsylvania State College met with the purpose of forming an organization that would perpetuate certain ideals and standards in which these students believed. 

At the opening of the college year in 1915, the Northeast Club was established on a local fraternity basis. New members were selected with the greatest care and were of the highest type. By the Fall of 1917 the Club was well established and strong bonds of friendship existed among its members. Fully realizing that greater advantages could be gained by closer association with the fraternities of State College, action was taken to change the character of the organization to that of a local fraternity.

On February 23, 1918, permission was granted by the fraternity committee of the General Faculty, and the Northeast Club became the Phi Tau Alpha Fraternity. On April 6, 1918, the change was formally announced to the other fraternities by a smoker and reception at the chapter house. Shortly afterwards Phi Tau Alpha was admitted to the Intra-Mural Council, this marking the final step in the official recognition by the fraternities of the Pennsylvania State College.

The ambition of Phi Tau Alpha was to perfect a fraternity in which all of the members would “practice kindness and toleration toward one another, and attain, as nearly as possible, that brotherly feeling which exists between brothers of the same parentage. In doing this each should ever aspire to be considerate of the rights and opinions of others and never let any act go undone which would bring happiness and joy to another.”

Members of Phi Tau Alpha researched different national fraternities and Theta Chi rose to the top of their lists of finalists as it was the oldest and had the best record and reputation. Phi Tau Alpha members Raymond Poeppel and William Thompson had a friend who was a Theta Chi at Kappa Chapter at the University of Pennsylvania and they were convinced that Theta Chi was the best choice.

Phi Tau Alpha reached out to the Grand Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity expressing interest in affiliation and were subsequently visited by National Secretary Frederick W. Ladue and representatives from Kappa/Pennsylvania, Lambda/Cornell, and Pi/Dickinson. Following the visit, Theta Chi advised Phi Tau Alpha to submit a formal petition for installation

On December 2, 1918, Phi Tau Alpha President George W. Chapman submitted a petition and wrote, “Believing that affiliation with a well established and well reputed national fraternity would be most desirous, and believing the Theta Chi Fraternity to possess these qualities, we, the members of the Phi Tau Alpha Fraternity of the Pennsylvania State College, do hereby respectfully petition for consideration as a chapter of the Theta Chi Fraternity.”

On February 25, 1919, National Secretary Frederick W. Ladue informed Phi Tau Alpha that their petition had been approved and that plans would be made to install the chapter in the weeks ahead. It is interesting to note that another local fraternity at Penn State was petitioning Theta Chi at the same time as Phi Tau Alpha

Phi Tau Alpha became the Omega Chapter of Theta Chi on March 14, 1919. The Installation Committee was chaired by National Secretary Fred W. Ladue (Iota/Colgate 1912) and was composed of Earl R. Scrafford (Delta/RPI 1909), Herbert D. Leary (Gamma/Maine 1910), W. Howard Gottlieb (Kappa/Pennsylvania 1919), and Clarence R. Anderson (Pi/Dickinson 1909).

The installation began at 7:30 p.m. Friday, March 14, 1919 and was completed around midnight. Winfield E. Smith was elected and installed as Omega’s first Chapter President. After adjourning for the night, all remaining ritual work was completed by 5:00 p.m. on Saturday prior to the installation banquet.

The installation banquet was held in the chapter house on the evening of March 15 and served the following menu: Penn State Cocktail, Center County Consomme, Baked Shingletown Trout, Roast MacHall Chicken, S. A. T. C. Potatoes, Nittany Valley Filling, Green Navy Peas, Co-ed Sauce, Old Main Salad, Ice Cream a la Phi Tau Alpha, Lemont Bits, Bonbons au Gorgo, Danville Nuts, State College Demi Tasse, and Bellefonte Central Smokes. According to records, such a menu had never been seen before or since, but was evidently greatly enjoyed by those present.

The Charter Members of Omega Chapter are: Fred F. Bastian (1922), Clifford E. Beaven (1921), Ellwood B. Cassel (1919), George W. Chapman (1920), Charles A. Frederickson, Jr. (1920), Frederick J. Fuchs (1921), Maurice E. Kressly (1915), Donald E. Magill (1922), Murrell D. McKinstry (1920), Russell B. Nesbitt (1914), Robert E. Ockford (1922), Emil A. Petzold (1924), Anthony V. Pickard (1921), Raymond B. Poeppel (1920), Ellwood J. Rittenhouse (1920), Joseph E. Rowe (1910), Albert F. Schoeppe (1920), Walter E. Segl (1921), William W. Seltzer (1921), Walter B. Shaw (1921), William J. Shaw, Jr. (1921), John R. Skeen (1921), Winfield F. Smith (1919), William L. Sowden, Jr. (1922), Ralph D. Stauffer (1921), William C. Thompson (1919), Frederick T. Vansant (1920), and Hugo E. Zetterlof (1922).

Two of Omega’s Charter Members made notable achievements: Dr. Joesph E. Rowe (1910) would become President of Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY (home of Delta Sigma Chapter) and George W. Chapman (1920) notably served Theta Chi Fraternity in a number of capacities: as the first Regional Counselor, the key developer of the School of Fraternity Practices, for nine years on the Grand Chapter as National Marshal and National Treasurer, and as Executive Director from 1948-1967. During Chapman’s tenure as Executive Director, Theta Chi experienced a period of unprecedented growth, with 75 chapter (re)installed. He also authored and edited the first edition The Manual of Theta Chi Fraternity in 1947. George Chapman also chaired the inaugural meeting of The Order of The Arrow, the national honor society of the Boy Scouts of America.

In the decades to come, Omega would produce additional notable alumni, including, Robert E. Eberly (1939), Former Chairman of Eberly Natural Gas Co. and namesake of the Eberly School of Science at Penn State and the Eberly School of Business at IUP; and Past Theta Chi Fraternity Inter/National President and former Executive Director, Howard R. Alter, Jr. (1941).

Congratulations to the alumni and collegiate brothers of Omega Chapter on 100 years at Penn State!

You can send personal notes of congratulations to Omega Chapter President Carson Schulz by clicking here. Omega alumni are planning to host a formal Centennial Celebration during this fall's Homecoming at Penn State, October 4-5, 2019. For more information, on Omega’s Centennial Celebration, click here.

In honor of their Centennial Celebration, we are re-printing the original article on Omega Chapter's Installation from the April 1919 issue of The Rattle. 

