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Actives Keep Chugging Along

Theta Chi finished in the top ten during Fraternity Greek Week which is seven days of fraternity competition involving a number of events. They took first in darts and second in team chugging.

New Brothers recently initiated are John Robinson, Bob Mooney and Dave Manix. Dave is a legacy as his father Edward is a member of Theta Chi at the University of Massachusetts.

The boys have been busy this spring repairing, cleaning and painting the house. They are converting the guest room into a game room. This should help with the rushing program.

The Spring rush looks like four acceptees with a potential for more. 

Fall Homecoming Best Ever

The Fall Homecoming saw more alumni and their friends return to the House than had been seen in a number of years and everyone seemed to have a good time. The Alumni Corporation meeting was well attended with 11 officers and directors, 15 additional alumni and 14 actives present. Highlights of the meeting were

  1. FURNITURE: The actives had purchased 24 new captains chairs for the dining room from their own budget. The couches are not in good condition and will have to be replaced in a few years. The practicality of repairing them will be explored to delay replacement.
  2. OMEGAPHONE: Brother Heitzenroder expressed his appreciation to Brother Win Orben and his wife, Mary-Beth, for the fine job in getting out the fall issue of the OMEGAPHONE. It is probably the best issue published in the last 15 years.
  3. HOMECOMING: A big thank-you was given Brother Toby Froehlich and Dan Carn for publicizing Homecoming. It was felt their efforts were responsible for the return of so many Brothers.
  4. DUES: Much discussion developed when it was suggested the Alumni dues should be increased. It was decided to leave them at the present rate of $10.00 per year with the hope that more Alumni will see the need and participate. It costs over $300 to print and mail the OMEGAPHONE each time it is issued.
  5. GRAND CHAPTER REPORT: Brother Howard Alter, Executive Director, reported the National Fraternity is in good condition. The future for Theta Chi looks good and there has been a complete turn around in attitude and official campus support for fra-ternities. Theta Chi will shortly have 149 active and 28 inactive chapters. One chapter is presently being deactivated due to the non payment of bills. They refused to go on a "pay as you go" basis and are being foreclosed because of debts. Brother Alter advised the George Chapman Memorial Fund has reached an amount of over $7,000. Upsilon Chapter (N.Y.U.), an inactive chapter, was the top contributor. He was in hopes that Omega Chapter would be first since Brother Chapman was a member of Omega. Brother Renton, Grand Chapter Secretary, recently elected for a second four year term, commented on the trouble many fraternities were having without a strong Alumni Association to back-up and advise the Actives. He felt that Omega has a good interested group of Alumni which has helped to carry the Chapter through some rough times.
  6. ACTIVE CHAPTER REPORT: Omega President, Jeffery Sleigh advised they have 33 men living in the house of which 7 are pledges and 2 are graduate students. Their goal is to try and fill the house to capacity with 40 men. A vigorous rush program to allow for a certain percent of attrition is necessary if the goal of 40 men is to be reached and maintained. Brother Renton advised that at the National Convention where Omega Actives were represented, they held a "work shop" on rushing and if followed should insure a better rush program.
  7. FINANCIAL  ADVISOR REPORT: Brother Ed Keller reported the 1974 Fall Term is starting with a good group of Active Members who are solvent and starting with a small bank balance. He pointed out that Omega was not a solid operation, but financial position is improving, but the Actives cannot become complacent. He anticipates by next fall the house will be at capacity as the atmosphere on campus for fraternity life is improving. Brother Keller is working with the Actives on a 2 and 3 year advance planning program which has not been done in recent years.
  8. CORPORATION PRESIDENT'S REMARKS: Brother Heitzenroder welcomed the many Alumni who returned and attended the meeting. He felt the level of Alumni spirit and cooperation was very good at this time. He also thanked the active members for their attendance at the meeting and congratulated them for their enthusiasm and dedication to make Theta Chi one of the best houses on campus. The present Actives are one of the best groups to represent Theta Chi on campus in the past few years. He then thanked Brother Keller for the good job he is doing as financial advisor to the Active Chapter. Brother Dave then discussed the issuing of an up-to-date Alumni Direc-tory. From his investigations, it would cost about $800 to type and print. He asked for suggestions for getting the typing and printing done at a cheaper cost.
  9. ELECTION RESULTS: The following Brothers were reelected as Directors of the Corpo-ration for two year terms: Abe Doan, Win Orben and Ralph Stuck. 

Alumni Corporation President's Message

Spring is here again and with it the Annual Founder's Day. In keeping with the custom of the past few years our Founders Day Celebration and Alumni Corporation meeting is scheduled for the day of the Blue and White football game. I hope to see you then on May 10.

At that time you will have a chance to meet the fine group of Actives currently in the Chapter and see the excellent way they are maintaining the house. 

Although they are facing some of the same rush problems of which we are all familiar, they are making progress toward achieving a full house of 35 to 40 brothers.

