2009 Homecoming Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 11:00am - October 17, 2009

Introductions of Alumni and undergraduate members

A motion was made and seconded to waive the reading of the minutes from the 2008 Homecoming meeting.

Alumni President report – Richard Maltz
  • National is moving forward with the alumni buying the chapter house back in August 2010. Discussion of where we might be able to get a mortgage is discussed.
  • Current state of fraternities on campus with recent deaths and borough’s push to hold party hosts responsible for their guest once they leave your property
  • We have been listening to a group of fraternity alumni from various other chapters at Penn State (which is reforming Lion Fraternity Alumni Association). They having been meeting with IFC, the borough and Penn State to outline their goals for fraternities at Penn State.
Alumni Finances – Chris Burke - download financial report
  • Howard Alter’s estate – is in the final stages of being settled. Howard left Theta Chi of Penn State 2% of his estate (little more than $85,000)
  • We are running at a slight (on an annualized basis) negative in terms of marketing expenses (Affinity) to donations.  We expect this to reverse over the next year, as we reduce our marketing expenses, by changing some of the services we currently pay Affinity for.  The larger differential shown is for a 9 month period, which typically balances out over longer periods.
  • We are still in process on combining the Alumni Accounting for Donations and Fundraising and the chapter house accounting related to rent, national costs, and chapter operating expense.  That will be complete by December of this year.
  • The capital campaign is going to be our big focus over the next 12 months.
  • Profit & Loss January through September 2009 Ordinary Income/Expense
Undergraduate President Report – Daniel Cartwright
  • Chapter Achievements (this past calendar year)
    • THON- raised over $16,892.85 – a recent high
    • Won our 3rd Consecutive Volleyball Championship
    • 5th place overall in IM Fraternity Standings
    • Created a new philanthropy – F.L.I.C.K.S. (Frisbee Tournament raising money for PA CASA)
    • Received the Penn State Chapter of Excellence Award (1 of 5 Chapters to receive this award)
    • Received the Most Outstanding New Member Education Process Award
    • Finalist for The Most Outstanding Chapter President (James Patterson)
    • Tied for 1st Overall in Academics (GPA) and had the highest pledge/new member GPA
    • Continued K.I.C.K.S. this fall and had a great turnout
    • Doing well this homecoming – 1st Place in Airbands 
    • Initiated 23 new members this past year –currently have 13 pledges/new members 
  • Alcohol Waiver - Since receiving the waiver, we have developed a comprehensive and thorough social policy that follows closely with the IFC social policy. We have created laminated signs that have phone numbers of taxis, lead to exits and bathrooms, and employ up to eight sober brothers at any event. We have held socials with sororities, had invitation only parties, and have had a dated function up to this point. In light of the death on campus we have continued with our strict policies of having a guest list, employing only one bartender who can monitor levels of obvious intoxication, and have even had sober brothers drive select individuals home who clearly cannot make it by walking. 
  • Alumni Work Weekend - date for the Alumni Work Weekend in the spring will be decided on in the upcoming weeks. It will preferably take place later than March, allowing for work to be done on the outside of the house in warmer weather. 
  • Campus Involvement - we have brothers that are more involved in both Theta Chi and Penn State. More brothers are participating in community service and getting involved on campus with various clubs and leadership positions. Younger members of the fraternity are stepping up to take positions and chairs. Hopefully this will be a trend that continues sharply upward and I would like to thank all of the current brothers, undergraduate and alumni, for making these new heights possible. 

Undergraduate Treasurer Report – Kent Rentschler - download financial report
  • Chapter finances are in good condition – currently have $21,000 to put towards the capital fund.
  • All brothers are in good standing with bills towards the chapter. Penn State collecting the dues, room and board is working out well.
  • All bills are current with vendors and national.
Old Business
None was discussed
New Business
  • Elections – a new board of directors was elected – Richard Maltz ‘90, Chris Burke ‘93, Chris Bartnik ‘91, Jim Smith ’89 and Jim Stuhltrager ’89 were elected to the board of directors. As in accordance with the by-law the board will elect from its ranks President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • The brotherhood would like to thank our outgoing board members Robert Blumstein ‘07, 
David Gendelman ‘07
Christopher Zegar ‘04 for their continued interest and support of Omega chapter.
  • A By-Law amendment to change (below) was voted on. 
    • Section VI - Article 1
The general membership of the members of the Alumni Corporation shall, elect five (5) Directors who shall hold office for two (2) years. Once elected, the Directors shall elect three (3) officers from amongst themselves: a President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary. The remaining two (2) Directors shall serve as Directors-at-Large. Each Director, regardless of officer title held, shall have one vote in the execution of the operational business of the Board
  • By-Law Passes overwhelmingly.
  • Creation of a Chapter Advisory Board – Timothy Uhlich (currently a LEC with the National office) brings up a proposal to create a chapter advisory board to help the chapter and its brothers by bringing in someone that the current brothers can discuss things with and to eliminate some of the reinventing the wheel with every new officer. Some of the brothers that were identified as potential advisors will graduate into their roles either in December or in May. Here is what we have come up with thus far: 
    • Member Development Advisor - Jason Chottiner '09 
    • Social and Risk Advisor - Jared Metzger (December Graduate) '09 
    • Recruitment and Scholarship Advisor - Tim Uhrich '09 
    • Ritual and Standards Advisor - David Gendleman '07 
    • THON and Public Relations Advisor - Jared Case (May Graduate) '10 
    • Property and Financial Advisor - David Hartwich '09 
  • We need to establish how we are going to replace advisors down the line. Again, these are not to replace the current structure, but rather to supplement it and create a way for recent graduates to stay actively involved. We will try it out for a year and if things seem to go well a by-law amendment will be proposed.
  • Any brother interested in helping out as a chapter advisor, please let us know.
  • The annual ski trip that started with the undergraduates will be continued and alumni will be invited to participate – more info TBA.
For the Good
  • 1st place in airband competition for homecoming
  • 1st place in academics this past spring semester
  • the alumni website is a great place to get news and info, please continue to send in news and photos
Motion to close – seconded

Meeting closed with the singing of “It is to Thee”

Meeting ended at 11:55am

Respectfully submitted.

Richard Maltz '90
Alumni President