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President's Message

In my last message for the Omegaphone I reported on the failure of the heating system and the need for wiring on the upper floors. At the Spring meeting the Alumni Chapter voted to proceed with the necessary repairs if funding could be obtained. For-tunately, through the work of our financial advisor Ed Keller '53, treasurer Al Frey '33, "Official Alumni Architect" Dale Kaufman '33, and many others, and through the gener-osity of the National Board of Trustees, we have obtained a new mortgage of $18,000 at a very low interest rate of 7%. The needed repairs should be near completion by publica-tion date, with the house open for your inspection anytime you're in the area. 

Your alumni dues and contributions are needed to repay this additional debt, and to provide for the publication of the Omegaphone, and soon to be published, Alumni directory. 

I'm pleased to report that 42 men are scheduled to return to the house for Fall term--this being the first time in many years that a full house seems possible.

The turnout for Founder's Day, last spring, had to be one of the best ever. it was very encouraging for the Directors, and the Actives, to see so many interested Alumni returning to Theta Chi. Hopefully, we'll see more of you at Homecoming '76. 
See you October 16th. 


Toby Froehlich 

Chapter Financial Advisor's Report

Brother Ed. Keller, financial advisor to the Active Chapter, advises Omega will start the fall term with a full house, a new furnace, a new hot water heater, new electrical wiring, a lot of enthusiasm and a new loan from the National Board of Trustees. As we go to press, all the repairs are not complete so the total cost is not yet known. The probable final cost will be less than the $18,000 estimate. When all repairs are com-pleted, the house will be safer and more comfortable. There will be reliable heat and hot water and the worry of having to close the house in the dead of winter, if the furn-ace precipitously failed, is eliminated. Those of you who shoveled coal or bailed water from the leak are allowed to shed a tear for an old, faithful, worn-out friend. The Actives are expecting a good year, and the same kind of spirit which gave them a fall pledge class of sixteen men can make it happen. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: The alumni in general and the officers in particular appreciate the untiring efforts of Brother Ed in his capacity as financial advisor.

Highlights of the Spring Meeting

The Alumni Corporation and Board of Directors met jointly at the Chapter House on April 10, 1976. The meeting opened at 4:30 PM with President Toby Froehlich presiding. There were nine officers and directors, eight additional alumni and eighteen active members in attendance. 

The major items of business were the future of the furnace, hot water boiler, and wiring problems on the second and third floors. The boiler leakage started in the winter and the boiler was kept operating by the use of dope. Contractors advised since the system was over twenty years old it could not be repaired and could become totally inop-erative at anytime. The electrical wiring is not adequate for today's needs--due to the many electrical appliances in use. Brother Dale Kaufman, an architect, obtained bids for replacement of the furnace and boiler ranging from $11,300 to $14,700 with an addi-tional cost of as much as $2,000 to replace condensate return lines that are leaking. The leak in the return lines cannot be located, and may be under the dining room floor. Brother Kaufman advised the electrical service to the upper floors should be increased from 60 to 100 amps., with new wiring to each room at a cost of $5,400. The total amount of money required to replace all items would be $19,000 to $20,000. 

As the risk of closing down for a period of several months was too great it was ap-proved by those present to proceed with the work. To finance these projects it was decided to contact the Alumni for contributions and to obtain a loan from either a bank or the National Board of Trustees. A committee was formed to organize a fund raising campaign. 

Financial Advisor Keller reported the average chapter membership had been increasing gradually upward from 24 to 29 last year and now was 34 for the 1975-76 year. With rising costs, the break-even point is 36 live-in members.

Active Chapter President, Gerry Kistler, welcomed the alumni and gave particular recognition to three chapter 'Founders" from the Class of 1919. They are Ellwood Cassel, "Abe" Doan and Winfield "Pete" Smith. Brother Kistler also reported that in anticipa-tion of a large expense for furnace repairs in the summer, the Actives had organized a Phon-a-thon using free "WATS" line service available on campus to contact Alumni living in Pennsylvania for contributicns. As of this meeting 167 had been contacted, 50 had given or pledged $1,125 and another 41 indicated they would give at a later date. Brother Kistler stated the Actives have come to realize their responsibility for rushing and they hoped to open the house in the fall with 20 pledges. 

