THON Wrap Up - Chapter Rasies $42,633.26


40 years ago, when Omega Chapter alumnus brother Bill Lear and the Inter-Fraternity Council first put on a dance marathon with 39 couples, none of them had any idea how much it would grow. Through four homes to its current location in the Bryce Jordan center, THON has grown to be the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. It has provided outstanding support to pediatric cancer patients and their families, both emotionally and financially. It has provided the funding for nurses, doctors, social workers, even treatments. No Four Diamonds Family ever pays a cent for their child’s care, leaving them the resources and time to focus solely on getting their kids back to full health. It has provided funding for a brand cancer center in Hershey, due for completion in just a few short years.

Tyler Doppelheuer at 2012 Dance MarathonAll of this, put together by the students of Penn State. After what has been undoubtedly the most difficult and trying year in Happy Valley, the students still rallied together behind a common goal: beating pediatric cancer. And this weekend, we made another step closer. After an exciting 46 hours in the BJC, the THON 2012 overall committee revealed the grand total of 10,686,924.83 dollars, all for the kids! That shattered the previous year’s total despite a cancelled canning trip and constant negative press towards Penn State.

Theta Chi itself had an outstanding year as well. We raised $42, 633.26, a whopping $9,200 over the previous year’s total. We had 5 brothers dance (two for the fraternity, three for other organizations), all of whom made it for the full 46 hours despite some hard times. Our THON family, the Bobbys, had an amazing time and even got to meet the football team, AJ’s one wish for the weekend

It has been an amazing weekend and an amazing year for all of THON. We can’t say thank you enough to all of you who donated and helped us in the fight to beat pediatric cancer.

For The Kids,
Kevin Trippel
Chapter President