June 2016 Omegaphone

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President's Report - When You Join Theta Chi, You Join For Life 

Greetings Brothers,

A few weekends back, I was able to spend the final days of the spring semester at Penn State watching my sister graduate with her degree in Accounting and a bright future ahead of her. While at her graduation ceremony, I was also able to witness a number of
brothers cross the stage to become alumni of both Penn State and Theta Chi. 

When you first pledge Theta Chi, nobody warns you that the house won’t remain as you first saw it forever. Brothers graduate, new brothers join, and the chapter is in a constant state of change. At the same time, the Theta Chi that we all experienced still lives on in the memories and friendships that formed over the years. This has been the cornerstone of my Theta Chi experience, forming lifelong bonds with some of my closest friends to this day, and connecting with alumni from every decade over dinner or a few beers.

Brothers and friends gather for a tailgate at this year’s Blue- White football game.

Since coming on as President of the Alumni Board, I’ve been able to talk with a number of brothers about the alumni association and its place within Omega Chapter. The common theme that resonates throughout is a desire to make the group more than just a few newsletters a year, or a phone call asking for donations. Events like the Annual Golf Outing exemplify what I would like to see happen more often, whether it is catching an away game with alumni in  your area, a ski day in the Poconos, or just a few brothers getting together for drinks and reminiscing about some shenanigans from the old days. When you join Theta Chi, you join for life. I’d like to see us bring back that involvement with all brothers, so that your time in the fraternity doesn’t feel like it ends when you walk across the stage. 

We as a board will be working to make these events happen more frequently, and could use your help. If you have ideas for an event, or would like help organize a gathering in your area, please feel free to reach out to me at kevintrippel@gmail.com.


Kevin Trippel

Aaron Speagle ’12

Aaron Speagle ’12

Secretary's Report


I hope this message finds all of you in great health and better spirits. I wanted to take some time to thank you for electing me as one of the new Alumni Board members this past Fall; I am excited to be an integral part of the governing body of our chapter, and can only hope to give back to the chapter  at least a fraction of what it has given to me over the past several years. First, I would like to congratulate the eleven recently graduated brothers and to wish you the best in the next step of your lives, be it furthering your education or entrance into the work force, or something entirely different. It  has been another productive spring for our undergraduate brothers, pledging in 7 new members, holding a successful GI for Theta Chi philanthropic event, boasting $33,813.60 dollars for THON with partners Tapestry, earning 6th place for Greek Sing, sweating to another successful Alumni Work Weekend, and crushing the all men’s average GPA with a chapter average of 3.31 (good for top 5 among Fraternities). I look forward to hearing of your continued involvement with the University and the State College community after the summer break. 

As many of you are aware, our struggles with recruitment and residency within the chapter house continue (we’ve struggled with this since before I became a brother), but after conversing with a number of undergraduates and alumni I have faith that we are all striving to create better success for our brotherhood; 

I believe in Theta Chi. I believe that the continued and growing presence of the Alumni at the chapter house is crucial to helping prop up our undergraduate brothers in letting them know that we as an organization are there to support them, and that their efforts for growth and betterment do not go unnoticed. I truly thank each and every alumnus brother who continues to return to the chapter house to lend a helping hand; be it through career advice, stories from “back in my day,” or even blunt criticism. A strong alumni presence is a significant part of what makes a healthy fraternity function and I truly believe that we are making strides in that direction. 

I was able to make the 7 hour trek to State College for Blue & White weekend and was ecstatic to see such a large number of recent alumni who had returned to the house to help continue rebuilding the bridge between our active undergraduates and alumni. I believe I speak for more than myself when I say I look forward to returning in the fall for football weekends to reconnect with my home in State College, and with the brotherhood that has played a significant part in building the man I am today.

I would like to end my message with something to reflect on: Remember that this chapter is only as strong as the men who lead it, and those who take the initiative to keep our brotherhood alive and well; that even small actions like stopping by the house just to say hello, or submitting an update to the website about your life events can have a lasting effect or incite another to do the same. Remember that Theta Chi is for life, and your support is needed and appreciated in this chapter no matter how long it has been since you attended a class at PSU. Just like any intrapersonal relationship, this brotherhood takes work to maintain. I look forward to seeing/hearing from all of you soon.

Love and Respect,

Br. Aaron Speagle - Class of 2012

Best Friend's Story - No One Should Have As Much Fun As I Do! 

Theta Chi was a great chapter in my life. I Just turned 96, and I am still teaching school and still biking. My  daughter is a Navy Admiral. No one my age should have as much fun as I do. 

It’s good to hear from Theta Chi. I think that I am the last one alive from my pledge class. Now I am living the good life still teaching school, biking and doing a lot of reading. Brother Fred Grun ’47 is still my best friend .

My brother Fred is my blood brother. We met on March 31,  1923, the day he was born. Because of the war we graduated together without gowns. They got lost somewhere. We did all kinds of things together in our childhood and he is still my best friend. We do not see each other often but we talk on the phone. We were the house managers together in 1946 and we managed to freeze the brothers because of the soft, cantankerous coal.

William Grun ’47

Alumni Spotlight - Check Out What Your Brothers Have Been Up To! 

Joe Simonetta ’66 - Here’s a little bit on what I’ve been up to since I graduated from Penn State in 1966. At PSU from ’61 to ’66, I was a former Theta Chi president. I played two varsity sports, soccer and tennis, and was member of the hat societies Druids and Parmi Nous. I won the intramural racquetball championship twice. A very mediocre student, I went on, at different times in my life, to earn master degrees from the University of Colorado (architecture) and Harvard (world religions...relative to my interest in the state of our world).

The photo attached is of my family. I am with my wife, Susana, and our two children. Russell just turned three in April 2016. Our daughter, Fiorella, born in October 2015 is a little over six months old. 

My last project was a real estate development, Hacienda San Joaquin, that I did in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. I was there from 2005 to 2014 when we returned to the U.S.

The project I did in Ecuador, Hacienda San Joaquin, which I sold, is shown at www.HaciendaSanJoaquin.com. The new owners still have me on the home page as the “Developer.” That links to my brief bio.

I have another web site as well: www.ONEitistime.com

Keith Vansant ’58  - “Not too much new with me, I turned 80 years old in February. I don’t feel 80 and I don’t act 80, but everybody tells me that I look 97!”

David Noll ’86 and Joe Kidda ’86 - “We were pledge brothers, roommates at the OX House, living in same town 30 years later!  Time has zipped by,” says brother 1000. “Joe and I crossed paths during lunch in the late 90’s, and we picked up where we left off” .

Greg Allan ’89  - My wife Leslie and I are enjoying life in the Pacific Northwest. I am in my 16th year with AT&T and took a promotion last year for a Strategic Account Lead position. We are excited for this summer as we have bought a boat and plan to spend weekends aboard and cruising around this beautiful area with our 2 labs, Brooke and Bailey. Hoping to catch a Mariners game or two this season. Would love to host anyone whose travels bring them out to the Seattle area. 

Rich Maltz ’90  - “I recently just celebrated 22 years at Entertainment Weekly magazine, most recently as the Deputy Photography Director, West Coast. For the last 6 years I have been living in Santa Monica, CA after living in NYC.” 

John Broderick ’06 - “I was a part of the class of 2006. I recently moved to Germany with my wife of 2 years, Amy, and we are expecting our first son (Timothy) in just a couple months. I am currently on a research fellowship for NERA Economic Consulting.

Photo Archives - Oh! What a Feeling!

It’s been awhile since we’ve published the Omegaphone! We’ve been digging through the archives, basking in the nostalgia and we just can’t keep it to ourselves!

November 2015 Omegaphone

Below are excepts from the Novemeber 2015 Omegaphone, to read the entire issue, please download the pdf to the right
Click Above to Download November 2015 Omegaphone

Click Above to Download November 2015 Omegaphone

Meet the 2015 – 2017 Alumni Corporation Board of Directors

Thanks to everyone who showed interest in becoming a Board member this time around! We want to take this opportunity to introduce you to the new Board members that will serve until 2017. For now, specific positions have not been determined but here is a little bit about each new Board member: 

Chris Burke ’93 – Alumni Board Treasurer – Chris graduated in 1993 with a degree in accounting. He worked for Bear Stearns, Morgan Stanley, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is a licensed CPA. He is currently the CEO of the Maxus Group, and has been a Theta Chi Board Member and Treasurer since 2008.

Ian Maxwell ’10 – Alumni Board Events Coordinator – Pledged Theta Chi in fall of 2010, and graduated in Spring 2014 with a BS in Accounting. While an undergrad, he spent two years on the executive board, serving as president in 2013. Ian currently resides in the Philadelphia area and is at work at SEI Investments as a hedge fund portfolio analyst.

Aaron Speagle ’12 – Alumni Board Secretary – Joined Theta Chi in fall of 2009,
and held a number of positions during his undergraduate studies, including Recruitment, Historian, House Manager, THON chair, and Marshal. He graduated in December of 2012 with a BS in Nuclear Engineering. Aaron is currently employed as a Nuclear Engineer at Newport News Shipbuilding, where he supports maintenance on US NAVY submarine prototypes. He resides with his new wife (7/18/15) in Norfolk, VA. 

Dave Stoltzfus ’13 – Alumni Board Assistant Treasurer – Graduated in 2013 with a degree in Supply Chain Management. During his time as an undergrad brother, he served as Treasurer, Scholarship Chair, Recruitment Chair, Greek Week Chair, and danced for Theta Chi at THON 2013. After graduating, he worked for Lockheed Martin in its Operations Leadership Development Program living in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. He currently works for Boeing in Seattle, WA as a Procurement Agent/ Cost Reduction Project Manager. 

Kevin Trippel ’14 – Alumni Board President – Joined Theta Chi in the Fall of 2010 as a freshman. During his four years as a brother, he served as Alumni Relations chair, Marshal, and President, all while pursuing his degree in Mechanical Engineering. Since graduating in the spring of 2014, Kevin has been working as a Technology and Infrastructure Consultant for Accenture in Philadelphia. 

House Projects Update - Next Time You Come Back to The House, You’ll Notice Some Aesthetic Improvements! 

As the actives have moved back into the house, I would like to update all of you on the work that was completed over the summer.

We took advantage of the house closure and solid giving to our Capital Campaign to have the new bar floor installed. We contracted a company called Standard out of Harrisburg which was both the product manufacturer and installer. The concrete floor was diamond ground, a binder applied, a cementitious epoxy layer troweled on and then an epoxy, anti-skid wearing coating rolled on the surface. The company created integral baseboards around the perimeter to help with cleaning of the floor. Our hope is that this floor will last many years and will be a good test to determine if this type of floor will be an option for the kitchen when it needs to be replaced.