Installation of Omega Chapter

The Installation Committee arrived at State College about noon on March 14th, and was met at the station by a delegation from Phi Tau Alpha.

After the introductions and a visit to the chapter house, a sight-seeing party was organized for a short trip around the beautiful campus and the nearby town.

Upon returning to the house, which is very pleasantly and conveniently situated about two blocks from the main entrance to the campus, the Committee got down to business. The necessary paraphernalia was checked over and the remainder of the afternoon spent in preliminary arrangements.

Shortly after dinner, the hall was prepared and the ceremonies started at 7:30, with Fred Ladue, Iota, chairman, assisted by the following committee: Earle Scrafford, Delta; Herbert D. Leary, Gamma; W. Howard Gottlieb, Kappa; Dr. Anderson, Pi.

After the opening exercises the ritual for installation was followed and in due course the ceremony performed. New officers were then elected and installed and a short meeting held. The meeting closed in the regular form shortly after midnight.

Saturday morning, the committee instructed the officers of the chapter in the minute details of their various duties. After lunch, the committee put the brothers through the initiative degrees for new members and the chapter installation was complete by five o'clock, in time for the initiatory banquet.

The following brothers were initiated and now compose our Omega Chapter: – 

Alumni–Winfield F. Smith, of Philadelphia; Maurice E. Kressly, of State College; Joseph E. Rowe, of State College; Russell B. Nesbitt, of State College.

Albert F. Schoeppe, of Philadelphia; Ellwood B. Cassel, of Philadelphia; Ellwood B. Rittenhouse, of Philadelphia; William C. Thompson, of Philadelphia; George W. F. Chapman, of Philadelphia; Charles Frederickson, Jr., of Philadelphia; Murrell D. McKinstry, of Hatiboro, Pa.; Raymond B. Poeppel, of Philadelphia; Frederick T. Vansant, of Philadelphia; Clifford E. Beavan, of Philadelphia; Frederick J. Fuchs, of Philadelphia; Emil A. Petzold, of Philadelphia; Anthony V. Pickard, of Philadelphia; Walter E. Segl, of Philadelphia; William W. Seltzer, of Coatesville, Pa.; Wnlter B. Shaw, of Philadelphia; William J. Shaw, 3rd, of Philadelphia; John R. Skeen, of Philadelphia; Ralph D. Stauffer, of Reading, Pa.; Theodore G. Smith, of Philadelphia; Fred F. Bastian, of Berlin, Pa.; Donald E. Magill, New Hope, Pa.; Robert E. Ockford, Philadelphia; William L. Sowden, Jr., of Philadelphia; Hugo E. Zetterlof, of Philadelphia.

The banquet table was set for 5:30 and by this time several more visiting brothers had arrived, among them being Capt. James Beazly, Kappa, and Brother Harris, Pi. The banquet hour passed very pleasantly, the college and fraternity songs being giveen with great enthusiasm and spirit.

The post-prandial exercises immediately followed with Albert Schoeppe of Omega acting as toastmaster. The members of the initiatory committee were called on for a few remarks, followed by visiting brothers, alumni and active members. The banquet closed with the singing of the Omega Chapter song: –


Words - G. W.F. C. 
Music - W. B. S.

Come Omega let us all join
In the highest praise
Singing of thy wond'rous fame
And of the joy of college days.
Ever to thee we'll be loyal
Honor we thy name
Every faithful loving brother
Helps to swell thy fame.

Loyal brothers of Omega,
Whereso'er we be
Whether home or on the campus
Let us think in joy of thee
We shall ever be as brothers
Steadfast to the core
One for all and all for one
Now and evermore.
When life's brightness, fair Omega,
Turns to shadows deep
We shall cherish all thy teachings
We shall then thy glories reap
Ever hon'ring ever praising
Till Life's span is past
Keeping foremost Theta Chi's
Teachings to the last.

Come Omega let us all join
In the highest praise
Singing of thy wond'rous fame
And of the joy of college days.
Ever to thee we'll be loyal
Honor we thy name
Every faithful loving brother
Helps to swell thy fame.

Loyal brothers of Omega,
Whereso'er we be
Whether home or on the campus
Let us think in joy of thee
We shall ever be as brothers
Steadfast to the core
One for all and all for one
Now and evermore.
When life's brightness, fair Omega,
Turns to shadows deep
We shall cherish all thy teachings
We shall then thy glories reap
Ever hon'ring ever praising
Till Life's span is past
Keeping foremost Theta Chi's
Teachings to the last.

Telegram from National congratulating on becoming Omega Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity

Telegram from National congratulating on becoming Omega Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity

Following the custom of the institution, a smoker was held at the Chapter House, after the banquet. All the fraternities on the campus were invited to attend and become acquainted with the new chapter, its alumni and visiting brothers. The smoker was a great social success and lasted until the wee sma' hours.

In concluding the report of the installation, the committee wishes to say for the benefit of the fraternity at large that Omega Chapter enters upon her career as a member of ΘX with as brilliant prospects for the future as any chapter ever installed. They have the college, the location, the house, the members and the spirit, and should make one of the best chapters of the best fraternity in the country, and we assure the members that ΘX is as proud of them as they are of ΘX.

Photos from the 1920's and 30's

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Here are the latest images we have added to our collection - photos of brothers from the late 20's through the 1930's. Some fun images of 523 South Allen Street when it was all shiny and new.

WW II Letter About Barracks 46 (Omega Chapter)

The below letter was posted on the Theta Chi of Penn State Facebook page

523 South Allen St.used as a Amry Barracks - Barracks 46 - circa 1940's

Dear Theta Chi,

I wish to share a part of your history with you. My dad was an A.S.T.P. (Army Specialized Training Program) student in your building from December, 1943-March, 1944 - when he was enlisted in the Army Air Corp for service during WWII. He wrote home the following:

"December 16, 1943, Wed. Aft. Cadet Leland Williams, Company D, Barracks 46, 3303 Service Unit, State College, Pa. 

Dear Mother: I've just completed my third day of studies and it looks as if I'm going to have plenty to do. I'm taking B.E. 1, that is, term one of the Engineering Course, Basic Engineering. All of the ASTP members are taking the same course. We have just gotten settled in our new barracks, no 46. It is a fair sized brick building, a former fraternity house. It is now occupied by 35 Cadets. About half are ASTRP members and the rest are ROTC soldiers, soldiers who are taking the Reserve Officers Training Course. Most of them seem very nice. Many of the ASTRP students have attended college before entering this program. Please send my earmuffs as it is getting quite cold here."

