Chapter Wrap - Up of Work Weekend 2008

Dear Brothers,

With the Alumni Work Weekend come and gone, one can only ask: When will the next one be? The weekend of March 1st went off without a hitch. We repainted the entire Alter room (aka Living Room) and entrance hallway (including the stairwell going up to the 2nd floor) a lovely two tone color combination of Barefoot Beach and Country Biege. For all of you non-paint enthusiasts out there, we painted the first floor mostly a light cappuccino-esque khaki (Barefoot Beach) with a the floor boards, doorways being white (Country Biege).

In addition to that, we remodeled the two corner rooms on the Allen side of the second floor. They now have fresh new coats of paint, new flooring (in one of the rooms), and a general feel of homey-ness. We also built a bookcase/trophy case to complement the other bookcase in the library. We can now fit more books, more trophies, and more self-pride in that room than ever before. Other miscellaneous projects were completed as well, such as replacing the electrical outlet and light switch covers, cased the third floor window in the stairwell, repainting window sills and entryways, and lots of stripping, caulking, and laughing (because of the stripping and caulking).

With such a successful weekend of work done with a great turnout from alumni and brothers on a limited yet substantial budget, we can only hope to make this a regular occurrence ...possibly once or twice every year. A personal thanks to Richard Maltz for handling the breakfasts, the finances, and the project supplies. Without him, this weekend would have been quite messy.

Some of the projects are in their final stages of work. We are planning a brotherhood project-finalization work day the weekend we get back from Spring Break. After that, expect some lovely panoramic photographs from Maltz, and standard photographs from the brothers.

A big thanks to every alumnus who pitched in, and we hope to see you back more often!


Jason Chottiner
Alumni Relations Chairman