THON - Send Casey and Marshall Dancer Mail

As THON weekend is quickly approaching, we need to start generating dancer mail for our two dancers. For those of you who don't know what "dancer mail" is...

Mail time occurs in the thick of the night during THON, when the dancers are starting to have a tough time. Morale teams deliver personalized mail to each dancer and each child on the floor with the intent of brightening their spirits. It really does work, so, therefore, we need the brotherhood to start writing letters!

Please get this to the HUB or to me as soon as possible. It really is a big help to our dancers!

Drop off:
Dancer #: 277A (Casey Leman) or 277B (Jasen Marshall)
Letters: 324 HUB
Packages: 327 HUB

Sending by mail:
Attn: Mail call
277A (Casey Leman) or 277B (Jasen Marshall)
210 Hub
University Park PA 16802