My dad was of the few who had no previous college. He served during WWII with the 305th Heavy Bombardment Group, 422nd Squadron as a tail-gunner.

Theta Chi/Barracks 46 History

Barracks No. 46 Released Back to Chapter

Release Document returning Barracks No. 46 from Penn State College back to Theta Chi of Penn State, 1944

Barracks No. 46 Invoice for missing property to Pennsylvania State College from Theta Chi of Penn State, 4/15/1944

Barracks No. 46 Invoice for repairs to Pennsylvania State College from Theta Chi of Penn State, 5/10/1944

Historical Document - Brothers Letters from 1943

The below letters were written to Norman C. Horner (1916) in 1943 in response to a resolution the chapter was voting on to authorize Francis J. Doan and Elwood B. Cassel to act as authorized agents for Theta Chi of Penn State, Inc., of the use of Omega Chapter House for the duration of World War II. Resolution read as..

"Resolved: That F. J. Doan and E. B. Cassel (single and together) are delegated and authorized to act as legally authorized agents for Theta Chi of Penn State, Inc., in all matters pertaining to the use of the Omega Chapter House, Theta Chi Fraternity, for the duration of the present war in which the United States is engaged, or until such time as by mutual consent of the parties concerned the agreement is dissolved."

Click to download PDF of the letters

Click to download PDF of the letters

February 9, 1943

Do anything and everything you can to keep Omega from closing her doors. I'm sure that Able and Cass will know how to handle the critical situation. Good Luck.

H. N. C.
(Henry N. Carver, 1941)

February 10, 1943

Temporarily working as aluminum consultant, conservation division, was production based and living at 1128 12th RD, N.W. Wash. D.C. Was sent down by the company on leave of absence and don't like the job too well. Was discharged from reserve fro physical disqualifications during summer. Still single and not threatened.

[John J. Bowman, 1929]

February 10, 1943

Dear Norm,

I feel guilty in not having kept more in touch with you since my "initiation". Right now, like all the rest, I'm busy six days a week on War work - and there's only a little left upon the seventh, since I easily fall into that bad habit of being "a good Church member" and got myself elected to the Vestry, as so have further responsibility there. Imagine me a Senior Warden!

I'm still with Turing Albert Instrument Co. Up a few notches maybe, but still wondering what will happen when its all over.

My son is i the Army Air Force, teaching flyers at Greenwood, Miss. He's been a "Second Looey" almost nine months now, but hopes for a promotion some day. He didn't want to teach, but they gave him no choice.

I cant say that his mother and I are too sad about his teaching, and his grandmother, well Fred still insists she prayed him into it. She's a very effective prayer!

One of Fred's pals married a Miss Doherty on Glen Echo road, maybe a neighbor of yours. Her name is now Mrs. Marpole. She's quite a nice looking blond.

Let me know when there's another get together and I'll try to be there.


Alfred R. "Track" Bechtel [1916]

February 10, 1943

I am now located temporarily at 4660 Oakland St., Frankford, Philla, PA. Telephone Jefferson 7439. I have accepted a position with the Fire Control Design Division, Frankford Arsenal for the duration of the war. This change accrued June 1st, 1942.

John R. Doty [1924]

February 12, 1943

Not much news - Brother F. Oliver and myself are carrying on fathers - Millwork and Lumber business (Father has retired of ill health). Our business is 98 years old and brother and I are the fourth generation. Great grandfather having organized S. S. Keely & Sons in 1845. At present we are manufacturing shell cases and equipment boxes for U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army. Am married & have two girls - Barbara Ann and Patricia Gail - wife was Phi Mu - Penn State College Architecture class '35. Imagine due to war you are short handed, if I can be of any assistance at any time in matter pertaining to OX - I would be glad to help. Phone Rox 1049.2

[R. Brooke Keely, 1937]

February 12, 1943

This is to inform you that I was on of the members of T.U.O. that was inducted into Theta Chi at the time of the union of the two houses. Members of the class of 1930 - Penn State. Have been teaching in the Hollidaysburg High School for twelve years - Social Studies. I wish to congratulate Theta Chi for the fine job it is doing at Penn State and with the brothers well in their new undertaking.

Would like to hear from any of the fellows who graduated about 1930 - particularly any info you have on the old T.U.O. members.

[Lemmon C. Stoudnour, 1930]

February 12, 1943

Hello Norman,

Manufacturing Seamless Tubing in Brass, Copper & the Aluminum Alloys and “Metal Shielding Wire” (Patent 2.066.201).

Don't know weather I have a right to a vote or not since I hold no bonds.

[Albert H. Mainwaring, 1916]

February 13, 1943

Dear Brothers:

At present I am on an L.S.T. ship in the Navy's Amphibious Forces. It is our job to land troops, equipment, and supplies on the shore. That;s about all I can sat about my present job without running into trouble with the censors.

I reported to Notre Dame University on August 30, for one month of indoctrination school. From there I was sent to Northwestern University Midshipman School in Chicago. I graduated from that school on Dec. 24th, with a commission as an Ensign. Since January 4, I have been in active service with the Amphibian Forces.


Paul S. Handwerk
Omega '42

February 13, 1943

Dear Norm,

Received my B.S. from State in 1936, V.M.D. from U. of P. 1938. Three years with Mulford Biological Laboratory of Sharp & Dohme, Glenolden. Now Institutional Veterinarian in charge of livestock for the Penna. Dept. of welfare penal and mental institution farms of which there are 24 located statewide. I get over the state every month so if there is any missionary work to do, will be glad to assist. Married Margaret Kino Berry 12-9-39, one child, a girl, Susan King Deubler born August 21, 1942.


L. Deubler
[Leonard P. Deubler, 1936]

February 13, 1943

Dear Norm,

I am now located in Ardmore, and teaching in commercial department at Lower Merion High School. Our little girl Linda Ann was 1 year old on Jan. 24. Wish I could get together wight eh old gang some time. Best wishes to you personally and all the boys at Theta Chi.


[Edward W. White, 1932]

February 15, 1943

Dear Norm,

The Resolution is enclosed. I think it is a good proposition and hope that it Till enable us to carry on for the duration.

I have been wanting to write you for a long time and I'm sorry that I had to wait to be asked for a letter.

