Wartime Conditions on Penn State Campus - The Rattle, March 1943

As appeared in The Rattle - Vol. XXXI No. 3 - March 1943

Wartime Conditions of Theta Chi on Campuses
On the campus of the Pennsylvania State College the fraternities are beginning to feel the effects of total war. Because of the selective service program, enlistments in the armed forces, and the calling of the various reserves, the enrollment of the fraternities has decreased considerably. A few chapters have been forced to disband, and others are fighting desperately to survive.

The shortage of meats, dairy products, and fresh vegetables combined with the effects of rationing has greatly changed the menu in the fraternities. Meatless days have come to the fore, and the custom of having once of twice daily has been discarded. The habitual cry for “seconds” is seldom heard. for the men realize that their appeal is rarely answered.

On March 12 an order decreed that about twenty fraternity houses would be taken over by the Army to house twelve hundred trainees, and that all occupants would have to vacate within a week. Thus eight hundred fraternity men were suddenly deprived of their homes and had to face the task of finding new lodgings. It is here that the other twenty fraternities step in. They offered vacant rooms and beds to the unfortunate. Omega Chapter volunteered facilities to seven men and will shortly make morn for more.

Ever present rumors constantly worry the fraternities and promote a feeling of unrest. However, no matter what may happen, the fraternities here at Penn State are not reluctant to do their part in the war effort.

Gerald Karver, '45,

National Honors Won by Theta Chi Athletes
Again Theta Chi supplied outstanding states for the National indoor track events that highlight the sport pages each March, for A. Richmond Morcom, ;44, New Hampshire's much touted one-man track team, Gerald Karver, '45, of Penn State, and Glenn Masten, '43, of Colgate all took sports events and won praise from sports writers.

Gerald Karver, Penn State, '43, was fastest in the 1000-yard run preliminary with 2:16.7 as the time, but was second in the finals when the time was 2:14.7.

George Harkness, Penn State, '39, killed in airplane crash while in maneuvers in Trinidad, 1942.

Theta Chi of PSU

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