We also cleaned and waxed the dining room floor, repaired the radiator covers, flushed and serviced the heating system, performed code inspection repairs, bathroom steam cleaning on the second and third floors, began upgrading wireless internet service and the renovation of the laundry bathroom.

After its condition has declined over the years, the laundry room bathroom finally has a new look. The old non-functioning tub was removed during a work weekend and the entire room was given a much-needed facelift. The space left by the tub removal was used to build cabinets with shelving for storage. One section of the cabinet has a locked door for the cook to store her belongings and tools.

The old paneling was removed and new bead board was installed to give the room a cleaner look. A new drop ceiling and LED light were also installed. All that is needed to finish the work is a coat of paint and reinstallation of the radiator. 

Ron with family at his retirement ceremony. 

Alumni Spotlight - Checking in with Retired Army Major Ron Beadenkopf ’93 

I retired from the Army in 2011 to the vacation paradise of Clearwater Florida after 27 years, four tours to Iraq and Afghanistan and 22 different moves around the world since my university days at PSU. I now have a second career in industrial equipment sales and environmental engineering for the manufacturing sector in Florida. In my spare time I am President of the local Toastmasters Club and get paid as a speech coach to business entrepreneurs. My hobbies are public speaking and photography and I am writing a book on my experience in two wars. 

OX: When and why did you join Theta Chi at Penn State? 
RB: I joined Theta Chi in Spring 1991. I was living in the Veterans House and using the Army College Fund to pay for school. The veterans decided to hold a 24-hour vigil until the Gulf War ended. Shane Balcik ’91 happened by on his way home from playing pool and invited me to rush. 

Ron enjoys a co ee during a sandstorm in Iraq, August 2005

OX: How and why did you continue on into the Army? 
RB: I stayed with OX for a year and then made a decision to re-join the active Army from the Reserves so that I could make some more money to go back to school. I ended up getting another scholarship and got a commission from Western Michigan University as an Army Officer, finishing my military career as a Major. 

OX: Did your experiences at Penn State or in Theta Chi help you in your military career? In what ways?
RB: Penn State and the fraternity system broadened my horizons enormously and gave me a huge boost in my ability with written and spoken communication. I served in Greek leadership and improved my social skills as well. My photography major helped me as I traveled around the world and photographed my travels. 

Ron enjoying some kayaking

OX: Do you still keep in touch with other Theta Chi brothers?
RB: I keep up with and follow what the other brothers are doing via Facebook, though I haven’t been back to a Homecoming or anything like that. I still keep a warm place in my heart for the memories and camaraderie hat we had. We weren’t the most popular or largest fraternity on campus but our parties and connections with key sororities were always a blast. 

OX: I would imagine the sense of brotherhood is very strong in the military – is it comparable to Greek life in any way? 
RB: The thing I miss most about the brotherhood and the military is the same – camaraderie, a shared experience and memories to last a lifetime. The Brotherhood of Theta Chi and the Brotherhood of Arms. 

Veterans Report - Respecting and Thanking Our Veterans – the Best of Us

November is a month to celebrate veterans and Theta Chi is proud to count a handful of brave service members among its ranks! We thank the following brothers for their service!

  • Ron Beadenkopf ’93
  • Phillip Bender ’83
  • Richard Herman ’80
  • Charles Leech ’55
  • Keith Vansant ’58
  • Walter White ’48
  • Richard Bolopue ’48(deceased) 
  • Sherwood Booth ’32 (deceased)
  • Edmund Geiger ’40 (deceased)
  • Francis Richwine ’41 (deceased)

We are sorry if we missed any veterans. Please let us know if you have served by emailing our alumni relations partner at alumninews@affinityconnection.com. Be sure to put Theta Chi Penn State in the subject line

Annual Fund Report - Our Giving Year is Nearing Its End, Only You Can Push Us over the Top! 

With a little less than two months left in our giving year, Theta Chi has raised just over $7,600 with the help of 64 generous donors and still has a chance to surpass last year’s total of $9,463! With that said, this space is about you – the proud alum who has given back. It is also about you – the curious alum who hasn’t made a gift yet this year but would like to.

Theta Chi has seen a decrease in its annual fund giving over the past few years and we hope you’ll help us reverse that trend! We raised over $11,000 in 2012 and 2013 and would like to exceed that mark this year. Annual funds are critical for fraternal organizations like ours. They help us ensure the same experience you got while an active Brother is available to all, maintain and organize alumni events and communications and help us with general upkeep and projects – like the summer remodelings we recently wrapped up – at the house.

The good news is, there’s still time to make a gift and there are multiple ways you can do so. Donate to Theta Chi today by calling our donation hotline at 1-800-975- 6699.

Or you can send a check to:

Theta Chi-Penn State
Alumni Relations Processing Center P.O. Box 7007
Albert Lea, MN 56007-8007

Thank you to all those brothers that shared their news with us. Please send us your photos and updates whenever you can.

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May 2015 Omegaphone

Below are excepts from the May 2015 Omegaphone, to read the entire issue, please download the pdf to the right
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Click Above to Download May 2015 Omegaphone

THON 2015 - Omega Chapter Contributes in Fight Against Pediatric Cancers 

Over the years, Theta Chi brothers have built reputations as resilient dancers at the grueling, two-day dance marathon known as THON. And as the annual 46-hour, no-sleeping, no-sitting dance marathon came to a wrap in February, Theta Chi’s Sam Kulp was still standing.

Chosen as Omega Chapter’s dancer, Kulp, along with A.J. Bobby, his sisters and with the support of the rest of the brothers, THON staff and Tapestry Dance Company helped raise $53,284.51 for the Four Diamonds Fund. 

In total, nine brothers lent helping hands on THON committees. They were: Ryan Campbell, Rules and Regulations; Sam Shively, Public Relations Captain; Alejandro Buxo, OPPerations LT; Stephen Sanford, OPPerations; Sam Kulp, Communications, Faculty and Staff Outreach;  Ryan Gattoni, Rules and Regulations Event Safety; Frank Donato, Rules and Regulations; John Lin, OPPerations Canning Coordinator; and Joe Saylor, Dancer Relations Theme Hour Chair.

Overall, THON was a massive success again as $13,026,653.23 was raised for the Four Diamonds Fund in the ongoing effort to help

Congrats to everyone for all your time, effort and hard work! 

Work Weekend - Annual Cleanup Yields Results 

There’s something about a fresh pile of mulch that signifies a job well done.

It also makes red bricks pop. Take a drive down South Allen Street and see for yourself. There, Theta Chi’s stately manor got an exterior facelift and interior scrub- down in mid-April thanks to a handful of brothers who picked up shovels and rakes and turned in a weekend’s worth of work to improve the property’s overall aesthetic.

Blessed with good weather – temperatures reached into the 60s and the sun provided plenty of work light – brothers tackled numerous outdoor chores. At 9 a.m., brothers donned their work attire – most wore sweats and hoodies while others opted for the more utilitarian bib overalls – and split into groups. Soon thereafter, the rakes and shovels could be heard scraping and clawing at the earth over the next several hours.

Outside work included a spring cleaning of the planting beds and any remaining leaves and debris from the fall were removed from the side lot. Four yards of mulch was then spread over the planting beds. The side porch was cleaned and organized, sunken paving bricks were repaired and all trash and old bikes were removed.

Inside work was concentrated on the first floor. The living room and library carpets were cleaned. The mail room and coat room were cleaned and re-organized removing all old accumulation of lost coats, unclaimed mail and other miscellaneous clutter. A few other small repairs were completed, including the re-installation of some doorway trim that had fallen off.

Cleanup efforts continued into the week as the actives fully tidied up the first floor in preparation for Parent’s Weekend and Blue-White Weekend.

Thank you to all who participated on Saturday, with a special thank you to Brothers John McElwee ’47, Rich Maltz ’90, James Stuhltrager ’89 and Jeff Damcott ’91 for their donations. 

Capital Renovations Update - Work Ongoing at Chapter House With Plenty More to Be Done 

By Jeff Damcott '91

The renovations at the chapter house are ongoing as the Board continues to work toward improving the living conditions for the actives.

We anticipate the completion of some of the smaller projects in the architectural review this summer. The first item is the refinishing of the bar floor. Timing logistics prevented us from completing this between semesters, but we will now be able to use the summer house closure to have a commercial floor installed.

The bathroom off of the laundry room in the basement will receive an aesthetic facelift. Estimates are being gathered to repair and repaint the cornice, moldings and trim on the exterior of the house. The exterior painting project could be finished this summer, but there is still much work to be done and your donations will only help.

The following long-term tasks still need to be completed:

  • Replace stair landing French door
  • Replace and upgrade electrical systems in the basement, first and second floors
  • Renovate all second floor bedrooms
  • Repair/replace roof structure over kitchen door
  • Renovate first floor 
  • Convert bedroom off the pool room to meet ADA requirements
  • Repair and refinish all floors and staircases
  • Achieve full ADA compliance

Also this summer, the board will take inventory of the house. Using the results, we will plan to replace some of the equipment inside the house as some of it is aging.

Omega Chapter has invested close to $100,000 in just the past three years. We are continuing to work on a plan to make these needed repairs in a cost-efficient manner. The scope of a few of the items and the code requirements make this a challenge. Your continued support is greatly appreciated and crucial to our longevity at Penn State. 

Greek Week - Omega Chapter Rises to the Top 

The quad of Theta Chi, Sigma Kappa, Alpha Tau Omega and Delta Lambda Phi came in first place in the 2015 Greek Week competition. They received a $500 donation to GI Theta Chi program for their efforts.

Brother Sean Curry competed in the Greek Pageant as one of the five selected Fraternity representatives.

The chapter came in second place in the Greek Week Volleyball tournament and also participated in the kickball tournament.

Congrats to the brothers on their hard work!

Alumni News

Richard L. Hill ’59 - I am going on a cruise of the Hawaiian Islands in August.

Richard R. Jones ’60 - I am back working for the state of Connecticut in environmental protection-boating education. I arrange classes and instructors teaching boating safety. I am waiting for warm weather to captain launches for the Mystic Seaport Museum. I am an active Lions Club president, Power Squadron treasurer and my weekends are spent driving to duck decoy shows along the East Coast and meeting up with Brothers Larry Reader ’57 and John Coleman ’61. Other than that, I am just taking it easy.

Thomas W. Hankey ’65 - I got married in March to Linda Young. We reside at my house in Chester, Va. I am a 1965 graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and will be attending the 50th anniversary in June.