Here's my recent history in a nut-shell:

Married six months to-day and living here in Boyer town where June and I have an apartment. wish that you could run up for dinner, but I guess you don't have anymore as than I do.)

Finished second year at the Phila. Division of the Bendix Aviation Corporation in December, where I am now a Junior Time Study Engineer.

May be in the Army any day now - who knows when? Practically all the boys who were at the house at State with me have been long gone. I don't see much about Omega in the Rattle anymore so I think that I better get on the job my-self for a change.

My very best regards to the family, Norm. Hope that it won't be too long until we can have a good HOMECOMING.

Sincerely and fraternally,

J. H. Flagler, Jr.
[Joseph H. Flagler Jr., 1940]

February 16, 1943

Dear Norm,

Just got here a week ago awaiting assignment as engineering officer on a sub chaser. Have been in training for the past 7 months prior to this duty. Am in the caribbean area - nice spot really.

Have always thought that house would make a wonderful field hospital - with all that steel in it, a good bombing wouldn't even phase it. However, hope that you'll be able to put it to good use despite the fact I think we've got enough men to finish off the job.

Best regards to you, Abe and Cass as well as all the OX Clubbers.


Carl Korn
[Carl A. Korn, Jr., 1940]

PS Next time you see Lundy Helper and/or Chuck Cautley give 'em my best will you.

March 4, 1943

Supervisor of Extramural Class Instruction, Central Extension Office, The Pennsylvania State College.

Much of my work at the present time is in connection with the College's Engineering, science and management war training program. To date we are training over 55,000 men and women for work in the war industry. The College has war training centers throughout the state. We have had centers in 177 different communities and are really coordinating training classes for at least 100 centers [illegible].

[Millard Theodore Bunnell, 1926]

April 22, 1943

At present employed by Navy Dept. in Pittsburgh as a spectographer and chemist. I have been here for three years.

[Robert E. Eberly, 1939]

Historical Document - Barracks No. 46 Released Back to Chapter

Below is the release returning the chapter house (aka Barracks No. 46 - see photo below) back to Theta Chi of Penn State from Pennsylvania State College in 1944.

Barracks 46 - with Giffy in the bottom row in center

Click to Download Release and 2 invoices to Penn State College

Click to Download Release and 2 invoices to Penn State College


WHEREAS, The Pennsylvania State College has occupied the building and real estate of Theta Chi of Penn State, Inc. located at Prospect Avenue and Allen Street State College, PA., under an Agreement of lease, which said occupancy has now terminated; and,

WHEREAS, an agreement effecting settlement of all claims in the sum of None ($0) Dollars, arising from said occupancy, has been made by the representatives of the College and Theta Chi of Penn State, Inc., 

NOW KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that Theta Chi of Penn State Inc., a corporation, duly organized under the Laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and having its principal place of business in the Borough of State College, Centre County, Pa., in consideration of the above recited settlement in the sum of None ($0) Dollars, has remised, released, quit-claimed and forever discharged, and by these presents does remiss, release, quit-claim and forever discharge The Pennsylvania State College of and for all and any liability for damages and claims due to, or arising from, the use of equipment and the occupancy by the said The Pennsylvania State College of the real estate of Theta Chi of Penn State Inc.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Theta Chi of Penn State Inc., has caused these presents to be lawfully executed this ______ day of ____ , A.D. 1944.

Theta Chi of Penn State Inc.


ATTEST: ___________________

Historical Document - 1940 Second Mortgage Bond Owners Report to Finance the Building & Furnishing of Chapter House

Below is the Second Mortgage Bond Owners Report issued to the membership on January 18, 1940.

Chapter House in 1940 as it appeared in LaVie

Click to Download PDF of Bond Report

Click to Download PDF of Bond Report


If you are an owner of one or more of our SECOND Mortgage Omega Chapter Theta Chi bonds, we have a very important message for you.

Examination of your Second Mortgage Bond will show that all present outstanding bonds are supposed to be retired on February 1st, 1940, and we are NOT in a financial Position to make these retirements.

First, let us explain a little of our financial history: On February 1st, 1930 we issued $30,000, first mortgage bonds, $20,000, second mortgage bonds, and $5,500, in notes - a total of $55,500, - to finance the building and furnishing of a new Omega Chapter House. Since that time the country (and this has affected the Fraternity) has gone through ten very poor years. During some of these years our membership dropped to  as low as 22 or 23 actives, and we should have at least 40; however we did pay off the $5,500, in notes, and have retired $8,000; in second mortgage bonds, leaving outstanding at present $30,000. First mortgage bonds and $12,000, second mortgage bonds (total of $42,000.) Now we are faced with the. problem of how to handle this $12,000.

Interest has been paid regularly when due on all our bonds, and the interest due February 1st, 1940 on the second mortgage bonds will be paid. As to the $12,000, principal, this amount cannot be paid on February 1st. Legally the Peoples National Bank of State College, State College, Penna. are Trustees for all our bond issues, therefore, it would seem advisable for each bond owner to deposit his bond or bonds with the Trustee until a satisfactory financial arrangement can be reached as to how to handle this $12,000, which is now due.

There are numerous way to take care of this problem, and we are outlining these below, as we see them: 


We have never in the past asked for gratuities to retire the second mortgage bonds or help finance our project. In this respect we may have been wrong as the greater percentage of Fraternity Houses have been financed right along in this manner. We are, however, proud of the fact that we have paid our way in the past and have established credit in our bank second to none in State College, notwithstanding, this is no reason why any of our Alumni members or friends who desire to help should not do so now, for, as the need is greater than it ever has been in the past, such help will be greatly appreciated at this time.

An easy way for the bond owners or Fraternity members to offer help in this matter, if they care to, would be to donate their respective bond or bonds, if they like, or, let us say, turn in each bond to the Fraternity for $35,00_- this amount is suggested because we have paid $65.00 interest on each bond during the last ten years - thus considering the $100.00 as a loan to the Fraternity for ten years without interest: (in our early years, before the house was built and when we were accumulating the land, I understand that many loans were made on this basis, and incidentally, all were paid back).

Those who do not own bonds could make a direct donation to the "SECOND MORTGAGE RETIREMENT FUND" if they cared to, A $35.00 donation would be used to buy in a bond offered by an owner on the basis outlined above. Larger donations would do a bigger job.


