2008 Founder's Day Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 5:08pm - April 19, 2008
Introductions of Alumni and undergraduate members
A motion was made and seconded to waive the reading of the minutes from the 2006 Homecoming meeting
Alumni President report – Richard Maltz
  • Will be covered in following reports
Alumni Treasurer – Chris Burke
  • Alumni Corporation will be leasing the house from National – lease to own. The first year’s rent will be $60,000.
  • Chris Burke has been working with the undergraduate treasurer (Jasen Marshall) on compiling numbers for complete overview of house expenses
  • Percentage of rent collected from undergraduates will go into a capital reserve fund
  • Rent per brother is $4600 per year – not counting fees for food plan or activities fee
  • Discussed collecting fee in addition to rent, part of which would be allocated to the undergraduates to purchase either house furniture or other house upgrade needs
Balance as of January 1, 2008 $12,363.50
Total Deposits 1/1/08 - 3/31/08 $6,872.91
Total Interest 1/1/08 - 3/31/08 $14.08
Total Debits 1/1/08 - 3/31/08 $4,694.94
Balance as of March 31, 2008 $14,555.55
Undergraduate President Report – James Patterson
  • 15 new members this year – 7 this past semester
  • Very active in community activities – blood drive, Dance Marathon, Village of Penn State, THON, etc
  • 5 brothers graduating this semester
  • 26 brothers slated to live in house this coming fall. First time in a long time that some of the rooms will be doubles
  • Had a great Brotherhood retreat this semester
  • Won Homecoming this past fall and will be doing homecoming with Omega Phi Alpha
  • At Greek Oscars they won awards for top GPA in Fall and for K.I.C.K.S. soccer tournament
  • Classes end May 2nd
  • Will have at least 3 brothers living in the house this summer
  • Will be doing THON again – but not directly with a sorority – as to guarantee two dance spots, but will work with another sorority
Undergraduate Treasurer Report – Jasen Marshall
  • 3 brothers will live in house this summer
  • House bill for next year is $2300/semester
  • Food bill for semester is $400
  • All brothers in good standing
  • University Bursar office now collects house bill and will start accepting payment via credit cards this coming semester.
Old Business
  • Everyone liked the success of Alumni Work weekend this part spring and another work weekend will be held next spring
  • The idea of having another alumni event (not pegged to homecoming) was discussed and the weekend of the Oregon State home game was decided as a good weekend to have it. Along with inviting omega alumni to a house event, local Theta Chi alums will be invited as well.
New Business
  • None was discussed
For the Good
  • Jasen Marshall for doing a great job as undergraduate treasurer
  • Richard Bartnik (father of brother Chris Bartnik) for all his time and effort during alumni work weekend
  • The alumni work weekend
  • Jason Chottiner for putting together the BBQ picnic today
Motion to close – seconded

Meeting closed with the singing of “It is to Thee”

Meeting ended at 5:33pm

Respectfully submitted.

Richard Maltz '90
Alumni President