Click here to buy on Amazon

Click here to buy on Amazon

Gregory L. Schlegel ’73 - Still going strong!

I’m a principal with a computer software company doing complex modeling and the founder of The Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium providing services to mitigate and manage risk.

I also teach risk management in two MBA university programs at Lehigh and Villanova. I still do a lot of global travel. I’m actually still utilizing many of the methodologies acquired in QBA and Comp Sci. (now called Supply Chain) at State! I just published my first book: Supply Chain Risk Management: An Emerging Discipline and have been happily married for 35 years to Philly sweetheart, Mariann. 

Paul D. Faircloth ’81 - As I get older, the milestones keep flying by. My lovely wife Keri and I will celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary in April. I still marvel that she’s put up with me all this time! We are coming up with ideas for our next “just the two of us” excursion.

The clan is all doing well. Nick is 24 and in Staunton, Va., for the time being growing an organic garden for the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind. The work is the second part of a two-year fellowship with the Allegheny Mountain Institute.

Chris is in his junior year at the University of Delaware working on a mechanical engineering degree and is a section leader in the Blue Hen Marching Band. I sheepishly admit that I haven’t seen the Blue Band for a number of years but my brother-in-law has seen both and gives great props to the Blue Hens. Their show this fall was the music from “Tommy”. 

Hannah is a high school junior beginning to look seriously at colleges. She’s heavily involved with the theater program at Cape Henlopen High School. She’s also been very involved with the Conference Council on Youth Ministries, planning and participating in a three-day program for UM Youth that attracts 4,000 students each year.

Michael Crawford ’07 - I’m employed at Clansburg Medical Associates. 

David G. Hartwich ’09 - I got married to Jesse, my high school sweetheart in November. We live in Bridgeville, Pa. Jesse works for Dick’s Sporting Goods as a copywriter in the product development department. I am working as a research engineer at Harbison Walker International.

John T. Boston ’14 - I will be taking on a greater role as a sales representative for Dow AgroSciences and I am moving from South Dakota to Rochester, N.Y. to take over an open sales territory. 

What have you been up to lately? Update brothers on your status or spread some news by sending your updates to: alumninews@affinityconnection.com

2015 Spring Initiates

We are proud to announce the following young men have been initiated into the brotherhood of Theta Chi. Congratulations to:

  • Matt Birkbeck
  • Tim Gregory
  • Steve Hatten
  • Neel Parikh
  • Oduwa Pat-Osagie
  • Milton Rahman
  • Giovanni Rindone
  • Chris Silverwood 

Thank you to all those brothers that shared their news with us. Please send us your photos and updates whenever you can.

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December 2014 Omegaphone

Below are excepts from the December 2014 Omegaphone, to read the entire issue, please download the pdf to the right
Click to Download the December 2014 Omegaphone

Click to Download the December 2014 Omegaphone

Chapter Report - Actives Place 3rd in Homecoming Competition 

As if there was a giant beacon in the sky over Happy Valley and State College, Pa., Penn State alumni (and Theta Chi alumni) returned home in late September to enjoy another exciting weekend of homecoming entertainment. Although the game might have been an extreme disappointment to Penn State fans, Theta Chi still managed to make the weekend interesting! 

As usual, homecoming comes with several events and competitions. And, not to be outdone by other fraternities, Theta Chi participated and represented well.

In the Homecoming For The Glory Talent Show, the undergraduates placed second! They teamed up with The Penn State Dance Alliance to put on a stunning show. Theta Chi was off to a great start for the Homecoming competition.

On Friday, September 26, the floats and parade proceeded down the streets of State College and the Penn State campus. The floats, in compliance with the rulebook, were impressive coming down the main streets of the downtown area. Theta Chi once again teamed up with the Penn State Dance Alliance to make an awesome float (Aladdin was the theme). And someone must have been impressed, because the Theta Chi/Penn State Dance Alliance team received third place in the float competition!

Overall, Theta Chi placed third in the homecoming competition! Nice job! 

2014 Homecoming For the Glory Talent Show competition

2014 Homecoming For the Glory Talent Show competition

Before the 2014 Homecoming Parade

2014 Homecoming Parade

House Renovations: Accomplishments and Future Directions 

As we approach 2015, it is appropriate to take a look at where we stand in the long term renovation plans for the chapter house. As you have seen in previous editions of the Omegaphone, several projects have been completed over the last little more than decade by both National and Theta Chi of Penn State. During the period of time the National Chapter owned the house the third living floor was completely renovated and brought up to local code living standards, the heating boiler was replaced and numerous small upgrades were completed. Thank you to the National Chapter for their help.

After we re-acquired the house, the board began the long range planning and structural studies of the physical infrastructure. Thanks to the capital campaign and all of those who supported it, the board has completed several of the items that were in dire need of repair. Many of the following have been highlighted in previous Omegaphones and in updates on the website. 

  • All remaining windows and shutters replaced
  • Side porch renovation
  • French doors to the porch, parking lot and bar upgraded and replaced 

The bar floor tile was recently removed due to the presences of asbestos and we are in the process of approving a new commercial epoxy floor.

The kitchen and old milk room (connecting to dining room) floor have also begun to fail. All tiles in the milk room were removed and replaced with a new tile floor. Tiles were salvaged and used to patch areas of the kitchen floor. Our hope is to extend the life of the floor for a few more years.

There is still a long way to go to complete the renovations. The following list is a reminder of work yet to be completed: 

  • Replace stair landing French door
  • Replace and upgrade electrical systems in the basement, first and second floors
  • Renovate all second floor bedrooms
  • Clean and re-point brick and re-paint all exterior needs
  • Repair/replace roof structure over kitchen door
  • Renovate the first floor
  • Convert bedroom off the pool room to meet ADA compliance
  • Repair and refinish all floors and staircases
  • Achieve full ADA compliance 

Theta Chi of Penn State, thanks to the brotherhood’s support, has invested close to $100,000 in just the past three years. We as
a board are continuing to work on a plan to make these needed repairs in a cost efficient manner. The scope of a few of the items and the code requirements make this a challenge. Your continued support is greatly appreciated and critical to our longevity at Penn State. 

Alumni Survey - What Do Theta Chi Penn State Men Really Want? Well, You Told Us! 

We sent a survey recently to alumni via email that asked for feedback about events and the alumni relations program. Here is what you said you wanted... 

I would attend Theta Chi Alumni events if they were planned...

  • In my area or a nearby metro city - 76%

  • On campus - 64%

  • At tailgate functions - 33%

  • At a hotel conference center - 21%

  • At a country club - 15%

When is the Best time to have an alumni event?

  • Spring time before the students head home for the summer - 63%

  • Football weekends - 53%

  • Fall weekends when there is no Penn State football going on - 41%

  • During Homecoming weekend - 22%

  • Summer when the students are gone - 22%

  • Over the holidays - 3%

I am most interested in attending alumni events or connecting with...

  • Omega brothers from my era or decade - 97%
  • Omega brothers living in my geographic area - 60%
  • Current Omega undergrads - 34%
  • Omega brothers who work in my field or professional area - 29%
  • Recent Omega graduates - 23%

What would be some ideal alumni reunions?

  • Casual Saturday night at the house with burgers in the backyard - 65%
  • Penn State football game viewing party at a local sports bar/restaurant - 61% 
  • Homecoming or Founders Day banquet - 45%
  • A night out in the nearest big city - 38%
  • Fishing or camping trip with beer and stories around a fire pit - 35%
  • Golf outing and a weekend of activies on or around campus - 32%
  • Networking night with alumni and current active members - 32%
  • Bus tour of the local wineries, breweries, and distilleries - 29%

What would you like to see more of in Omegaphone?

  • Profiles – alumni beyond usual - 55%
  • Photos from each decade - 52%
  • Listing of key dates at Penn State - 26% 
  • More content from the undergrads - 26% 
  • Updates on the Greek world - 19%
  • Penn State sports - 13%
  • Q&A Section - 13%

If you are interested in getting more involved in the alumni relations program at any capacity, planning an event either back at the house or regionally, helping with the Omegaphone, sharing an update for an upcoming edition of the Omegaphone, mentoring an undergrad, etc., please let us know! Email Tim Uhrich for more information on how you can help and get more involved! (Note: these percentages represent the number of respondents who selected each item; in most cases, respondents were able to select more than one).

If you didn’t get the survey in your inbox, it’s probably because we don’t have your email address. Please click here to update you contact info. Thanks!

To take the survey, go to www.surveymonkey.com/s/KXQCW7L

Alumni Updates

Walter A. White ’48 - My wife of 60 years, Elizabeth, and I moved into Freedom Village, a retirement community in Bradenton, Fla., last year. I am a 40-year runner and am still competing in local races. Yesterday, I won my age group in a local five-miler called Bill’s Beer Run. Nothing like a couple of cold ones after a race at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. I have qualified locally for the State Senior Games in December in Cape Coral. I hope to qualify there for the National Games in Minneapolis in July of 2015. I might also be going to the National ATF Games in Jacksonville also in July. Say hello to Bob Waltenbaugh ’49 and George Chapman ’44 for me.

Robert B Bossler Jr. ’49 - I had a nice thing happen to me. The American Helicopter Society Intl. awarded me their Honorary Fellowship, their highest award, in 2013. It acknowledged a significant life-saving program and a major reduction in transmis- sion weight that I am proud of. Nice to be recognized. I had enormous help from some very talented people.

Robert Wendel ’54James Krug ’54 and William Wendel ’53 passed away this year.

Walter O. Manning ’58 - Walter and his wife, the former Vera Bakale, celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary this month. Helping them celebrate were their two daughters, two sons-in-law and eight grand- children. They hope all is well with the class of ’58.

George E. Walker ’58 - Guinevere and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I retired as chief engineer and technical manager in the design and development of solid propellant rocket motors for space and submarine launch. We golf in the summer and ski in the winter. 

Hugh McClure ’72 - I am retiring in June 2015. Plan to spend the summer in Scotland and Ireland with my wife Patty and my three sons. We are going to find our roots and have a wonderful time.

Larry Bell ’73 - Ran into Dave Bosshardt ’73 recently. It was great getting caught up.

Bryan Powell ’12 - I’m finishing my final semester of graduate music studies at the University of Miami (FL) this December. It is currently sunny with highs in the mid 80’s!

Share your update for our next edition by emailing it to our alumni relations firm at alumninews@affinityconnection.com. We’re looking for news (and photos!) of weddings, babies, career accomplish-ments, reunions, you name it! 