Authorization was given to publish a directory showing name, address and year gradu-ated. Pending publication, however the Active Chapter will try and locate the addresses of 116 lost souls through the Alumni Office of the University. 

Active Chapter President's Report

Fall Term did not start out as good as we thought it would. We originally had a pledge class of 17 which is now down to 11. Two of the pledges did not come back to school this fall but we hope to see them winter or spring. The other four dropped out for various reasons. The 11 we have will be excellent Theta Chi's. The boiler and hot water heater are in and working. The wiring is not completed because of a delay in receiving the plug molding for the rooms. We have started on the drop cielings in the hallways and hope for total completion of everything in time for Homecoming. We, the actives, have purchased a new television replacing the old one that quit last year. The dining room has twelve new chairs and a new ice machine which was donated by Brother Mortney's father. Our little sisters will be making new drapes for the first floor this term.

The Phone-a-thon last spring brought in approximately $1500, we thank you!! There are still some pledges out and we will be sending reminders to you in the near future.

I am inviting all of you up for Homecoming. We have entered Homecoming competition this year, the first time in a number of years. Phi Mu Sorority and our little sisters will be helping us to win, which we plan to do. In addition to the normal dinner we will have a group here Saturday night, If you stayed around last year, you may remember them. Flashback is their name and it implies the type of music they play. A guaranteed good time for all. See you October 16. 

Fraternally yours,

Gerald J. Kistler
Active Chapter President 

Alumni News  

Robert B. Bossier Jr. '49, Chief of Mechanical Systems Research for Kaman Aerospace Corp. in Bloomfield, Conn. lives in Bloomfield, Conn. 06002.

Mark M. Burroughs '63, a Major in the U.S. Air Force, is studying for a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. Mark is a registered professional engineer in the state of Colorado. After earning his graduate degree, he will return to the Air Force Academy to teach mathematics. L.H. (Hap) Clauser '25 is retired and lives in Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Robert T. Corley '36 is a partner in Grundal Farms and lives in Vermont.

Tom Eynon '58 is Sales Manager for the Stackpole Carbon Co., St. Marys, Pa.

Warren H. Gift '35 is President of W. H. Gift, Inc., Ivyland, Pa. 18974. Warren lives in Morrisville, Pa.

William R. Jenkins '75 is a Media Buyer for Marketing and Media located in Pittsburgh, Pa.

John H. Keely '37 is Auditor of Disbursements for the Campbell Soup Co., Camden, N.J. He lives in Philadelphia, Pa.

George F. Keller '55 is President of Keller Marine Service who lives in Port Trevorton, Pa.

Michael P. Lazorchak '61 is Personnel Manager--Tactical Air Command-U.S.A.F. at Langley AFB Virginia. He lives in Hampton, Va. 23669.

James A. Learner '29 is retired and lives in Windber, Pa. Jim advises by the time you receive this issue of the Omegaphone he will have moved to Cocoa, Florida.

Warren L. Hommas Jr. '54 lives in Great Falls, Montana. He is a Civil Engineer with the Montana Air National Guard which is located at the Great Falls international Airport.

Robert L. Miller '75 is a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Meterology at Penn State. Bob is working on his Masters degree.

J. M. Scattergood '65 is Manager of Production and Inventory Control at the J. T. Baker Chemical Co.,Phillipsburg, N.J. He lives in Easton, Pa.

Frank J. Skowron '74 lives in McKees Rocks, Pa. Frank is an accountant with Consolidated Natural Gas Service Co., Inc.

F. G. Thompson '30 is retired and resides in Landenberg, Pa.

Fred T. Vansant '20 is enjoying retirement at his home in Summit, N.J.

John N. Warker Sr. '56 owns Warker Associates, a financial and insurance planning group in Shillington, Pa. John's home is in Reading, Pa.

Theodore G. Smith '21. We are sorry to report Brother Smith who lived in Hightstown, N.J. died in August of 1975. 




Thank you to all those brothers that shared their news.

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