March 1981 Omegaphone

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Alumni Corporation President's Message

Theta Chi's Annual Founder's Day celebration has been scheduled  for April 25th at 4:00 P.M. Dinner will be served following the meeting. Spring is a beautiful time of the year at Penn State and  I'm hoping for a big turnout of alumni to help the officers and directors make the decisions that will shape the future of the Omega Chapter.

For those of you who were back for Homecoming, the repairs and redecorating that you witnessed of the first floor of the Chapter House that were in progress in the Fall are now completed. For those of you who haven't been in touch lately, you will be pleased to know  that the active brothers have done a fantastic job of demonstrating their love for the house through hard work.

Remember your dues and contributions make this newsletter, as well as necessary repairs to the Chapter House possible. Accordingly, if you haven't paid your '80-'81 local dues, please send a check today for $10 or more to Theta Chi of Penn State, Albert A. Frey, Treasurer.

Hope to see you at Founder's Day!

S. Thomas Hornyak '72

Active President's Message 

The active chapter continues to strive to assure a prosperous future for Omega by rushing quality men into the fraternity. 

Four members were initiated in both fall and winter terms, and as of this writing (March 2) three rushees have accepted bids to pledge spring term. 

We are confident that our rush efforts have been greatly enhanced by our having improved the cosmetic appearance of the house. Although it is the brotherhood itself which ultimately is the most important facet of our fraternity, a pleasant, attractive house is vital to our initially interesting rushees in the fraternity. 

The improvements I refer to include new carpeting and draperies, the purchase of which was, of course, made possible by the generous contributions of our alumni. 

We believe that the house now truly reflects the brotherhood's pride. 

The Founder's Day meeting offers us a chance to show off the house ahcrthe brotherhood. 
We hope you'll attend the Founder's Day festivities, and we know that if you do, you too will be proud of us. 


Richard A. Panza, '82

Alumni News

Tony DeJulius, '80, is with Price Waterhouse & Co. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tony's work will take him to Saudi Arabia in April.

Dues Acknowledgment

In the Christmas/New Year's 1979-80 Omegaphone, 1979-80 dues received as of October 31, 1979 were reported. The following is a list of brothers paying dues from November 1, 1979 through September, 1980. The remainder of '79-80 and '80-81 dues received will be reported in the Homecoming edition. The Corporation extends its gratitude to those listed below for their commitment to Omega.

Alexander, J. S., '35, Annard, R. W., '68, Avampato, C. M., '61, Bolopue, R. A., '45, Brast, L. C., '59, Brode, R. B., '49, Butch, T. W., '78, Chapman G. '49, Chapman, P. C., '57, Corley, R. T., '36, Crudo J. T., '55, Ettinger, R. S., '49, Fieni, F. P., '52, George, E. W., '45, Geuder, R. A., '29, Heitzenroder, D. A., '64, Herr, B. A., '60, Hoffman, M. H., '31, Hoffman, R. A., '76, Hosterman, J. W., '48, lezzi, T., '45, Korn, C. A., '40, Kreider, D. M., '43, Kuhar, M. A., '59, Lazorchak, M. P., '61, Lichliter, J. C., '56, Mainwaring, A. H., '16, McEtwee, J. F., Dr., '47, Metzger, J. M., '39, Mitchell, C. M., '63, Nathan, I, '73, Orben, W. W., '55, Owen, A. B., '40, Paden, C. B., '27, Putterman, S. L., '78, Ranton, W. H., '47, Rex, J. C., Dr., '42, Rhoads, N. D., '62, Riser, G. A., '64, Rohrbach, K. P., '79, Romanski, A. T., '67, Smith, L. B., '55, Sorisio, R., '60, Sowden, W. L., '22, Turko, E. J., '78, Whitehouse, E. A., '53 

Thank you to all those brothers that shared their news.

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