THON - Childhood for THON Kids Means Something Different ... Survival 

AJ Bobby and his family with Danny Lim, Ian Maxwell and John Boston

It’s a difficult thing to consider.

Your whole beginning, the whole first chapter of your life set in a womb of whir- ring noises, plugs, wires, beeping sounds, and the odd feeling everyone has in the building. Trade your baseball bat and baseball glove in for an IV and chemotherapy. Take your school days and put them in white hallways and bed cots of weak and frail children. Trade every good friend you ever had as a kid for a doctor or nurse.

Put yourself there. Close your eyes and imag- ine if you have to. If it makes you uncomfortable, then definitely put yourself there.

THON is not just a beautiful symphony of Greek organizations moving to the rhythm of the sunrise and sunset; it is, at the end of the day, a wonderful philanthropy giving to the Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. At the end of the day, your money goes to fighting cancer, a word that some children won’t even compre- hend unless they have it.

As Greek organizations get ready to take the dance floor in February, Theta Chi is going to war against pediatric cancer, and they need your support! Whatever amount you can donate to Theta Chi’s cause is one donation closer to beating pediatric cancer. To donate directly, please go to www.tinyurl.com/direct- donatethetachi. Every dollar raised is For the Kids, so every dollar counts! Donate today! 

Photo Flashback

Who doesn’t enjoy looking back at old photos and getting a little bit (or a lot!) embarrassed of our fashion and haircut choices! Preserve those memories and fashion faux pas by adding your photos to the chapter’s collection! The chapter is always looking for more photos to share with other alumni on the website and the Omegaphone! We promise we won’t
use it as blackmail!

2008 Theta Chi Golf Open

Brothers in the Spring of 2007

Send photos to our alumni relations firm at alumninews@affinityconnection.com please! Or,if you would rather mail them to us, we can mail them back to you once we’ve scanned them in and saved them. For more information about this option, email alumninews@affinityconnection.com.

We might use them in the next edition! 

Thank you to all those brothers that shared their news with us. Please send us your photos and updates whenever you can.

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August 2014 Omegaphone

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Alumni Report

It’s a great way to begin the 2014-15 academic year ... with news of our undergraduates’ success and recognition at this summer’s 158th Theta Chi Anniversary Convention and 36th School of Fraternity Practices held in Minneapolis, Minn.

The National Convention is Theta Chi’s “largest and most important gathering of undergraduates and alumni. Although the primary function of Convention is to conduct official Fraternity business, it is also a time for alumni and undergraduates to reunite, network and celebrate Theta Chi’s accomplishments with over 400 brothers.”

We are pleased to announce that during the National Convention, Omega Chapter received  a 2013-14 Chapter Achievement Award in recognition of significant achievement and performance in the following areas:

2013-14 Chapter Achievement Award

  • Scholarship
  • New Member & Member Education
  • Community Service & Philanthropy
  • Chapter Finances
  • The Ritual
  • Chapter Operations
  • Internal Cooperation
  • Campus Involvement

Congratulations to our undergraduate officers and all actives for your hard work last year. We look forward to another great year!

On the heels of our 33rd Annual Theta Chi Open in May (see pictures below and by clicking here), we are looking forward to having you all back at the house for Homecoming this fall. It is early this year, so be sure to get your lodging arranged. Kickoff is at noon, and we are all excited to help Coach Franklin usher in a new era of PSU football dominance within the Big 10. Join us at the house after the game for a barbeque and our annual meeting.

Homecoming 2014 - Saturday, September 27, 2014 

We are loyal students and alumni for life ...

Join us this Homecoming for a great day of football, friendship, food and fun. Here is what we have planned:

Noon: Kickoff against Northwestern at Beaver Stadium.
5:30 p.m.: Return to the house for a barbeque. All alumni are also welcome to sit in on our annual alumni board meeting.

There is no charge to participate, but we would like to know how many we can expect. Email your RSVP to David Hartwich ’09 at davidhartwich@gmail.com.

Ben Walker '14

Alumni Profile - Ben Cullen Walker ‘14 Joins National Tour of “Beauty and the Beast” 

It’s a story of exploration, of reaching beyond “this poor provincial town” to find excitement in the “great wide somewhere.” But it is also a story of coming to have an appreciation of home “where the heart is.” Yes, this is the story of “Beauty and the Beast,” but it is also the story of Brother Ben Cullen Walker ’14 who will tour with the national production of “Beauty and the Beast” this fall. We caught up with this Bordentown, N.J., musical theatre graduate this summer for a quick interview.

What was the determining factor in deciding to pledge Theta Chi?
I joined Theta Chi because the brothers explained to me that they actively avoided most “frat” stereotypes like hazing and trashing the house. I knew I didn’t want to get treated like crap just so down the road I could do the same to someone else. The brothers of Theta Chi showed me that there was much more to Greek life than that. I also knew that if I invited girls to a party, they would be safe; many of them told me that that’s exactly how they felt at our house. Since my academic life was pretty much consumed by musical theatre, it was also nice to have a place where I could just be a dude.

Did you serve as an officer at any time? If so, what and when?
I was social chair for spring and fall of 2013.

What is your favorite Theta Chi memory?
Staying at the house for my first Arts Fest following my freshman year and immediately being welcomed back as if I’d known these guys for years.

How did you get involved in theatre?
I performed in a youth opera workshop when I was eight and was hooked from there on out. Of all the interests and hob- bies that I pursued, theatre was the one that was always constant so I figured I might as well make it my career! I played the Foreman and Courfeyrac in “Les Miserables” at the Fulton Theatre earlier this summer. 

Where might brothers catch one of your performances?
I’ll be touring coast to coast (Canada too!) with “Beauty and the Beast” from September to May. I am a member of the ensemble and the Beast/Gaston understudy. Brothers can find the tour dates at www.beautyandthebeastontour.com/tickets-and-tour-schedule. Brothers can also check out my Facebook artist page at www.facebook.com/BenCullenWalker for updates. I’ll also be sure to post on there whenever I go on for the Beast or Gaston!

What’s next for you?
After we close, I’ll probably move to New York, sign with an agent and start auditioning like crazy! 

Eli Rymland-Kelly 

Eli Rymland-Kelly 

Chapter Welcomes New Advisor Eli Rymland-Kelly 

He will be arriving in Happy Valley this week, but while the Creamery, the Corner Room, a photo op at the Nittany Lion Shrine, the Skellar and Whiteout Weekends are all now on his bucket list, he is not new to the ways of Theta Chi. A 2013 business economics and politics graduate from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Eli Rymland-Kelly joined Theta Chi his freshman year and went on to hold the positions of recruitment chair, secretary and vice president at Theta Iota Chapter.

“While holding these positions,” he explains, “I attended Initiative Academy, Deranian Presidents Conference and National Convention, all of which are events that I correlate to my success and enjoyment during my undergraduate education. These, along with brotherhood road trips, are among the fondest of my memories as an undergraduate member. I look forward to meeting every undergraduate brother and helping your chapter with its daily endeavors and growth.”

Eli was born and raised in Northern California. He will begin his studies at Penn State Law this fall semester. We wish Eli the best of luck in this new chapter of his life.

Alumni Updates

George W. Chapman Jr. ‘49 - Marion and I celebrated our 65th wedding anniversary on June 18, 2014. Marion was KKG at Penn State (‘49).

George E. Groninger ‘54 - At 81+ years, I am still able to be active with caring for my home and yard, working at my church, travelling annually overseas with friends and attending occasional sporting events at PSU, Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens games. In addition, I always enjoy visits with my four children and four grandchildren!

Thomas Eyerly '59

Thomas Eyerly '59

Thomas A. Eyerly Jr. ‘59 - Anne and I are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary this year by going to Ireland in late August for an eight‐ day tour topped off with the PSU/UCF game in Dublin on August 30. Since we live in Orlando and have since 1968, it is a bit tougher choice of which team to support, but I’ll stay with the Lions all the way. We have two sons in Atlanta, and daughter Susan Caray lives 10 miles from us in Maitland, Fla., with her four children. So, we enjoy a lot of grandparenting, especially when their dad, Chip Caray, is away for six months in the summer as the TV voice of the Atlanta Braves. Anne and I have been enjoying retirement and good health for the past 15 years. 

Michael Dalesio '73 (with Red Jacket)

Theta Chi Open Crowns Michael Dalesio ‘73 New Champ 

On May 2, 2014, more than 20 Omega alumni brothers joined together at the Shore Gate Golf Club in Ocean View, N.J., for the 33rd Annual Theta Chi Open. Following the day of golf, brothers met for a post-game dinner and awards banquet at their traditional Avalon/Stone Harbor house.

Be sure to mark your calendars for next year’s open scheduled for Friday, May 1, 2015. Details to follow later this year.

2014 Theta Chi Golf Open, May 2, 2014

Thank you to all those brothers that shared their news.

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March 2014 Omegaphone

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Click Above to Download March 2014 Omegaphone

THON Update - Theta Chi brings in $20,282 for the Kids

It is a scene like none other. For those of you who have been part of THONs past, you know.

Where else can you go to experience the energy of a truly altruistic group of college students — complete with water pistols, balloons, games, plungers, hula hoops, crazy socks, line dances, pep rallies, inspirational speeches from some of Penn State’s most notable personalities, incredibly choreographed performances and 46 hours of no sleep?

Ian Maxwell (L) and Niral Pokal 

And it is all ... FOR THE KIDS ... to continue Penn State’s 37-year tradition of saving children from the grip of pediatric cancer.

Thanks to our chapter’s yearlong canning and fundraising efforts, we contributed $20,282 toward Penn State’s $13,343.517.33 total that will be given to the Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.

On Saturday afternoon, Jay Paterno — former assistant football coach and son of Joe Paterno — paid a visit to the THON dancers. He summarized the impact of pediatric cancer in a very powerful way. “A couple of weeks ago, I was in Hershey and toured the children’s hospital. The woman who runs the Four Diamonds Fund was asked what the survival rate was. She said, ‘We save four out of every five children here.’ I couldn’t bear to be without one of my five kids. Think about that. That is why you are here ... because we are going to make it five out of every five ... Every year you do this, we are knocking at the door a little more and a little more. In the very near future, the hearts of our Greek community at Penn State. It is the power of hope ... hope for one more day, week, month or year ... that our chapter is helping to give to families across the state. We are fortunate to be part of such a life- giving effort at Penn State that does, in fact, redefine the possibilities.

Evan Venice (L) and Jason Jonas 

Also speaking to the dancers was Penn State’s newly appointed football coach, James Franklin. “Everybody thinks that what makes us special is the football stadium or the basketball arena. That has nothing to do with what makes us special. What makes us special is the people ... the people that understand we are part of something greater than just ourselves. We can make a difference in people’s lives.”

