2007 Founder's Day Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 5:00pm - April 21, 2007

Introductions of Alumni and undergraduate members

A motion was made and seconded to waive the reading of the minutes from the 2006 Homecoming meeting

Alumni President report – Richard Maltz

  • Main goal of Alumni Corporation is to greatly increase communication between Alumni Corporation and its alumni brothers, as well as with the active chapter.
  • Last year we had a total of 120 donors, in the first 4 months of this year we have 60.
  • National is leaning towards the corporation taking back the house by next summer.
  • Talk of linking Alumni officers with their undergraduate counterparts.

Alumni Treasurer

  • Alumni will be preparing on purchasing replacement French doors for the first floor (in the living room)
  • Third floor should be completed by this coming fall. On the third floor they have replaced all the windows, electrical, insulation and added sprinkler system, as well as other work
  • Roof is being replaced and should be done shortly.
  • Second floor will also being getting a sprinkler system and bringing the electrical up to code. It will be up to the alumni corporation to due the $60,000 of work to bring it up to the standards of the third floor.


  • Undergraduates will communicate what their majors and career aspirations are to give to alumni networking of career advancement and internships.
  • Undergraduates will compile a wish list of needs and wants of the house (furniture, etc).
  • Talk of having alumni pledge money for each new pledge they bring into the brotherhood.
  • Talk of helping brothers stay connected to the house by adding a plaque to each room to note that have lived there.
  • Undergraduate profiles for the website requested.

Undergraduate President Report – Jason Chottiner

  • 10 new members this year
  • K.I.C.K.S. raised $1800 this year
  • Participated in Homecoming, Dance Marathon (THON) and Greek Week
  • Go to the Village at Penn State to play Bingo with the senior residents
  • Clean up neighborhood twice a month
  • Once again held the highest GPA at the Greek Oscars and won the Philanthropic Leadership Award
  • Joined the Fraternity Integrity Alliance – Joined to try to discourage and educate about sexual assault. Only 1 of 5 fraternities to have joined to date
  • Goals
    • To build stronger officers
    • Increase
    • Improve performance at THON.
    • Will have a alumni advisor by fall semester. With an alumni advisor they will be able to reach a goal of winning IFC Chapter Excellence.
    • Chapter of the Year at Greek Oscars

Undergraduate Treasurer Report – David Hartwich

  • 3 brothers will live in house this summer
  • House bill for next year is $2300/semester
  • Food bill for semester is $400

Other Officers Reports
Marshal Report

  • 3 new pledges this spring
  • Class project was to improve the house library
  • Pushed the class to be out in the Greek Community and join philanthropies
  • Visited Bucknell Colony
  • Interested in getting alumni involved in Initiation

Chapter Secretary

  • Worked to improve internal communication – getting minutes out to all undergraduate brothers
  • Focused on getting all the forms and paperwork to National on time and are in good shape with National
  • Reaching out to Greek Community

Intramural Chairman

  • Fraternity Volleyball Champs
  • Dodgeball Champs
  • Did Greek Week for first time in long time
  • Are partnered with Gamma Sigma Sigma for 2007 Homecoming
  • Are ranked 18-22nd in IM’s out of 53 fraternities

Social Chairman

  • Had several events at Alpha Epsilon Pi
  • Several socials
  • Nacho night for recruitment
  • Went to Altoona Curve game
  • Tied for fifth overall at Greek Week

Old Business
None – as covered in officer reports

New Business
None – as covered in officer reports

For the Good

  • Current group of actives are doing a great job. One rebuilding the brotherhood, academics and philanthropic – keep up the great work
  • Brother Richard Dubin said the chapter made him feel welcome and gave him and his friend a place to crash
  • Great to see the progress on the physical plant

Motion to close – seconded

Meeting closed with the singing of “It is to Thee”

Meeting ended at 6:33pm