Several of our Alumni have been working on the issuing of an Alumni Directory for Omega Chapter. This is an expensive undertaking and the printing and mailing costs will be about $1,000. Your time and money (annual dues) is needed. Please let me know what you can do to help. It is hoped to distribute the directory some time in 1976. Take a moment now to fill out the enclosed form and return with the necessary informa-tion for the directory. Also don't forget to send a check if you haven't paid your 1974-1975 dues. 

I shall look forward to seeing you at the house on May 10, shortly after the game. 


David A. Heitzenroder '64

Chapter Financial Advisor's Report 

It looks like good news and bad news for this year. The good news is that average occupancy this school year is 29 men, up from last year's average of 24. However, we have been hit with a triple whammy: repairs, illness and replacement of the chef, and inflation. The two big expenses were the new chairs for the dining room to replace ones which were no longer repairable, and a replacement freezer. Together, these come to over $2,000. In addition Mr. Gifford, (father of Our late "Giffy") had an extended illness and was retired. We now have a new chef, George Royer, who charges the prevailing rate for chefs - about 75% higher than Mr. Gifford. Finally, we had budgeted for about a 5% inflation factor, but the double digit variety took us by surprise. We are operating in a better climate for fraternities than in the '60's, we have a good bunch of actives, and I look for continued improvement. Obviously, rush is vital, and we could use the help of the Alumni in this area - both for names of prospects and rushing tips. Come back on Founder's Day and give the actives your support. Edward W. Keller '53 

Alumni News  

Richard H. Rogers '50 is Director of Industrial Relations for NARDON Manufacturing Co. Inc. in L.A. He lives in Garden Grove, Cal. 92640. Has a daughter who is a senior student nurse and a son who is a freshman at California State. 

Bob Sorisio '61 joined the Henry-Richards Co. as Director of Marketing in September 1974. He lives in Stamford, Conn. 06903. 

William R. Weaver '70 has received his Master's Degree in Secondary Education from Pitt. He lives in Pittsburgh, Pa. 15241. Bill is a member of The American Psychological Association and is involved in the Theatre Arts. 

Dr. Peter H. Marvel '29, a Cardiologist, lives in Northfield, N.J., was back to the campus for the Stanford game last fall. He was accompanied by Bill Windle '26 and their wives. Bill is retired from Girard Trust Co., Philadelphia and summers in Ocean City, N.J. and winters in Sarasota, Fla. 

Thomas A. Eyerly Jr. '59 is Development Coordinator for Young Life in Florida. Moved from Chicago to Orlando, Fla. in December of 1973. 

S. Thomas Hornyak '72 lives in Pittsburgh, Pa. 15235 with his wife. He is Senior Staff Accountant for Touche Ross and Co., Pittsburgh. 

Roderick W. Dare '72 lives in Norristown. He is Assistant Manager for Steak and Brew Restaurants. 

Douglas C. Mary '66 is International Officer for Central National Bank of Cleveland and lives at North Olmstead, Ohio. 

Dr. D. S. Pearson '53 lives in Cleveland, Ohio 44138, retired in 1965 from Penn State as Professor of Electrical Engineering and will retire shortly for the second time as a Professor in Mathematics. 

Benjamin J. Conrad '32 lives in Pipersville, Pa. Retired from Philadelphia school system. Was head of English Department two different high schools. Now spends time traveling extensively. 

Edward W. White '32 is retired from teaching school and lives in Ardmore, Pa. 

Fred T. Vansant '20 married to Kathryn Tuthill '20 celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary last August 20. They are looking forward to their 55th class reunion this June. They live in Summit, N.J. and at their farm in Warmart, Pa. in the summer. 

Edward W. Vermann '22 lives in Conshohocken, Pa., is now retired after 41 years in the Conshohocken Public Schools. He was Superintendent of Schools at time of retirement. 

Alex A. Gregal '53 lives in Poland, Ohio, is in Airplane Sales in New Castle, Pa. 

John S. Keller '58 lives with his wife Jean and two daughters at Hyndman, Pa. John has been teaching and coaching basketball for 16 years in the local High School. 

Henry N. Carver '41 sold the family owned dairy business in 1967. Worked for a time as Laboratory Director for St. Lawrence Dairy, Reading and since October 1974 has been a Sanitarian with the Pa. Department of Agriculture.

Robert T. Corley '36, Wolcott, Vermont is in partnership with his son-in-law in the Dairy Farming Business. He is active in soil conservation work and just completed his sixth year as member of the State Bdard of Education. 

Ken Slaby '72, Trafford, Pa. works in Cleveland as Analyst-Budgets and Measurements for General Electric Lamp Division.

Paul S. Handwerk '42, retired in August 1974 after 30 years service with the Navy and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Now lives in Slatington, Pa. 

David R. Bosshardt '73 is a Corporate Tax Analyst with the Central Transportation Co. and lives in Folsom, Pa.

William L. Lear '73 is married to Sandy Zelek '73 and is a Sophomore at Temple Medical School. The lives in Philadelphia, Pa. 





Thank you to all those brothers that shared their news.

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