So, thank you to our dancers, brothers who stood by the dancers, captains, parents who attended, alumni who stopped by and the entire THON organization for its incredible support. This is why ... WE ARE PENN STATE.

New Windows & Side Porch Highlight Our Latest Renovations 

The capital campaign has been in full swing for the better part of three years with the mission to renovate the chapter house and allow the Omega Chapter of Theta Chi to remain a viable and leading force in the Penn State Greek community.

In those three years, we have raised $202,814 in pledges and
have already collected over half of that amount. I would like to again acknowledge and thank all those brothers who have made pledges and donated to the capital campaign. Their names can be found on the fol- lowing page. Through your support, we have already been able to com- plete two large projects.

Window & Shutter Project

This renovation took place in late Spring 2012. The 30 original single pane windows — remaining from when the house was built in 1930 — were replaced with modern, energy-efficient double-pane windows. 

The window frames were capped with aluminum sheathing. All the shutters on the front of the house, most of which were broken and cracked, were replaced.

Side Porch Project

This past fall, the side porch, which was in such bad shape that the bor- ough threatened to condemn it, was repaired and given a major facelift. The concrete slab that was crumbling was repoured and sealed, the broken glass block in the barroom was replaced, the brick was repointed, the roof and railings were replaced and the French doors were replaced with ADA-compliant doors. Many thanks go to Dave Schrader ’91 for drawing up the plans and to Jeff Damcott ’93 and Rich Bartnik ’08 for working closely with the contractor on the job.

Look for more updates about how the campaign is benefiting our home at 523 South Allen Street. We hope you can find time to visit the house and see for yourself the progress that has been made. It’s also not too late to make a pledge to the campaign. More info can be found here

Campaign Project List

  • Replace windows on first floor and second floor (completed in 2012)
  • Replace exterior shutters (completed in 2012)
  • Renovate the side porch (completed in 2013)
  • Update the electrical system in the basement, first floor and second floor
  • Renovate the second-floor bedrooms
  • Paint, repoint and clean the exterior of the house
  • Repair/replace the entry roof from parking lot to kitchen
  • Renovate the first floor walls and floors
  • Replace the water damaged concrete floor in the kitchen
  • Renovate the basement bathroom (beginning during 7th Annual Alumni Work Weekend)
  • Rebuild the bathroom on the first floor
  • Renovate the stairs from first floor to second and third floors • Install radiator thermostats
  • ADA compliance (ADA work being done with each project) 

Omega Pledges 15 New Members During Spring Rush 

Following a productive spring rush season and Zone Day, we are please to accept 15 new pledges into the Omega Chapter. We take this opportunity to introduce you to these newest members. 

(L-R) John Lin, Rory McGowan, Sean Curry, CJ Winand,Chapter President Mark Moseley, Nick Vassilakos, Joey Saylor, Ben Yaroslavsky, Patrick Hilling, Thomas Strnad, Mike Sibilia, Johnny Kwon, Derek Miller and Ryan Camp- bell. Not pictured: Mike Tabsoba and Connor Dekranis 

Alumni Updates

Eugene A. Whitehouse ’53 - Enjoying a quiet retirement and generally slowing down with age.

Evan Rosenberg ’80 - I am just older, fatter and balder. Still working at Chubb. Two of my kids graduated from PSU, and one is a junior. My son was a PiKA, and my youngest has been on the THON committee for three years. I am still a season ticketholder and try to attend the annual golf outing. And I try to keep in touch with a few brothers. 

Thank you to all those brothers that shared their news.

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November 2013 Omegaphone

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Click Above to Download November 2013 Omegaphone

October Gala Celebrates a Decade of Omega Accomplishments

On October 19, for the first time since March 26, 1994 (the 75th Anniversary), Omega chapter and its friends gathered at the historic Nittany Lion Inn to celebrate Omega chapter and all it has accomplished over the last 10 years. 120 brothers and guests enjoyed a black tie dinner with Keynote speaker, Penn State Board of Trustee, Anthony Lubrano followed by dinner and dancing.

The evening was hosted by Gala Chairman Edward Brown ’87 (who also served as the master of ceremonies), George Chapman Jr. ’49, and Dick Jones ’60. The group enjoyed stories (and impressions) of Joe Paterno and other current events from Anthony Lubrano and speeches from Dr. Roy Baker, director of fraternity and sorority life at Penn State, and National’s David May, former president of the Theta Chi Foundation Chapter.

L to R: Edward M. Brown, Hugh Cadzow, Richard Maltz, Leo Sugg and Rodney D. Miller 

Along with the celebration of Theta Chi, was the recognition and celebration of some of our members. Undergraduate brother Kevin Trippel was honored with the Citation of Honor for all the hard work and dedication to the fraternity, Mrs. Jean Bartnik (wife and mother of two Omega Brothers) received the Theta Chi Carnation Award for all her care and dedication to the chapter and current undergraduate president Ian Maxwell was presented with the 1st Annual Richard Maltz Century Award for his service, leadership and grade point average. George Chapman Jr. ’49, Richard “Dick” Jones ’60 and Robert Zedelis ’62 were awarded the Golden Guard for membership of 50+ years in the fraternity. The Silver Legion (25+ years as a brother) was also bestowed on Chris Bartnik ’91, Ed Brown ’87, Hugh Cadzow ’83, Jeff Damcott ’91, Alan Lauder ’90, Richard Maltz ’90, Rodney Miller ’89, Dave Noll ’86, Kurt Rohrbach ’79, Michael Stein ’91, James Smith ’89, James Stuhltrager ’89, Leo Sugg ’88, Dan Tsurtsuris ’82, Alan Vladimir ’85 and John Weiss ’70.

If you weren’t able to attend, or even if you want to relive it again, there are videos of all the speakers and awards online (www.thetachiomega.com/gala), as well as photos from the evening.

Mark your calendars (well figuratively speaking) as our 100th Anniversary is February 2019 and I hope we all will be gathering at the Nittany Lion Inn to celebrate. 

Porch Renovation nears Completion 

As you are receiving this edition of the Omegaphone, the porch renovation project is nearing completion. The following work was accomplished in this project:

  • Installation of steel lintels over glass block windows

  • Replacement of all glass block

  • Repair of loose bricks and mortar on stair retaining wall

  • Replacement of all railings to code standards

  • Addition of integrated gutters into fascia of roofline

  • Addition of downspouts to roof

  • New industrial roof membrane

  • Replace stairs to porch from patio

  • Repair of concrete edge deterioration

  • Epoxy coating of porch slab

  • Repair of lights and installation of new spotlight 

  • Replace doors from dining room to parking lot 

  • Replace bar doors and much more

This project was the second step in the master plan for the repairs and upgrade to the chapter house. As you are all aware, the windows were replaced in the summer of 2012 and, with the installation of the doors in this phase, the house is now more energy efficient and secure.

We would again like to thank David Schrader ’91 for his architectural expertise and planning and Mark Franz ’91 for his engineering review. We would be remiss in not thanking our contractor, Chris Kunes, and his crew for their quality work. The construction has gone extremely smoothly due to their communication and flexibility.

A photo log of the work has been posted on the Theta Chi of Penn State website at www.thetachiomega.com/sideporch

Inaugural Maltz Century Award Honors service, leadership, Academics 

Richard Maltz (L) and Ian Maxwell, our first recipient of the Richard Maltz Century Award 

At the beginning of this century, the Omega Chapter of Theta Chi at Penn State University was non-functional. What had been a vibrant and thriving chapter for over 85 years, had no active brothers, a boarded up house at 523 S. Allen Street, no money, unfunded-required modifications to the house and a board of directors without the capacity to fight for survival.

Leadership at Theta Chi National Headquarters knew the Chapter’s history and was prepared to fight for Omega’s survival, but someone from Omega’s alumni needed to step up, take the lead, and reform the chapter.

A little more than seven years ago, Rich Maltz ’90 became that someone. He encouraged alumni brothers to join him on a new board of directors, worked with senior Penn State officials as well as the leaders of the National Theta Chi organization, and in effect, gave new birth to Omega.

Since then, the Chapter has thrived. Not only has the financial health of the Corporation been restored, this capital campaign been successful, but equally important, the active chapter has grown and thrived to once again become a successful, essential part of the Penn State University Greek system.

On October 19 at the alumni corporation meeting, Rich Maltz stepped down from his position as president of the alumni corporation. While heartfelt thanks reflect the appreciation for all that he has done, some form of memorialization is well deserved. The option chosen will annually remind everyone what Rich’s efforts have meant to this chapter.

So, the alumni corporation board approved the creation of the Richard Maltz Century Award. This award will be given to the active brother who meets stringent requirements as developed by our current active brothers. The selection will take into account service, leadership, grade point average, among other criteria.

The Maltz award winner will be nominated by his active chapter brothers, selected by the alumni board, and presented annually at the homecoming corporation meeting.

To highlight the importance of this award in the Omega Chapter hierarchy, the recipient’s name will be inscribed on a permanent plaque, and will receive an award in the amount of $1,000. The Richard Maltz Century Award is the single monetary award given to an active member.

The inaugural winner of the Richard Maltz Century Award, announced at the October 19 Gala, was undergraduate Ian Maxwell. 

New Scholarship Memorializes Robert Scavello ’88 

We are thrilled to announce the Rob Scavello ’88 Memorial Scholarship. Rob was passionate about education and loved Theta Chi. In memory of Rob, whom we lost to cancer in 2007, we are starting a scholarship to benefit the brothers of Omega chapter. Details on the official launch and kickoff fundraising events will be coming  soon. In the meantime, you can e-mail scavellofoundation@gmail.com or visit www.scavellofoundation.org for more information about how you can lend a helping hand towards supporting our brothers and honoring Rob.

- Alan Lauder ’90, Dave Yohannan ’88, and Kate Scavello 

Meet the 2013 – 2015 Alumni Corporation Board of Directors

Dave Hartwich ’09, ’11 – President, Dave currently works as a research and development engineer for ANH Refractories in Pittsburgh, PA. He has served as treasurer of the under- graduate chapter for two years and had acted as a graduate student advisor. Dave has served on the alumni board as secretary the past two years. 

Chris Burke ’93 – Treasurer, Chris worked for Bear Stearns, Morgan Stanley, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is a licensed CPA. Chris is currently the CEO of the Maxus Group, and has been a Theta Chi Board Member and Treasurer since 2008 and was responsible for securing the new loan on the chapter house. 

