2013 Founder's Day Meeting Minutes


A. Call to Order

Call to order the 2013 Founder's Day meeting of Theta Chi of Penn State

Introduction of officers, alumni and undergraduates

B. Reading & Approval of Minutes from 2012 Homecoming Corporation Meeting

C. Reports of Officers and Committees

a. Alumni Reports

  1. President’s Report – Richard Maltz (given By Chris Burke)
    1. Upcoming Calendar
      • May 3rd is upcoming Golf Outing
    2. Nittany Co-Op
      • a. Working out a contract to start management of checking in and out of undergrads Fall 2013
    3.  Summer Housing - house closed
      • 3 Brothers have asked permission to stay at the house for the summer.  Chris Burke and Rich Maltz will go over numbers and come up with a fair rent if this is economically viable.  If it is agreed to then the house will remain open.
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Chris Burke
    1. Financial Report (see Burke’s report)
    2. Numbers/Brothers in the House
      • Fall 2012 – 28
      • Spring 2013 – 23
      • Fall 2013 – 24 projected at the least
      • It was reiterated that IF BELOW 25 brothers in the house that maintaining the current rent is NOT sustainable  (House needs to bring in $125,000 per year to be sustainable)
      • What is the systemic problem of why almost 50% of the brotherhood does not want to live in the house?
        • Undergrads will file a report/survey citing reasons why more brothers aren’t living in house.
        • The alumni corp. and undergraduate leadership will attempt to come up with solutions to address main causes of why the number of brothers in house isn’t higher. 

b. Undergraduate Reports 

  1. President – Ian Maxwell (See attached report)
    • Note on academics the 3.08 GPA average is including one brother who had to leave the university and he was averaged in at a 0.00 so the GPA average is actually higher and this will show in the Fall semester
  2. Treasurer – Mark Moseley

D. Old Business

 1. Capital Campaign update – Richard Bartnik

  1. Pledges from 63 alumni thus far
  2. $133,000 pledged
  3. $65,000 collected
  4. $15,000 used so far on windows and shudders for entire house
  5. The decade of 2000-2010 has the most donors

E. New Business

 1. Side Porch – Richard Bartnik

  • Dave Shrader has completed his survey of the porch area and we are currently going to the borough for a building permit
  • Hope to have work completed by the end of summer 2013

2. OX Gala - Oct 19, 2013

At the Nittany Lion Inn – stay tuned for additional programming information in the near future

The annual homecoming alumni corporation meeting will be held at the Nittany Lion Inn the Saturday of the Gala.

3. Nomination Committee

  • Chris Burke would like everyone to know that Rich Maltz will be retiring from President at the end of this term due to distance.  Thank you Rich again for your many years of dedicated service!
  • We must have 5 candidates on the ballot for the Fall meeting
  • Should we change the bylaws to include a transitioning period between board member elections and installation of alumni officers?
  • Can we increase the number of board members from 5 to 7?
  • Dave Hartwich and Jasen Marshall are the nominating committee and will handle the elections of the board this summer

F. For the Good

Burke – Leo Sugg and Jim Stuhltrager are doing a great job heading up the Theta Chi Gala

Burke – It’s good to see the side porch project is getting moving

G. Adjourn: “It is to thee Dear Old Theta Chi”