2014 Founder's Day Minutes

Meeting called to order on August 12, 2014 at 5:03pm at the Omega Chapter house.

General Introductions of all individuals

Reading of minutes waived

Alumni Reports

President’s Report – David Hartwich

  • Upcoming Calendar – Theta Chi Golf Open May 2nd
  • Fall Initiation Incident and Probation status - Chapter had their hearing with IFC and have completed their social probation and have paid the fine. We have finally heard from National - the paperwork was never officially filed in their offices and the chapter was never formally placed on probation. National reviewed our program that we put in place starting Dec. National was happy with that plan as it saw in line with what they would have done. It does not appear that this incident will not be on file at National. Once all the paperwork is complete the probationary committee will meet to finalize the probation. The new procedures in place worked well for this semesters Initiation
  • Possible Insurance Incident during Spring Break – nothing came of it - The individual that contacted us stating he had fallen on ice in front of house has not had any follow up contact. Dave has spoken with our insurance company and they are aware of the incident if anything further should develop. Jeff stated if anyone approaches the actives inform the alumni officers and let us handle the issues.
  • Summer Housing - house is open! ($600 for the summer, brothers are in charge of lawn care and shrubbery maintenance)- Jason Jonas stated it looks as if there will be 5 to as many as 9 staying in house this summer. They were informed to keep the house looking good and to keep it secure. Jeff offered to meet with them to go over the things they need to do on the upkeep. Dave will have a modified lease for them to sign
  • Plans for stable rental rates - Discussion on how past rent was calculated based on numbers of brothers living in house. Dave stated we are proposing a plan to announce the rent amount for a period of a few years. It is currently set at $2600/semester. Any surplus we will keep to offset any semesters you are below the breakeven point in number of residents. We hope that this does not occur because we will then be able to renovate the house in a faster manner. It was asked if reserve amounts were trying to be saved. It was stated that this was the case. Jeff added that we are trying to have a stable rent over a period of three to four years that is competitive with other housing options for students and that it could also be useful in recruiting new members. Jeff also said the board is considering the idea Mr. Bartnik previously proposed of a bonus refund back to the chapter if they achieve certain residency goals. 

Addition items discussed:

  • Representative to be sent to National Conventions - There is potential for monies from National to offset our costs. Delegates need to apply by May 1 for $250 towards these costs. Must be in the first 80 applicants to qualify. 

Treasurer’s Report – Chris Burke- Not supplied as Chris was not in attendance

  • Financial Report
  • Numbers/Brothers in the House 

Undergraduate Reports

President Report - Jeb Biernat

  • Membership - Currently 52 undergraduate Brothers and 14 Brothers were initiated in Psi Pledge Class
  • Chapter House - 20 Brothers living in house. Roughly 29 Brothers living in house next semester

  • Academics - Fall 2013 – 3.29 chapter GPA. }Well above all-men’s average

  • THON - Raised $20,282.90 for THON 2014. Looking to pair with another organization.

  • Flicks - $500 raised. Currently being phased out for Theta Chi National’s philanthropy effort, GI Theta Chi benefitting the USO

  • Greek Week - Paired with Pi Beta Phi, Delta Sigma Phi, and Alpha Delta Phi

  • Alumni Relations

    • Work weekend was successful

    • New porch furniture looks great

    • Basement bathroom renovations underway

    • Camera system is working well

  • National - Brandon Roberts attended the Sacred Purpose launch event for VP of Health & Safety and Jeb Biernat attended the Deranian President’s Conference

  • Chapter of Excellence - Did not receive Chapter of Excellence for 2013. Working on improving documentation and turnaround times

Undergraduate Treasurer Report - Sam Kulp (see attached report)

Old Business

  • Capital Campaign update – Richard Bartnik-Still collecting but for all practical concerns the main campaign has concluded. Total generated in donations and pledges was $200000. Some of these funds have been used for the window replacements and the side porch project.

  • Side Porch Completed – Jeff Damcott-the project is 99% complete. A second coat of epoxy with more anti-slip will be applied. A credit was issued to us to complete this when the weather is conducive to do so. A small issue of door hardware is being addressed. Jeff stated his happiness with the contractor and their work. They minimized the inconvenience to the actives and were quick with the work. They also included a few additional items in the work like the new side light, re-pointing of the brick retention wall and an upgrade to pvc soffit material at no additional cost to us. The final cost was $500 under bid thanks to the credit. It was echoed from the actives that they were quick. Jeff stated he hopes the contractor would be willing to work with us in the future. 

New Business

  • Future Renovation Projects – Jeff Damcott

    • The bar floor was tested and confirmed to be asbestos. We have received a quote for around $1200 to remove all contaminated materials and leave the floor prepped for any new floor we would like to install. We are planning to move forward to remove and replace the floor this summer. An epoxy type floor with antiskid is being investigated for install to hopefully last for several decades.

    • Front Stairs and railings are being quoted for repair/replacement due to safety concerns: Quoted at $6000

    • Replacement of new door sidelights

    • Painting of outside trim and architectural molding at top of house

    • Replacement of front spotlights- Completed as new class project

    • Purchase of storage shed for outdoor equipment to be located at the side of the house near the side door.

  • Dave asked about the floor tile in the kitchen releasing front the floor. Jeff and the active will look to see if there is any spare tile around and will work together to repair the area over the summer.

  • Jeff asked the actives for information about a water leak in the kitchen that was noticed by Gregg Butts. Some stated it was repaired but others indicated is still occasionally dripping. It will be looked into to be addressed.

  • IFC Recruitment Guide. Do we want an ad? 1⁄4 page $400 (did that last year) - Discussion if it was beneficial. Most felt the $400 would be better utilized in the recruitment budget. It was also stated that this was an addition 1⁄4 page ad as each fraternity already get a full page write-up. No one could definitely claim it was beneficial

  • LinkedIn effort / professional connections-Dave is working on a program to connect actives with alumni to help with potential internship and job placements. This summer he will be setting up and theta Chi alumni group and encourage all those on LinkedIn to join. 

For the Good 

  • Dave got engaged wedding in Nov.

  • Jason Marshall passed another level of accreditation

  • Jeff Damcott - the attendance at the meeting, was nice to see the undergrads taking an interest Also 14 new members

  • Jason Marshal - A lot of support for the Thon dancers from the new members.

  • Sam Kulp: The board changes and additions in working with the undergrad treasurer

  • Jeff Damcott - Turnout for the Gala in October

  • Jason Marshall - Shout out for filling big shoes in succeeding Rich Maltz 

Meeting closed at 5:40pm