Chris Bartnik '91 Runs for PSU Board of Trustees

Chris has begun the process to gain the nomination to the Penn State Board fo Trustees. Below is Chris' response to the question as to why he is running for the Board fo Trustees.
I love Penn State University. I am proud to have received two Penn State degrees (BS 1991 and MBA 1996). The lessons I learned at Penn State, both academically and non-academically, provided the foundation for the success I have achieved in my career. While my family and I anxiously await the fall and the trip to State College for football games and visits with family and friends, to me Penn State stands for much more than just football. “Success with Honor” is a slogan that stands for the total character of the University and for the students and graduates. I strive to make the slogan a part of my life, and I witness every year the culture ingrained in Penn State students when I interview prospective employees. My organization has hired nine of them over the last five years. 

But to be more specific, the events of the last two years have negatively impacted the reputation of the University and highlighted how poor and ineffective leadership can destroy an institution. To be sure, the criminal actions of one individual needed to be addressed quickly and decisively. However, decision making absent facts, making contradictory decisions, and making decisions that reinforce the innuendo and false statements of others have consequences. All of the Penn State nation is living with those consequences right now.

Over the next few years, Penn State will face many important decisions. Clearly, those in the administration and on the Board of Trustees have demonstrated that they have neither the right answers or the support of Penn State alumni to be effective in their current positions. While I don't profess to have all the answers or all the information to make those decisions today, I am the kind of person who works hard, asks questions, and questions the status quo. I have experience as a Board of Directors member for my fraternity and I have attended Board meetings as a guest for clients as part of my current position. I understand the responsibilities of Board Members and the interrealtionships between the Board, the Administrators and all constiuents – faculty, staff, students alumni and other supporters.

If I were elected to the Board of Trustees, over the next year I would like to work toward:

- Hire a new President that will keep Penn State among the top academic institutions in the world and request that the current NCAA sanctions be ended
- Recognize the amazing contributions Joe Paterno made to Penn State, and put the Joe Paterno Statue back where it belongs, next to Beaver Stadium
- Represent, listen to, and respect their constituents - the students and alumni of Penn State 
- Make Penn State more fiscally efficient and more affordable
- Request that Dr. Emmert restate his position on Penn State’s historical commitment to academics in athletics. 

Given recent events, this would be significant for any group to accomplish. We need a board that can regain the confidence and trust of Penn Staters. I want to help make that change.


Alumni may request a nomination or election ballot by sending an e-mail to, including the following information:

complete name at time of graduation (maiden name included)
year of graduation
college and major
current e-mail address (where you would like to receive ballots)
mailing address
Once your alumni record is qualified, a ballot will be sent to you electronically. Alumni who receive the nomination ballot will automatically receive the election ballot on April 10. There is no need to send additional request to receive a ballot. Alumni who have no internet access must call (814) 865-2521 and provide the above information. Once your alumni record is qualified, a ballot will be mailed to you.

Qualified alumni who receive 50 or more nominating votes, and who accept the nomination in writing, have their names placed on an election ballot which is sent to the alumni (specified in the paragraph above) on or before April 10. At a time specified by the Board during spring commencement week, the ballots are tabulated in the presence of two trustee tellers. The three candidates receiving the highest number of votes are declared elected.