5th Annual Alumni Work Weekend Wrap-U

This year's Alumni Work Weekend had to move inside due to bad weather. With moving the man power inside the following projects were tackled. The house was cleaned from top to bottom, or in this case from the grout on the floor in the kitchen to scrubbing the walls in the stair case and third floors. In the living room, a TV was installed above the fireplace and the furniture rearranged accordingly. The door was replaced to the Penn State room (off the pool room) and the doors to the janitors closet and chapter room were repaired. 

When the weather cleared up for a bit, new gravel was added to the side stairs and a new coat of paint was applied to the woodwork near the side door, but due to inclement weather, we were not able to complete those projects. A video camera was installed in the back of the house to record the parking lot in hopes of reducing vandalism. When the weather gets better, we will be having professional installed lights mounted on the front and back of the house to both display and protect the house.

We like to thank all those alumni who both donated and came out to Alumni Work Weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.