Seeking Board of Directors Nominations

Hi Brothers!

As we approach the fall semester for our Alma Matter and the Undergraduate chapter, we are poised once again to fly above and beyond our own expectations.

As most of you know, the Chapter is in the midst of changes and challenges that will echo in our thoughts and actions for the next few years.  Some of these include:

  • Completing the purchase of the chapter house from National
  • Implementation Theta Chi Capital Campaign
  • Organizing and facilitating the major repair of the Chapter House,
  • Extending and reestablishing our lost communications with Brothers from any past year
  • Mentoring a youthful and excited undergraduate chapter looking to take the next step as a power on the Penn State campus

Over the last two years, these tasks and goals have taken leaps and bounds from their inception thanks to our current Alumni Association Board of Directors.  Yet, their successful time is coming to a close. 

During this year’s homecoming weekend (October 15th) we are having our biennial elections for the Board of Directors and WE WANT YOU TO HELP or someone you think would be a strong asset.    Requirements?  Being an alumni of the Brotherhood, a good head on your shoulders, innovation, and motivation.   Rewards?  The opportunity to work with some of our chapter’s and campus’s brightest and most successful up-and-coming youth, revelry and celebration in the chapter’s successes that you will help forge, and the understanding you helped keep our Chapter a “Brotherhood for Life” for past and future generations.


If you, or another alumni you know, are interested in being nominated for the board please contact us by August 31st!

I hope to see you this Fall as Penn State and Theta Chi. Our brotherhood, like Penn State, is ready to return/continue to our glory!


Nicholas Geyer ‘10
Theta Chi of Penn State