2008 Alumni Reunion (Work) Weekend Wrap-Up

Hello Brothers,

The First Annual Alumni Work Weekend was a great success! We had 21 alumni join the active brothers and pledges to give 523 South Allen a little facelift. Everyone in attendance spent Saturday and Sunday morning painting the first floor (a color other than the traditional plain white) and fixing up several of the rooms on the second floor. We also found time to put down a hardwood floor in one of the bedrooms, fix the baseboards in the living room, incase a window on the 3rd floor, and built a new bookcase for the library. We need a place to put all of the awards and trophies being amassed by the active chapter! We collected $1,730 in donations and spent a little over $2,000 on these projects. Saturday night we all attended the Penn State versus Michigan basketball game and cheered our Lions on to a thrilling victory.

I look forward to this event becoming an annual tradition that continues to strengthen the relationship between our alumni and active chapter. I also hope it shows our active chapter that the alumni are committed to them and Theta Chi. I look forward to seeing more of you next year and I want to extend a big Thank You to all of those in attendance and to those of you who contributed generously to the project fund.

The Below Brothers donated both financial and with Sweat

  • Bartnik, Chris '91 
  • Blumstein, Robert '07 
  • Burke, Chris '93 
  • Damcott, Jeff '91 
  • Dolan, Andy '94 
  • Fenza, Luke '04 
  • Gendlemen, Dave '07Jones, Dick '60 
  • Maltz, Richard '90 
  • McDowell, Sean '97 
  • McHugh, Rob '07 
  • McIntyre, John '91 
  • Morton, Scott '92 
  • Nasralla, James '07Peifer, Nathan '04 
  • Sadiky, Avi '06 
  • Schwartz, Matt '06 
  • Shayer, Kevin '92 
  • Stuhltrager, Jim '89 
  • Wolf, Jacob '06 
  • Zegar, Chris '04

The Below Brothers Donated via Mail

  • Kramer, Robert '88 
  • Lauder, Alan '90
  • Leauby, Brian '92
  • Spencer, Brian '01 
  • Tagliareni, Paul '02
  • Vassil, Paul '86

Check the video from the work weekend


Chris Bartnik '91
Alumni Secretary