Jeremy Railing ’11 – Assistant Treasurer, Jeremy is currently working as a supply planning analyst for The Hershey Company and continuing his education toward an MBA from Penn State Harrisburg. Jeremy has acted as the undergraduate treasurer, vice presi- dent, and president. This is Jeremy’s first term on the alumni board.

Timothy Uhrich ’09 – Secretary, After working as a Leadership and Education Consultant for Theta Chi Fraternity IHQ, Tim completed a Masters of Education in College Student Affairs at Rutgers University in 2012. He is currently employed as a resi- dence hall director at Iona College. As an undergraduate, Tim served as a recruitment chair, social chair, marshal, and campus involvement chair and lived in the chapter house for three memorable years. This is also Tim’s first term on the alumni board.

Jeff Damcott ’91, ’94 – Board Member, Jeff has been in the golf course construction and management industry for over 20 years, most recently the superintendent of a public golf course in Yardley, PA. He has actively supported of the fraternity since his gradua- tion. Jeff currently serves on the capital cam- paign committee and is the alumni on-site project liaison for the side porch renovation project. 

One Alum Discovers the Sweet Song of Success 

New grad Liam Fennecken ’13 is no stranger to the limelight. This brother was a standout performer in PSU’s a cappella group, The Statesmen. Now, he’s picked up a new gig in the touring company of the Broadway musical American Idiot. Despite the busy schedule, Liam still had time to check in:

Liam Fennecken (singing lead vocals) and Zach Kramer on the Today Show with the PSU Statesmen - May 15, 2013

This has been an incredible experience in my life. Auditioning for this show was a journey in itself. I started by going to an open call in March of 2012 and after multiple callbacks, I finally made it to final callbacks for the show. I ended up not getting it that round but they said they would love to see me again in the future. So I kept emailing once a month to ask when they would be recasting. Finally, I got a response in June of this year and was asked to come in for final callbacks of the next leg of the tour and ended up being casted! 

The best opportunity I have is working with the creative team for this show. The director, choreographer, and all the designers are Broadway veterans. These are amazing connections that I now have for the development of my career. My life is completely different than anything before. Every day during tech week, we’d wake up and have 12-hour rehearsals. When performances start we will be traveling most days and then performing almost every single night. So it’s exhausting but it is incredibly exciting and rewarding.

I’ll be touring all over the U.S. so I’d love to see some brothers. You can find all the dates at americanidiotthemusical.com. 

Letter From the President

I’m honored to be elected onto the alumni board of directors and selected as the President of the alumni corporation of this great chapter of Theta Chi. I am also humbled to be following in the footsteps of the past president, Richard Maltz ’90, who has done so much for the Omega chapter over the last years. It wasn’t that long ago when I was the undergraduate treasurer and Jason Chottiner ’09 was the undergraduate president. We worked with Rich and National to save the chapter house. Rich led the board, and rallied the alumni, and today we are in the midst of a successful capital campaign that is helping us to remodel the house. 

I plan to continue Rich’s work, building a stronger and ever more present alumni base. Along with continuing the capital campaign, I look forward to working with the undergraduates providing resources to them so they can continue the legacy of Omega Chapter  at Penn State. I also hope to foster more interaction between the alumni and undergraduates on a professional level.

Please feel to contact me or any member of the board if you have questions about the active chapter, recent renova- tions, or if you are trying to reconnect with brothers from your era. Thank you for your support and I look forward to serving you and the undergraduate chap- ter in the years to come.


Dave Hartwich ’09, ’11 

Capital Campaign Update

Theta Chi is a special place that holds many great memories for us all. We have been work- ing on the capital campaign for a number of years now and we are making slow but steady progress. It was wonderful to reconnect with many of you at the gala and tell the old sto- ries, look through the archives and albums and just spend some time together. That’s what Omega is really about and that’s the goal of the Theta Chi for Life campaign... to ensure that brotherhood lives on.

In this issue of the Omegaphone, you’ve read about the renovation of the porch, last year we did the windows and there are still many projects on the “waiting list”:

  • Replace doors on the first and second floor

  • Update the electrical system in the basement, first floor and second floor

  • Renovate the second floor bedrooms

  • Repair/replace the entry roof from the parking lot to the kitchen

  • Paint, repoint and clean the exterior of the house

  • Renovate the first floor walls and floors

  • Replace the water damaged concrete floor in the kitchen

  • Renovate the basement bathroom

  • Rebuild the bathroom on the first floor

  • Renovate the stairs from first floor to 2nd and 3rd floors

  • Investigate and repair water leaks from the 1st floor

  • Install radiator thermostats • Bring to ADA compliance 

Please make your pledge at the highest level you are able; we need you to dig deep. With your help, we can make all the needed renovations to the house as well as keep our chapter and the brotherhood strong. If you can’t give at one of the levels below – give what you can – more or less, every penny helps us get closer to the goal.

We’re passing the hat brothers, and we need you to make your pledge today!

You can complete your pledge form online at www.thetachiomega.com/pledge, by phone at 1-800-975-6699, or by requesting a pledge form from any member of our campaign committee.

We need your support, please consider making your pledge part of your year-end giving.


The Theta Chi for Life Campaign Committee 

Thank you to all those brothers that shared their news with us. Please send us your photos and updates whenever you can.

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September 2013 Omegaphone

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Are You Signed Up for the Party of the Century? 

The culmination of a Century in the Making is almost here! Join us for our gala celebration the weekend of October 19th. This is not your standard Theta Chi & Penn State party. Consider the following itinerary, which is outstanding, and keep in mind that many generations of Omega Chapter brothers will be in town for the weekend, creating an incredibly valuable and unique opportunity to reconnect, relax, and enjoy.

This is an exciting time for the fraternity and a great and unique opportunity to catch up, have a fun trip with the family, and celebrate what we all know is an outstanding Fraternity and University.

Find full details of the weekend’s activities at www.thetachiomega.com/gala. A few of the highlights include: 

Friday, October 18

The Theta Chi letters adorning the house are an iconic symbol of our home at Penn State. The 2013 spring pledge class added new letters to the front of the house in April. The last time the letters were changed was back in 2007. 

  • Check in at the Nittany Lion Inn. The Theta Chi of Penn State reception desk will be open Friday and Saturday in the Rotunda to assist with any arrangements and to provide infor- mation regarding the weekend.

  • Optional mid-afternoon golf outing at Toftrees Golf Resort, hosted by Jeff Damcott.

  • Evening welcome reception at the chapter house, with drinks and light hors d’oeuvres (shuttle from Nittany Lion Inn provided).

    Saturday, October 19

  • Annual Corporation meeting at the Nittany Lion Inn, with a continental breakfast and plenty of opportunity to connect with the brotherhood.

  • Complimentary bus tour of campus hosted by the Nittany Lion Ambassadors, with a stop at the chapter house for a buffet lunch and drinks before returning to the Inn.

  • Saturday evening marks the big celebration, A Century in the Making with a grand reception outside the Inn’s boardroom, followed by a black tie gala with entertainment, great food, plenty of dancing, and time to connect and network. Penn State Trustee Anthony Lubrano will be the keynote speaker.

Sunday, October 20

  • Sunday Brunch at the Inn, providing time to reconnect, remember the fun of the previous two evenings, plan for future events and pre- pare for another day at University Park and State College.

Don’t miss out on being a part of a Century in the Making! Take advantage of the last chance to register by:

  1. Returning the RSVP form enclosed in the invitation you received in the mail
  2. Logging on to www.thetachiomega.com/gala-rsvp
  3. Calling 800-975-6699

We are looking forward to celebrating with you in October! 

Honoring a Tradition, Celebrating a Century 

Howard Alter ‘41 (L) and William Renton ‘46 at the 75th Anniversary Celebration. 

Leo Sugg ’88, chairman for the Century in the Making celebration, drew inspiration from fellow Theta Chi Bill Renton ’46, who served as honorary chairman at Omega Chapter’s 75th anniversary celebration in 1994. 

He writes: “In the spring of 1994, I had the privilege of working with many others to help create Omega Chapter’s 75th Anniversary Celebration Weekend. Bill Renton was our honorary chairman for the event, and he spoke eloquently about how special Omega was, is and always will be, and fondly of the many Theta Chi memories and lifelong relationships that were formed. We enjoyed an amazing level of support in 1994, experienced a unique opportunity to reconnect that weekend, and had an absolutely great time - Omega Chapter black tie style. I am extremely excited to help continue this tradition, celebrating Theta Chi at Penn State’s Century in the Making. I am also thrilled to see Omega reconvene our corporation meeting for the second time in our history at the historic Nittany Lion Inn on Saturday morning, followed by many activities throughout the weekend, and of course, a Black Tie Gala at the Nittany Lion Inn on Saturday evening.”

Join us as we continue honoring this tradition the weekend of October 18-20. 

L to R: Robert Kramer ‘88, Owen Fishman ‘85, Joey Kopetsky ‘86, Leo Sugg ‘88, Phil Katchur ‘88 and Mark Holst ‘88 at the 75th Anniversary Celebration. 

PSU Trustee, Spikes’ ballpark namesake to Serve as Gala’s Keynote Speaker 

Anthony Lubrano 

Anthony Lubrano 

We are honored to have Anthony Lubrano serve as keynote speaker during our gala event. A PSU Trustee, Mr. Lubrano is simply an amazing supporter of the University and is very happy to be part of the Theta Chi reunion. He is a lifetime member of the Alumni Association and a member of the Nittany Lion Club, and has served on the Athletic Committee at Penn State during A Grand Destiny Campaign, a fundraising effort that resulted in over $1.3 billion in gifts. A former baseball player at his alma mater, his lead gift to Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics led to the construction of Medlar Field at Lubrano Park, the 5,400 seat baseball stadium that opened June 2006 and serves as home to the State College Spikes. Mr. Lubrano is also a member of the Laurel Circle of the Mount Nittany Society as well as the Presidents Club. 

Your Participation Needed to Meet Our Goal and Complete Items on Project List 

As we celebrate a Century in the Making, there’s no better time to pledge your commitment to the Omega Chapter capital campaign in our effort to raise $500,000 to renovate the chapter house at 523 S. Allen St., and to fund an endowment that will enable Omega Chapter of Theta Chi to remain a viable and leading force at Penn State. 

You should have received a thorough update on our campaign status in the mail this summer (if you did not, you can view it online at www.thetachiomega.com/update).

Your participation is critical to completing the projects on this list so that we can preserve Theta Chi Omega for another century. To pledge your commitment, go to www.thetachiomega.com/ capital-campaign-donations/. 