Other owners not wishing to follow the first plan may want to sell their bonds, if it is possible. We may be able to find money to purchase some of these bonds, or at least find temporary purchasers (who will hold them for the Fraternity) if the offered price is right. Please take into consideration the 6 1/2 per year interest we have been paying for the past ten years, compare this interest rate with the interest rate on other real estate bonds (about 3% or 4%) and then when you send the bonds to the Peoples National Bank at State College. Trustee, please advise the bank what price you will be willing to accept for your bond or bonds.


Still other owners will want to retain their bonds and will be agreeable to deposit them with the Peoples National Bank of State College as Trustees until the details are worked out. The bank will register these bonds in the name of the owners; endorse them extending the date of retirement to February 1st, 1950, with interest of 5% payable by check to the registered owners on February 1st of each year; the bond retaining its face value of $100.00 and the bond being callable on any interest date.

The bank will acknowledge receipt of all bonds and those handled under the third plan, as outlined above, will be returned within a reasonable time, properly executed.



You now have a fairly complete picture of our financial history and present problem. We have carried out our obligations to you in full, so far as interest is concerned, since the bonds were issued even though we have passed through a serious business depression, We are now passing through foreign war troubles which we hope will not affect our colleges and fraternities as they did the previous war, however we will endeavor in the future to fulfill our obligations to you in the same way as we have in the past - all we ask of you is that you fully consider our problem and do what you can to help us out.


Cut the 20th coupon off the bond and deposit it.


If you elect the FIRST PLAN outlined above send the bond to: N. C. Horner, Treas., Theta Chi of Penn State, Inc., 101 Public Ledger Building, Phila., Penna., and write plainly on the bond in ink "Donated to Theta Chi of Penn State as my contribution to the Second Kortgage Retirement Fund", signing your name.

If you are not a bond owner (or if you are and you elect this method) send any donations you care to make to: N, C, Horner, Treasurer, and make checks payable to "Theta Chi of Penn State, Second Mortgage Retirement Fund".

If you will accept the $35.00 offer for your bond, send the bond to the Peoples National Bank of State College, addressed for the.attention of Mr. Lee, Cashier, or to N. C, Horner, Treasurer, with a letter stating that you will accept the $35.00 and we will forward check as soon as possible.

If you elect to accept the SECOND PLAN, send the bond or bonds to the Peoples National Bank of State College, attention of Mr, Lee Cashier, or N. C, Horner, Treasurer, and advise by letter what you are willing to sell the bond for. Also please remember, if we can't buy these bonds we hope you will be agreeable to consider them under the THIRD PLAN and register them - but we will try to buy them as soon as possible at the price you offer them.

If you elect the THIRD PLAN, send the bonds to the Peoples National Bank of State College, attention Mr, Lee, Cashier, and advise by letter that you will accept this plan, and register the bond or bonds, Bonds will be acknowledged by the bank and returned as soon as possible, properly executed and registered.



Please cooperate with us in this bond problem, and we will promise to do our share, to the best of our ability, and as the financial writers say, "Barring war" we will try to do as good in the future as we have done in the past.

Very truly yours,
Theta Chi of Penn State, INc.
N. C. HORNER, President & Treas.
S. DALE KAUFMAN, Vice President
JOHN A. IRWIN, Secretary

P.S, The above plan has the approval of the Peoples National Bank of State College, Trustee for our bond issues.


Peoples National Bank of State College,
State College, Penna,
Attention: Mr. Lee, Cashier


N. C. Horner, Treasurer,
Theta Chi of Penn State, Inc.,
101 Public Ledger Building,
Philadelphia, Penna.

Postcard from Omega Chapter - Historical

With the Spring upon us, now is a good time to do some spring cleaning.

We recently came across a postcard of Omega Chapter from the 1930's. Some of our members come across old photos, documents, Omegaphones, Composites, postcard or other things associated with Omega Chapter and rather than put them back in the draw or closet have sent them to us to preserve. 

Click to see larger - Front of postcard - circa the 1930's

Click to see larger - Back of postcard - circa the 1930's

If you have any photos, documents or anything else from your years at Penn State or Theta Chi, we would love to borrow them to scan or photograph. For those of you who would like to donate those items to the chapter, we would gladly take them off your hands.

To see how to share your photos and documents with us CLICK HERE.

T-Shirt Gallery Added to Historical Section

We added a new section to the historical archives. We have started a gallery of t-shirts and other apparel from Omega Chapter. Check out our historical gallery.

We would love to borrow any t-shirts or apparel you might have so we can add to our online archive. Click here to let us know.

November 2013 Omegaphone

Below are excepts from the Novemeber 2013 Omegaphone, to read the entire issue, please download the pdf to the right
Click Above to Download November 2013 Omegaphone

Click Above to Download November 2013 Omegaphone

October Gala Celebrates a Decade of Omega Accomplishments

On October 19, for the first time since March 26, 1994 (the 75th Anniversary), Omega chapter and its friends gathered at the historic Nittany Lion Inn to celebrate Omega chapter and all it has accomplished over the last 10 years. 120 brothers and guests enjoyed a black tie dinner with Keynote speaker, Penn State Board of Trustee, Anthony Lubrano followed by dinner and dancing.

The evening was hosted by Gala Chairman Edward Brown ’87 (who also served as the master of ceremonies), George Chapman Jr. ’49, and Dick Jones ’60. The group enjoyed stories (and impressions) of Joe Paterno and other current events from Anthony Lubrano and speeches from Dr. Roy Baker, director of fraternity and sorority life at Penn State, and National’s David May, former president of the Theta Chi Foundation Chapter.

L to R: Edward M. Brown, Hugh Cadzow, Richard Maltz, Leo Sugg and Rodney D. Miller 

Along with the celebration of Theta Chi, was the recognition and celebration of some of our members. Undergraduate brother Kevin Trippel was honored with the Citation of Honor for all the hard work and dedication to the fraternity, Mrs. Jean Bartnik (wife and mother of two Omega Brothers) received the Theta Chi Carnation Award for all her care and dedication to the chapter and current undergraduate president Ian Maxwell was presented with the 1st Annual Richard Maltz Century Award for his service, leadership and grade point average. George Chapman Jr. ’49, Richard “Dick” Jones ’60 and Robert Zedelis ’62 were awarded the Golden Guard for membership of 50+ years in the fraternity. The Silver Legion (25+ years as a brother) was also bestowed on Chris Bartnik ’91, Ed Brown ’87, Hugh Cadzow ’83, Jeff Damcott ’91, Alan Lauder ’90, Richard Maltz ’90, Rodney Miller ’89, Dave Noll ’86, Kurt Rohrbach ’79, Michael Stein ’91, James Smith ’89, James Stuhltrager ’89, Leo Sugg ’88, Dan Tsurtsuris ’82, Alan Vladimir ’85 and John Weiss ’70.

