The Cars of Omega - Fall 1966

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The Fall of 1966 brought with it a "Bumper Crop" of cool cars to the Chapter House parking lot. The Cars arrived long before the snow began to swirl around the left over balloon remnants from the most recent rounds of bombardments from members of the "Water Balloon Club," and the first delivery of pledge killing coal.

Pontiac GTOI have always been a "gear head" and have many fond memories of the of the stable of rides that marked Omega as a special place notwithstanding our reputation for Wednesday Night Mixers and Jammies, Triads and Spring Week Madness. Gymkhanas were a great sport and houses and individual drivers competed for trophies and glory.

Austin-HealyFred Wuest was one of the best in his white Austin-Healy with triple SU carburetors, driving with abandon one armed with a big grin on his face. Billy Huddles had a drop dead gorgeous navy blue 389 Pontiac GTO convertible with a white top and interior. Alan Campbell had a great looking Canary Yellow Triumph TR 3. You could touch the ground with your fingers as he slid around comers on evening cruises!

Morris MinorKim Leonard had a great Morris Minor which was probably the most conservative of the cars I remember. It was a light green/grey color. Bill Gilmore drove a 1962/63 Chevrolet Impala with a 348 in hot red and white which was a true eye catcher. I had a Pontiac tempest Le Mans Sprint overhead cam six which was no match for some the big V-8's in the parking lot. Neither did it have the agility of the English roadsters present.

Chevrolet ImpalaI have probably forgotten to remember some of the other milestone rides which we had to enjoy the great fall colors, mixers, football, and the return to Happy Valley that September. If you have memories you would like to share l d love to hear from you.

Triumph TR 3In the meantime, I found a way to make up for the anemic Pontiac. Thank you Carroll Shelby.

Alfred T. Romanoski '67

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