Alumni Updates

Stephen Rozyckie ’92 - Just after Joe Paterno’s passing I became involved in starting a charity called Success With Honor. A good friend/co-worker had the idea during JoePa’s memorial service after hearing all the good things that Penn Staters were doing to help others. He was pretty much fueled by all the negativity that we’d been hearing for months. About 18 months later we’ve vetted over 50 PSU charities, connected with the Lettermen’s Club, and have about 20 or so volunteering their time with us. I would love for some fel- low Theta Chis to get involved. Learn more at www.successwithhonor.org. 

Steve Brummel ’03 - I got married on June 22, 2013 to my beautiful wife Lauren. We had a perfect wedding day with weather in the mid 80’s and an overcast sky. William Hertrick ’04 was able to attend. That was a huge surprise for me. It was great to see him again. 

Jacob Kerr ’10 - In February I moved to York for a new job as an R&D Engineer for Magnesita Refractories, one of the largest refractory companies in the world. As part of my initial training, I was sent to Orleans, France for a week to participate in what is called “FIRE School”, or simply a refractories education course. While I was there, I spent time with David Hartwich ’09, who also works in the world of refractories and was attending the course through his employer.

In other fraternity-related news, over the past several months I was reunited with sev- eral brothers at events including the weddings of Kent Rentschler ’10 in October, Jared Case ’10 in June and Jason Chottiner ’09 in September.

Tyler Doppelheuer ’12 - Regrettably, I have left my job with Penn State and moved away from Happy Valley! I have moved to Manayunk to work with Cornell Homes as a Project Manager and Sales Associate.

Edward Wallace ’12 - After graduation I moved to the DC Metro area where I work for an engineering firm specializing in commercial nuclear power. I have been traveling to different nuclear sites across the US performing all kinds of various work. Recently I have been heavily involved in performing modifications to US nuclear plants to help mitigate Fukushima Daiichi-like events. Sadly, my job has started to become my life. I was able to make it back to the house for fall initiation and I got to meet up with brothers in Washington DC during a brotherhood trip for our new members. Hopefully as I get more free time I will be able to be more active to the chapter. 

Brothers visit AJ Bobby at Hershey 

Undergraduate brothers traveled to the Hershey Medical Center to visit their THON Brother AJ Bobby on May 14. In February, Theta Chis danced for 46 hours at THON for AJ and countless other families afflicted by pediatric cancer. The chapter raised $30,788.83 for THON 2013. 

Did You Catch the Omega brothers on the Today Show? 

Brothers Liam Fennecken (singing lead vocals) and Zach Kramer performed on the Today Show with the PSU Statesmen on May 15. If you missed it, you can find the video and others at www.thetachiomega.com/video/

Liam Fennecken (singing lead vocals) and Zach Kramer on the Today Show with the PSU Statesmen - May 15, 2013

Thank you to all those brothers that shared their news.

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UPDATE: An error in the Sept. 2013 Omegaphone that included some incorrect bio information and an archived photo for one of our Century in the Making gala honorary chairmen, Dick Jones ’60. In a case of mistaken identity, our editors uncovered an old photo and some biographical information from LaVie of who we thought was Dick. This information was actually for Richard W. Jones, another class of ’60 Omega brother who was killed in a plane crash circa 1962. We apologize to our honorary chairman, Richard (Dick) R. Jones, for this error, and for any confusion it may have caused our readers. We apologize to Br. Dick Jones for this error.


March 2013 Omegaphone

Below are excepts from the March 2013 Omegaphone, to read the entire issue, please download the pdf to the right
Click Above to Download March 2013 Omegaphone

Click Above to Download March 2013 Omegaphone

The Theta Chi for Life Campaign has Reached 25% of our Goal 

In 2012, we kicked off the DECADE CHALLENGE; asking each decade to raise at least $100,000. Since then, more than $125,000 has been pledged. We have already installed the new windows and we intend to renovate the porch this summer.

Here is where each decade stands to date: 

Pledges can be paid over three years (or five if it will increase your pledge) and can be paid annually, bi‐annually, or quarterly. You can also set up monthly payments through your bank.

Your multi‐year contribution can make a significant impact—if you can give $50.00 a month for the next 36 months, you can make a $1,800 pledge. If you can give $50 a month for the next 60 months, that would be a $3,000 pledge!

Please consider what you can give and make a pledge. We need every alumnus to get involved, at whatever level is possible, to make this campaign a success.

For those of you who have been involved with fundraising efforts for Penn State, your church, local YMCA, or any other organization, you know that 80% of the money is raised from 20% of the group.

We have never settled for the “status quo” at Omega Chapter and we aren’t starting now.

We want and need the participation of all alumni to reach our campaign goals. We want you to give what you can to help make this renovation a reality and, in the true spirit of Theta Chi, we want to do this TOGETHER.

So, we are bucking the trend and are hoping to raise 80% of our money from 80% of the group OR MORE!

In 2013, we will be sending monthly updates on the progress of the Decade Challenge and the pyramid, so please add your name to the honor roll and make your pledge today.

We need the help of every brother and we hope you will come to the aid of the house NOW! Future generations of Omega brothers will thank you for it! 

Alumni Work Weekend

When you think back to your time as a brother, one thing common theme, no matter what year you graduated is the house at 523 South Allen St. This ever‐present symbol of Theta Chi at Penn State is starting to show her age. Let’s face it—an 80‐year‐old house accumulates it’s fair share of dings and dents, especially one that has 40 college students living and playing in it.

Our past work weekends have been very successful and we’ve been able to keep up with needed improvements in the house. Building on that, we plan to restore the pool room (also known as the card room, depending on when you graduated). This is an opportunity to give back to Theta Chi, and the house, for all the

good times you had there as an undergraduate. Our work will also help keep the house in its best shape so brothers can have those same memories for years to come.

This year, the Alumni Work Weekend is scheduled for March 23. While this is a great time to improve the house and relive your college days with fellow alumni, it’s also an opportunity to work alongside and get to know active brothers.

We look forward to seeing you. 

Theta Chi’s Dance for a Cure in THON 2013 

Four Theta Chis joined the fight against pediatric cancer by dancing in this year’s THON. Zach Meharey, Ian Brodsky, Julien Hohman and David Stoltzfus remained standing and awake for 46 straight hours, all in the name of finding a cure for families like the Bobby’s, Theta Chi’s THON family.

This year, the chapter raised $30,788.83 despite having to cancel one canning trip. As a whole, THON 2013 raised over $12.3 million, shattering last year’s total ($10.6 million) and placing the total Four Diamonds Fund donation over $100 million. 

Alumni Q&A

Tom Morton ’53 shares His Memories of Being a theta Chi and Ex‐GI 

Why did you join Theta Chi over other fraternities?
You have to understand in those days there were ex‐GIs. They were different. I was one, too. I think it was the half of the brothers in Theta Chi who were vets who I saw as a stable group that I cared to join.

What is your most memorable moment about being an undergrad member of Theta Chi?
I cannot see one moment. I remember the whole experience as rewarding and enjoyable.

L to R: William Shomberg ’53, Tom Morton ’53, Richard Johnson and Richard Fronko ’54 visit- ing the Grand Canyon on their way to the National Convention in Los Angeles – 1952. 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever re- ceived, and from whom?
Best advice was from my dad when things got tough and I was considering moving from engi‐ neering to something less “challenging.” He said “Don’t.” I didn’t. And he was right.

What’s your greatest personal challenge to date and how did you overcome it?
My professional life has been full of small chal‐ lenges. I don’t see any of them as overwhelming to the point I need mention them here. The likely reasons is that my good wife of 59 1/2 years has supported and helped me over any bumps in the road. 

What role does leadership play in a man’s life?
I really never looked for leadership. When in a position of any authority, I simply used it to the best of my ability.

If you were walking onto the Penn State campus as a young freshman, what ad-vice would you give to the younger you?
Beware the “liberal thinkers.” They will destroy you and your country. Our universities (yes, Penn State) are full of them and young inexperienced students are vulnerable. Learn science or profession, but beware the hidden or obvious politics they will likely project.  

Alumni Updates

Bob Kennedy ’50 - Best wishes to all brothers, with special kudos to those graduating in the late ’40s to early ’50s after serving in any branch of the U.S. military during World War II.

Gary Riser ’64 -  I lost my wife Marcia nearly four years ago to breast cancer and got remarried on August 11, 2012. We had a pretty big shindig after the weddin’ ceremony...moonshine cherries, peach cobbler, a blue grass band, and a regular one. Sorry none of you could make it. You all come down and see us, you hear. I still have some moonshine cherries hidden away, I’ll be glad to share.

Ed Messmer ’70 - After working too long, I retired this year from Mohawk Industries where I was SVP, Sales Operations. While we’re presently living in Atlanta, Linda and I will soon move into the retirement home we built in St. James Plantation, NC. We’ll spend the cold months in North Carolina and the warm time of the year at our log cabin in Saugatuck, MI. We’ve enjoyed the last three years in Atlanta. One of the extra benefits was getting together with

Mike Velmer ’71 and playing golf on the weekends, despite his attempts to shave strokes. I have great memories from the days in the house with great guys, lots of laughs, football weekends, wales tails, limerick songs, etc.

A few times were strange...Kevin holding Phi Sig accountable at gun point, the infamous Omega Soul Brothers riot incident, and the night the Phily boys kicked our butts. Among the best memories: with only 14 actives left in the house, we recruited a pledge class of 25 great guys in 1969 (no other fra‐ ternity was even close), allowing us to keep the house going so that we could hand down what we valued to future generations! 

Jay Hoffman ’75 Reflects on His time in the Omega Basement 

I am principal/owner of JH Enterprises, a healthcare transition management company, celebrating nearly 10 years of service to the healthcare indus‐ try. I can’t believe it’s been more than 35 years since the Omega days! Best wishes to all my brothers!

What song best defines your college experience?
“Stormy Monday,” as performed by the Allman Brothers.

Why did you join Theta Chi over other fraternities?
Comradery and similar social values.

How did Omega help make you into the man you are today?
Did a lot of growing up during my 3+ years in the house—some of my fondest memories are still from the Omega days!

What is your most memorable moment about being an undergrad member
of Omega?

Hanging at the bar in the basement!

Tell us about a brother who was a mentor or went beyond the call of duty to help you.
Brother Bubba! R.I.P. 

Spring 2013 Rush leads to the Addition of Seven New Brothers 

Spring 2013 - Left to right: Jason Marshall, Brandon Nicklas, Max Salon, Tim, Brian Patchett, Andrew Sie, Matthew Liu

Penn State’s spring 2013 rush, which came to a close in late January, was another successful recruitment opportunity for Omega Chapter. We welcomed seven new pledges, including an international student from Indonesia.