If you weren’t able to attend, or even if you want to relive it again, there are videos of all the speakers and awards online (, as well as photos from the evening.

Mark your calendars (well figuratively speaking) as our 100th Anniversary is February 2019 and I hope we all will be gathering at the Nittany Lion Inn to celebrate. 

Porch Renovation nears Completion 

As you are receiving this edition of the Omegaphone, the porch renovation project is nearing completion. The following work was accomplished in this project:

  • Installation of steel lintels over glass block windows

  • Replacement of all glass block

  • Repair of loose bricks and mortar on stair retaining wall

  • Replacement of all railings to code standards

  • Addition of integrated gutters into fascia of roofline

  • Addition of downspouts to roof

  • New industrial roof membrane

  • Replace stairs to porch from patio

  • Repair of concrete edge deterioration

  • Epoxy coating of porch slab

  • Repair of lights and installation of new spotlight 

  • Replace doors from dining room to parking lot 

  • Replace bar doors and much more

This project was the second step in the master plan for the repairs and upgrade to the chapter house. As you are all aware, the windows were replaced in the summer of 2012 and, with the installation of the doors in this phase, the house is now more energy efficient and secure.

We would again like to thank David Schrader ’91 for his architectural expertise and planning and Mark Franz ’91 for his engineering review. We would be remiss in not thanking our contractor, Chris Kunes, and his crew for their quality work. The construction has gone extremely smoothly due to their communication and flexibility.

A photo log of the work has been posted on the Theta Chi of Penn State website at

Inaugural Maltz Century Award Honors service, leadership, Academics 

Richard Maltz (L) and Ian Maxwell, our first recipient of the Richard Maltz Century Award 

At the beginning of this century, the Omega Chapter of Theta Chi at Penn State University was non-functional. What had been a vibrant and thriving chapter for over 85 years, had no active brothers, a boarded up house at 523 S. Allen Street, no money, unfunded-required modifications to the house and a board of directors without the capacity to fight for survival.

Leadership at Theta Chi National Headquarters knew the Chapter’s history and was prepared to fight for Omega’s survival, but someone from Omega’s alumni needed to step up, take the lead, and reform the chapter.

A little more than seven years ago, Rich Maltz ’90 became that someone. He encouraged alumni brothers to join him on a new board of directors, worked with senior Penn State officials as well as the leaders of the National Theta Chi organization, and in effect, gave new birth to Omega.

Since then, the Chapter has thrived. Not only has the financial health of the Corporation been restored, this capital campaign been successful, but equally important, the active chapter has grown and thrived to once again become a successful, essential part of the Penn State University Greek system.

On October 19 at the alumni corporation meeting, Rich Maltz stepped down from his position as president of the alumni corporation. While heartfelt thanks reflect the appreciation for all that he has done, some form of memorialization is well deserved. The option chosen will annually remind everyone what Rich’s efforts have meant to this chapter.

So, the alumni corporation board approved the creation of the Richard Maltz Century Award. This award will be given to the active brother who meets stringent requirements as developed by our current active brothers. The selection will take into account service, leadership, grade point average, among other criteria.

The Maltz award winner will be nominated by his active chapter brothers, selected by the alumni board, and presented annually at the homecoming corporation meeting.

To highlight the importance of this award in the Omega Chapter hierarchy, the recipient’s name will be inscribed on a permanent plaque, and will receive an award in the amount of $1,000. The Richard Maltz Century Award is the single monetary award given to an active member.

The inaugural winner of the Richard Maltz Century Award, announced at the October 19 Gala, was undergraduate Ian Maxwell. 

New Scholarship Memorializes Robert Scavello ’88 

We are thrilled to announce the Rob Scavello ’88 Memorial Scholarship. Rob was passionate about education and loved Theta Chi. In memory of Rob, whom we lost to cancer in 2007, we are starting a scholarship to benefit the brothers of Omega chapter. Details on the official launch and kickoff fundraising events will be coming  soon. In the meantime, you can e-mail or visit for more information about how you can lend a helping hand towards supporting our brothers and honoring Rob.

- Alan Lauder ’90, Dave Yohannan ’88, and Kate Scavello 

Meet the 2013 – 2015 Alumni Corporation Board of Directors

Dave Hartwich ’09, ’11 – President, Dave currently works as a research and development engineer for ANH Refractories in Pittsburgh, PA. He has served as treasurer of the under- graduate chapter for two years and had acted as a graduate student advisor. Dave has served on the alumni board as secretary the past two years. 

Chris Burke ’93 – Treasurer, Chris worked for Bear Stearns, Morgan Stanley, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is a licensed CPA. Chris is currently the CEO of the Maxus Group, and has been a Theta Chi Board Member and Treasurer since 2008 and was responsible for securing the new loan on the chapter house. 

Jeremy Railing ’11 – Assistant Treasurer, Jeremy is currently working as a supply planning analyst for The Hershey Company and continuing his education toward an MBA from Penn State Harrisburg. Jeremy has acted as the undergraduate treasurer, vice presi- dent, and president. This is Jeremy’s first term on the alumni board.

Timothy Uhrich ’09 – Secretary, After working as a Leadership and Education Consultant for Theta Chi Fraternity IHQ, Tim completed a Masters of Education in College Student Affairs at Rutgers University in 2012. He is currently employed as a resi- dence hall director at Iona College. As an undergraduate, Tim served as a recruitment chair, social chair, marshal, and campus involvement chair and lived in the chapter house for three memorable years. This is also Tim’s first term on the alumni board.

Jeff Damcott ’91, ’94 – Board Member, Jeff has been in the golf course construction and management industry for over 20 years, most recently the superintendent of a public golf course in Yardley, PA. He has actively supported of the fraternity since his gradua- tion. Jeff currently serves on the capital cam- paign committee and is the alumni on-site project liaison for the side porch renovation project. 

