Memories and composites from 1966 & 1967

Since it appears that our mid ‘60’s representation is lacking, I found these composites (see below) in the attic and are now sharing them with everyone.

Back then we had a housemother live-in as required by University/fraternity regulation to have co-ed visitation. Lucille served in that role and “Giffy” made sure the brothers and pledges and co-ed guests were treated royally. Wednesday nite was always the signature nite when coeds and prime potential pledges were invited to dinner, as we “put on the dog”- sirloin or ribeye steaks and all the trimmings. By 10 pm all the coeds were gone - and there was no upstairs visitation, only then would Lucille retire to her chambers. Hanky-panky was well outside the box. Different world now.

Hopefully some of my brothers and pledges of this era tune in to the website and reminisce. I have only been in contact with a couple, but my memories of our lives (and some loves) remain.

Richard McLean '68

1966 Composite - top row L to R: Alfred Migliaccio, Douglas Mory, William Huddles, Robert Luther, Charles Weinstein, Dennis Rush, Arthur Luhmann, Michael George, Kenneth Kopf 2nd row from top L to R: Fredrick Wuest Jr., Michel Passaro, Alan Campbell, Samuel Padjen, Joseph Tech, Kim Leonard, William Gilmore, Philip Becker 3rd row from top L to R: Joseph Simonetta, Stewart Brunhouse, John Mulick, Bradley Earl, Richard McLean, Robert Annand, Lee Housenecht, Robert Reade 2nd from bottom L to R: Timothy Ramos, Michael Anderson, Charles Darrah, Thomas Keown, Robert Annand, Lee Housenecht, Robert Reade Bottom Row L to R: TK, TK, Lucille Llyod, Emanuel "Giffy" Gifford, TK and TK - Photo courtesy Richard McLean '68

1967 Composite - Top Row L to R: Kim Leonard, Scott Dunn, Jerrell Habegger, John Stangl, Morris Ward, Lee Houseknecht, William Emmett, Joel Wells and Robert Annand 2nd Row from Top L to R: Richard McLean, Thomas Schreffler, Patrick Martin, Mark Johnson, Richard Stiscia and Thomas Kinney 3rd row from top L to R: Jeffrey Hassinger, Thomas Glendon, Michel Pollick, Michael Iadanza, John Weiss and Stanley Terzopolos 2nd from bottom L to R: Paul Crossan, Charles Hummel, James Sacks, Emanuel "Giffy" Gifford, Lucille Llyod, Roger Tadsen, Ronald Hogan, Carl Graybill and Stanley Brittingham Bottom Row L to R: Robert Holland, David Oswald, David Ersek, William Cope, "Ernie". Joseph Posh, William Franks, Darrell Packer and Charles Stempka - Photo courtesy Richard McLean '68