Among our current members, we are proud to have two outstanding legacies: Ian Maxwell, our current president, and Nick Stadtlander. Ian and Nick’s fathers were both members of the Eta Pi Chapter at East Stroudsburg University. 


Kevin Trippel

Kevin Trippel

Kevin Trippel won the Living Ritual Award at the Penn State Greek Column Awards. The Living the Ritual Awards were created by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life to recognize members of fraternities and sororities who, by their actions and involvement in the community, represent the values embodied by their ritual on a daily basis. 

Thank you to all those brothers that shared their news.

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November 2012 Omegaphone

Below are excepts from the Novemeber 2012 Omegaphone, to read the entire issue, please download the pdf to the right
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Click to Download November 2012 Omegaphone

Theta Chi Epitomizes What it means to lend a Helping Hand 

On October 14, Theta Chi and Alpha Xi Delta held a philanthropy soccer tournament named K.I.C.K.S. to benefit Autism Speaks. We were able to witness first-hand the power that philanthropies can have in uniting Greek organizations behind a higher cause in our community. 

Our organizations have been hosting this joint philanthropic event for over two decades. Teams of eight compete in a series of short matches in “Pool Play,” with the top teams entering an eight-team playoff. From there, teams are eliminated until only two remain to face off for the title. 

The Greek community is no stranger to competition and it is often the thing that brings the community together for the greater good.

This year’s event was our most successful K.I.C.K.S. event to date, raising over $2,300 for Autism Speaks. We hope this inspires the Greek community to coordinate its efforts toward charitability and interconnectedness. With a little creativity, philanthropies can become something people look forward to instead of Mark Moseley was chosen as a finance captain and John Boston was chosen as a family relations captain. Additional THON committee members include Nick Lello, Sean McCrea, Peter Blasco, Chris Kanner, Zach Meharey, Ian Brodsky, and David Stoltzfus.

Last year, Theta Chi helped raise about $44,000 for THON, which benefits the Four Diamonds Fund. The brotherhood has already completed two successful canning weekends and hopes to exceed last year’s totals.

Once again, the brothers of Omega are proving to be a driving force in the community, particularly in the area of philanthropy. These contributions toward THON, coupled with the brotherhood’s successful K.I.C.K.S. initiative, truly epitomize what it means to lend a “Helping Hand.”

Capital Campaign

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start planning the summer renovation projects for the capital effort and booking contractors so that we can keep our project moving forward. It’s an exciting time for Omega Chapter and we want to take this opportunity to update you on what’s been raised, what’s been done so far, what’s left to be done and how you can help.

What’s been completed...

  • Replaced windows on first floor and second floor 

  • Replaced exterior shutters

What’s left to be done...

  • Replace doors in basement and 1st floor

  • Remove, replace, or repair the side porch

  • Update the electrical system in the basement, 1st floor and 2nd floor

  • Renovate the 2nd floor bedrooms

  • Repair/replace the entry roof from the parking lot to the kitchen 

  • Renovate the 1st floor walls and floors 

  • Install radiator thermostats 

  • Bring to ADA compliance And so much more...

It’s a great start, but we need the support of each alumnus, at whatever level they can give, to reach our goal and secure the future of Omega Chapter by making the house both safe and ideal for today’s students. Today’s Penn State students have many options, not only with other newly-renovated fraternity houses (of which there are many), but also with new apartment and dormitories. To remain competitive, we must make these renovations.

Make your pledge today and help us reach our $500,000 goal!

We aren’t asking anyone to do this alone. We have 877  living alumni and there is STRENGTH in numbers. If everyone gives what they can, we will reach our goal!

We need to LEVERAGE our numbers to ensure success in this effort. A gift of any size is welcome and accepted, but we have set up the pledge option so that you can make a stretch gift and pay it over the full five years of the project timeline.

Gifts at the $5,000+ level (from $10,000) are also 100% tax deductible!

We have received 19 gifts at other levels, and as you can see, every dollar makes a difference and gets us closer to our goal. Please take a moment to think about your time at Omega Chapter, and consider at which level you can support the campaign effort. Thank you in advance for your support! 

Aaron Speagle

Senior Spotlight - To Aaron Speagle ’12, the Fraternity experience is relevant and Worth Honoring After Graduation 

This graduating senior will receive his degree in nuclear engineering this spring and hopes to obtain an entry-level nuclear engineering position. During his time at Omega, Aaron held the position of marshall.

Why did you join Theta Chi over other fraternities?
I was given a last minute bid from one of my good friends, and decided that if Theta Chi was going to take a risk by extending a bid to someone they didn’t really know, I should at least give it a shot. From there I have never looked back. This chapter has been the single best thing that has happened to me in my time here at Penn State. The chapter has a sense of brotherhood that is unmatched, while maintaining excellence in community service and staying extremely involved on campus.

In what ways do you think the fraternity experience is still a relevant one?
I have learned a great deal about personal interactions, meeting dynamics, leadership positions, and how to handle difficult situations properly. These experiences will help me excel in many aspects outside of the actual work that I will be doing upon graduation. 

How do you think your time at Theta Chi has better prepared you for adulthood? 
I have learned a great deal about personal interactions, meeting dynamics, leadership positions, and how to handle difficult situations properly. These experiences will help me excel in many aspects outside of the actual work that I will be doing upon graduation. 

Why did you pick your particular field of study?
I actually didn’t pick it; nuclear engineering picked me. I started out as a mechanical engi- neering student, but missed the GPA cutoff by .02 when entrance to that major rolled around, so I was placed in nuclear engineer- ing. After a number of weeks of utter confusion about what I wanted to do, I decided to stick with the nuclear field. Now I’m very glad that I am a nuclear engineer- ing student because the field interests me much more than mechanical engineering, and because I believe that I can do the most good for the most people in my this field. 

Why would you encourage alumni to stay involved in the active chapter?
Alumni involvement helps to enhance the overall experience of the brotherhood. I always enjoy hearing stories from our alumni, and certainly appreciate the professional connections that they sometimes help us to make. To function more holistically, it is also important for the alumni to understand the day-to-day lives of the undergraduates. 

A Special Note from the Bobby Family (Omega's THON Family)

Dear Brothers of Theta Chi,

Zach Meharey, Nick Lello and Peter Blasco in Shrewsbury, PA
Canning with the Bobby's - Oct. 20, 2012 - AJ Bobby (C)

THON has a huge spot in my heart for many reasons! Two years ago, my family had never heard of THON, but on October 5, 2010 my 7-year old boy was diagnosed with leukemia. To this day, I am still in a state of shock and disbelief. But choosing treatment at Penn State Hershey Medical Center has to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made in our lives! The staff and doctors were more like family and they wanted to do everything in their power to make AJ comfortable and at ease.

I will never forget the day the hospital asked us if we were going to THON. We had never heard of it, but AJ was excited and wanted to see what it was like. When filling out the paperwork, they asked us if we wanted to be paired up with a group that would take us under their wing. We were paired with the most wonderful guys ever!!!

Theta Chi has been a huge part of our lives  ever since. AJ always wanted brothers and now he has tons of them...new, old, and always growing. Theta Chi will always be a part of our lives. If it weren’t for them, my son probably wouldn’t be as positive and happy as he is now. He loves every single one of you and everyone has given him a smile on his face and memories to last a lifetime. 

Whether it is an email, a phone call, coming to the chemo clinic to be by his side, or coming down for his birthday...it’s always a special treat for him. His favorite thing to do with his Theta Chi brothers is canning. He also loves doing things for others, especially since it is a cause that means a lot to him.

Penn State and the Four Diamonds Fund has been a blessing to us. Knowing that even when times get tough, they are behind us all the way! We cannot wait for the day the doc- tors tell us we are done with treatments and that AJ is cured. But even when that time comes, we will always consider ourselves true Theta Chi Penn Staters, and we will always have you all in our lives!

Thank you Theta Chi for being a part of our lives and making each and every day easier!

- Amanda, Andy, Alexis, Annabelle and AJ Bobby 

Memories - The Wild, Wonderful cars of Omega 

The fall of 1966 brought with it a “Bumper Crop” of cool cars to the Chapter House  parking lot. The cars arrived long before the snow began to swirl and the first delivery of pledge-killing coal. I have always been a “gear head” and have fond memories of the stable of rides that marked Omega as a special place. 

Fred Wuest was one of the best in his white Austin-Healy with triple SU carburetors, driving around with reckless abandon. Billy Huddles had a gorgeous navy blue 389 Pontiac GTO convertible with a white top/interior. Alan Campbell had a great looking canary yellow Triumph TR 3. You could touch the ground with your fingers as he slid around corners! 

Kim Leonard had a great light green/gray Morris Minor. Bill Gilmore drove an eye-catching 1962/63 Chevrolet Impala with a 348 in hot red/white. My Pontiac Tempest Le Mans Sprint Six OHC was no match for some the big V-8s in the parking lot. 

I have probably forgotten which some of the other milestone rides which we had to enjoy the great fall colors, mixers, football, and the return to Happy Valley that September. If you have memories you would like to share, I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, I found a way to make up for the anemic Pontiac. Thank you, Carroll Shelby. 

- Alfred T. Romanoski ‘67

Chapter Report 

Clockwise from top left: Nick Lello, Niral Pokal, David Stoltzfus and Peter Blasco at Homecoming 2012 

The fall season is in full swing, and the Chapter House is busier than ever. Omega has 42 brothers, 28 of whom live in the House. We’ve also added have seven new pledges.

From winning the President’s Cup to being named IFC’s Fraternity of the Year, Omega has been on a winning streak—something we hope to continue.

So far this year, Theta Chi placed 4th in the Homecoming competition with a very creative Jungle Book theme. Ultimately, we’d like to repeat our IFC Chapter of Excellence standing, as well as receive the Alter Award, a Theta Chi National award for comprehensive excellence within a chapter.

I believe that, given the quality of men who are in the chapter, we can achieve these goals. Almost every brother is a leader and is involved on campus. Our members include the executive director of Fresh Start Day of Service, and directors, captains, and committee members for MLK Day of Service, Homecoming and THON.

We also have a lot of technical majors and engineers in the House. It’s challenging to bal- ance academics with volunteerism, philanthro- py, and other on-campus activities. However, our members are staying focused and manag- ing the work-life balance admirably, given the steep goals we’ve set for ourselves.

If you’d like to meet the active members, consider coming to our Alumni Work Weekend this spring. Details are forthcoming, and we hope to see you there. 

Thank you to all those brothers that shared their news.

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