One Alum Discovers the Sweet Song of Success 

New grad Liam Fennecken ’13 is no stranger to the limelight. This brother was a standout performer in PSU’s a cappella group, The Statesmen. Now, he’s picked up a new gig in the touring company of the Broadway musical American Idiot. Despite the busy schedule, Liam still had time to check in:

Liam Fennecken (singing lead vocals) and Zach Kramer on the Today Show with the PSU Statesmen - May 15, 2013

This has been an incredible experience in my life. Auditioning for this show was a journey in itself. I started by going to an open call in March of 2012 and after multiple callbacks, I finally made it to final callbacks for the show. I ended up not getting it that round but they said they would love to see me again in the future. So I kept emailing once a month to ask when they would be recasting. Finally, I got a response in June of this year and was asked to come in for final callbacks of the next leg of the tour and ended up being casted! 

The best opportunity I have is working with the creative team for this show. The director, choreographer, and all the designers are Broadway veterans. These are amazing connections that I now have for the development of my career. My life is completely different than anything before. Every day during tech week, we’d wake up and have 12-hour rehearsals. When performances start we will be traveling most days and then performing almost every single night. So it’s exhausting but it is incredibly exciting and rewarding.

I’ll be touring all over the U.S. so I’d love to see some brothers. You can find all the dates at 

Letter From the President

I’m honored to be elected onto the alumni board of directors and selected as the President of the alumni corporation of this great chapter of Theta Chi. I am also humbled to be following in the footsteps of the past president, Richard Maltz ’90, who has done so much for the Omega chapter over the last years. It wasn’t that long ago when I was the undergraduate treasurer and Jason Chottiner ’09 was the undergraduate president. We worked with Rich and National to save the chapter house. Rich led the board, and rallied the alumni, and today we are in the midst of a successful capital campaign that is helping us to remodel the house. 

I plan to continue Rich’s work, building a stronger and ever more present alumni base. Along with continuing the capital campaign, I look forward to working with the undergraduates providing resources to them so they can continue the legacy of Omega Chapter  at Penn State. I also hope to foster more interaction between the alumni and undergraduates on a professional level.

Please feel to contact me or any member of the board if you have questions about the active chapter, recent renova- tions, or if you are trying to reconnect with brothers from your era. Thank you for your support and I look forward to serving you and the undergraduate chap- ter in the years to come.


Dave Hartwich ’09, ’11 

Capital Campaign Update

Theta Chi is a special place that holds many great memories for us all. We have been work- ing on the capital campaign for a number of years now and we are making slow but steady progress. It was wonderful to reconnect with many of you at the gala and tell the old sto- ries, look through the archives and albums and just spend some time together. That’s what Omega is really about and that’s the goal of the Theta Chi for Life campaign... to ensure that brotherhood lives on.

In this issue of the Omegaphone, you’ve read about the renovation of the porch, last year we did the windows and there are still many projects on the “waiting list”:

  • Replace doors on the first and second floor

  • Update the electrical system in the basement, first floor and second floor

  • Renovate the second floor bedrooms

  • Repair/replace the entry roof from the parking lot to the kitchen

  • Paint, repoint and clean the exterior of the house

  • Renovate the first floor walls and floors

  • Replace the water damaged concrete floor in the kitchen

  • Renovate the basement bathroom

  • Rebuild the bathroom on the first floor

  • Renovate the stairs from first floor to 2nd and 3rd floors

  • Investigate and repair water leaks from the 1st floor

  • Install radiator thermostats • Bring to ADA compliance 

Please make your pledge at the highest level you are able; we need you to dig deep. With your help, we can make all the needed renovations to the house as well as keep our chapter and the brotherhood strong. If you can’t give at one of the levels below – give what you can – more or less, every penny helps us get closer to the goal.

We’re passing the hat brothers, and we need you to make your pledge today!

You can complete your pledge form online at, by phone at 1-800-975-6699, or by requesting a pledge form from any member of our campaign committee.

We need your support, please consider making your pledge part of your year-end giving.


The Theta Chi for Life Campaign Committee 

Thank you to all those brothers that shared their news with us. Please send us your photos and updates whenever you can.

Checkout past issues of the Omegaphone by clicking here.

Download the November 2013 Omegaphone

September 2013 Omegaphone

Below are excepts from the September 2013 Omegaphone, to read the entire issue, please download the pdf to the right

Are You Signed Up for the Party of the Century? 

The culmination of a Century in the Making is almost here! Join us for our gala celebration the weekend of October 19th. This is not your standard Theta Chi & Penn State party. Consider the following itinerary, which is outstanding, and keep in mind that many generations of Omega Chapter brothers will be in town for the weekend, creating an incredibly valuable and unique opportunity to reconnect, relax, and enjoy.

This is an exciting time for the fraternity and a great and unique opportunity to catch up, have a fun trip with the family, and celebrate what we all know is an outstanding Fraternity and University.

Find full details of the weekend’s activities at A few of the highlights include: 

Friday, October 18

The Theta Chi letters adorning the house are an iconic symbol of our home at Penn State. The 2013 spring pledge class added new letters to the front of the house in April. The last time the letters were changed was back in 2007. 

  • Check in at the Nittany Lion Inn. The Theta Chi of Penn State reception desk will be open Friday and Saturday in the Rotunda to assist with any arrangements and to provide infor- mation regarding the weekend.

  • Optional mid-afternoon golf outing at Toftrees Golf Resort, hosted by Jeff Damcott.

  • Evening welcome reception at the chapter house, with drinks and light hors d’oeuvres (shuttle from Nittany Lion Inn provided).

    Saturday, October 19

  • Annual Corporation meeting at the Nittany Lion Inn, with a continental breakfast and plenty of opportunity to connect with the brotherhood.

  • Complimentary bus tour of campus hosted by the Nittany Lion Ambassadors, with a stop at the chapter house for a buffet lunch and drinks before returning to the Inn.

  • Saturday evening marks the big celebration, A Century in the Making with a grand reception outside the Inn’s boardroom, followed by a black tie gala with entertainment, great food, plenty of dancing, and time to connect and network. Penn State Trustee Anthony Lubrano will be the keynote speaker.

Sunday, October 20

  • Sunday Brunch at the Inn, providing time to reconnect, remember the fun of the previous two evenings, plan for future events and pre- pare for another day at University Park and State College.

Don’t miss out on being a part of a Century in the Making! Take advantage of the last chance to register by:

  1. Returning the RSVP form enclosed in the invitation you received in the mail
  2. Logging on to
  3. Calling 800-975-6699

We are looking forward to celebrating with you in October! 

