2007 Homecoming Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 11:00am - October 13, 2007 

Introductions of Alumni and undergraduate members

A motion was made and seconded to waive the reading of the minutes from the 2006 Homecoming meeting

Alumni Treasurer Report - Jim Sthultrager
  • Donations are up form last year.
  • Amount of donors up – currently 134 alumni brothers have donated this year.
  • Received donations upwards $13,000.
  • Currently the only bills are from Affinity and some mailing and office fees.
Alumni Secretary Report – Chris Burke
  • Taking back ownership of the house 
    • National wants alumni to take back ownership of the house by next summer, will shut down chapter if need be.
    • $400,000 amount of renovations to date – two more possible projects – discussion of getting a break down and an accounting how money was spent
    • $550,000 total debt to National for taxes, renovations, etc. – discussion about possible getting a better interest rate from National than 8.25%
    • Possibly 26 guys living I the house next fall – questionable.
    • Discussion about ways to increase Rush.
  • Capital Campaign 
    • Starting the ground work for major capital campaign.
    • Start-up costs are around $30,000 before even raising a dollar.
    • Will look for other fund raising options other than Affinity.
Alumni President Report – Richard Maltz 
  • Meeting with National officers in State College on Nov. 17th lunch at Atherton Hilton and meeting afterwards at chapter
  • Alumni Advisor Joost Keesing resigns – chapter already has Michel Crawford and James Nasrella filling in as alumni advisors
  • Discussed the possibility of having a alumni work weekend – Maybe Nov. 17th
  • All current board of directors resigned at Alumni Presidents request to make the transition to a new board and its revised makeup.
Undergraduate President Report – Jason Chottiner
  • New pledge class of 9, might go up to 10
  • Have up the goal of raising more money for THON this February. Amended by-laws - dance marathon chairman can’t dance – this way he can focus on raising funds and putting events the event.
  • Continuing to volunteer once a month at the VILLAGE to play Bingo and interact with the residents.
  • Won the Phi Mu Delta’s Wiffleball tournament.
  • Currently doing Homecoming (are in first place at the moment) and K.I.C.K.S. this Sunday.
  • Goals
    • Fill the house
    • Continue current path of being the best fraternity on campus
    • Improve performance at THON.
    • Achieve a goal of winning IFC Chapter Excellence and Chapter of the Year at Greek Oscars
Undergraduate Treasurer Report – David Hartwich
  • Finances are in order
  • Talked about the out of house fee (parlor fees)
  • Discussed raising the house bills
Old Business
  • None – as covered in officer reports
New Business
  • Election of Board of Directors 7 new board members were elected. They are Richard Maltz, Chris Burke, Chris Bartnik, Jim Stuhltrager, Robert Blumstein, David Gendelman and Christopher Zegar
  • Board will meet later to elect President, Treasurer and Secretary.
  • Scott Taylor and Alan Lauder bring are starting a scholarship in honor of Br. Robert Scavello (who passed away earlier this year). Are looking into how to award a scholarship and what would merit receiving a scholarship.
For the Good
  • All the hard work the active brothers have put into homecoming and K.I.C.K.S.
  • The increased communication (through mailers and the website) between the alumni corporation and its members.
  • 15 alumni brothers in attendance – hopefully more next year.
Motion to close – seconded

Meeting closed with the singing of “It is to Thee”

Meeting ended at 12:05pm