Honoring a Tradition, Celebrating a Century 

Howard Alter ‘41 (L) and William Renton ‘46 at the 75th Anniversary Celebration. 

Leo Sugg ’88, chairman for the Century in the Making celebration, drew inspiration from fellow Theta Chi Bill Renton ’46, who served as honorary chairman at Omega Chapter’s 75th anniversary celebration in 1994. 

He writes: “In the spring of 1994, I had the privilege of working with many others to help create Omega Chapter’s 75th Anniversary Celebration Weekend. Bill Renton was our honorary chairman for the event, and he spoke eloquently about how special Omega was, is and always will be, and fondly of the many Theta Chi memories and lifelong relationships that were formed. We enjoyed an amazing level of support in 1994, experienced a unique opportunity to reconnect that weekend, and had an absolutely great time - Omega Chapter black tie style. I am extremely excited to help continue this tradition, celebrating Theta Chi at Penn State’s Century in the Making. I am also thrilled to see Omega reconvene our corporation meeting for the second time in our history at the historic Nittany Lion Inn on Saturday morning, followed by many activities throughout the weekend, and of course, a Black Tie Gala at the Nittany Lion Inn on Saturday evening.”

Join us as we continue honoring this tradition the weekend of October 18-20. 

L to R: Robert Kramer ‘88, Owen Fishman ‘85, Joey Kopetsky ‘86, Leo Sugg ‘88, Phil Katchur ‘88 and Mark Holst ‘88 at the 75th Anniversary Celebration. 

PSU Trustee, Spikes’ ballpark namesake to Serve as Gala’s Keynote Speaker 

Anthony Lubrano 

Anthony Lubrano 

We are honored to have Anthony Lubrano serve as keynote speaker during our gala event. A PSU Trustee, Mr. Lubrano is simply an amazing supporter of the University and is very happy to be part of the Theta Chi reunion. He is a lifetime member of the Alumni Association and a member of the Nittany Lion Club, and has served on the Athletic Committee at Penn State during A Grand Destiny Campaign, a fundraising effort that resulted in over $1.3 billion in gifts. A former baseball player at his alma mater, his lead gift to Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics led to the construction of Medlar Field at Lubrano Park, the 5,400 seat baseball stadium that opened June 2006 and serves as home to the State College Spikes. Mr. Lubrano is also a member of the Laurel Circle of the Mount Nittany Society as well as the Presidents Club. 

Your Participation Needed to Meet Our Goal and Complete Items on Project List 

As we celebrate a Century in the Making, there’s no better time to pledge your commitment to the Omega Chapter capital campaign in our effort to raise $500,000 to renovate the chapter house at 523 S. Allen St., and to fund an endowment that will enable Omega Chapter of Theta Chi to remain a viable and leading force at Penn State. 

You should have received a thorough update on our campaign status in the mail this summer (if you did not, you can view it online at

Your participation is critical to completing the projects on this list so that we can preserve Theta Chi Omega for another century. To pledge your commitment, go to capital-campaign-donations/. 

Alumni Updates

Stephen Rozyckie ’92 - Just after Joe Paterno’s passing I became involved in starting a charity called Success With Honor. A good friend/co-worker had the idea during JoePa’s memorial service after hearing all the good things that Penn Staters were doing to help others. He was pretty much fueled by all the negativity that we’d been hearing for months. About 18 months later we’ve vetted over 50 PSU charities, connected with the Lettermen’s Club, and have about 20 or so volunteering their time with us. I would love for some fel- low Theta Chis to get involved. Learn more at 

Steve Brummel ’03 - I got married on June 22, 2013 to my beautiful wife Lauren. We had a perfect wedding day with weather in the mid 80’s and an overcast sky. William Hertrick ’04 was able to attend. That was a huge surprise for me. It was great to see him again. 

Jacob Kerr ’10 - In February I moved to York for a new job as an R&D Engineer for Magnesita Refractories, one of the largest refractory companies in the world. As part of my initial training, I was sent to Orleans, France for a week to participate in what is called “FIRE School”, or simply a refractories education course. While I was there, I spent time with David Hartwich ’09, who also works in the world of refractories and was attending the course through his employer.

In other fraternity-related news, over the past several months I was reunited with sev- eral brothers at events including the weddings of Kent Rentschler ’10 in October, Jared Case ’10 in June and Jason Chottiner ’09 in September.

Tyler Doppelheuer ’12 - Regrettably, I have left my job with Penn State and moved away from Happy Valley! I have moved to Manayunk to work with Cornell Homes as a Project Manager and Sales Associate.

Edward Wallace ’12 - After graduation I moved to the DC Metro area where I work for an engineering firm specializing in commercial nuclear power. I have been traveling to different nuclear sites across the US performing all kinds of various work. Recently I have been heavily involved in performing modifications to US nuclear plants to help mitigate Fukushima Daiichi-like events. Sadly, my job has started to become my life. I was able to make it back to the house for fall initiation and I got to meet up with brothers in Washington DC during a brotherhood trip for our new members. Hopefully as I get more free time I will be able to be more active to the chapter. 

Brothers visit AJ Bobby at Hershey 

Undergraduate brothers traveled to the Hershey Medical Center to visit their THON Brother AJ Bobby on May 14. In February, Theta Chis danced for 46 hours at THON for AJ and countless other families afflicted by pediatric cancer. The chapter raised $30,788.83 for THON 2013. 

Did You Catch the Omega brothers on the Today Show? 

Brothers Liam Fennecken (singing lead vocals) and Zach Kramer performed on the Today Show with the PSU Statesmen on May 15. If you missed it, you can find the video and others at

Liam Fennecken (singing lead vocals) and Zach Kramer on the Today Show with the PSU Statesmen - May 15, 2013

Thank you to all those brothers that shared their news.

Checkout past issues of the Omegaphone by clicking here.

Download the September 2013 Omegaphone

UPDATE: An error in the Sept. 2013 Omegaphone that included some incorrect bio information and an archived photo for one of our Century in the Making gala honorary chairmen, Dick Jones ’60. In a case of mistaken identity, our editors uncovered an old photo and some biographical information from LaVie of who we thought was Dick. This information was actually for Richard W. Jones, another class of ’60 Omega brother who was killed in a plane crash circa 1962. We apologize to our honorary chairman, Richard (Dick) R. Jones, for this error, and for any confusion it may have caused our readers. We apologize to Br. Dick Jones for this error.