2008 Alumni Reunion (Work) Next Weekend

Hello Brothers,

Upholding our reputation as one of Penn State's elite organizations has always been a top priority. However, as the old saying goes, work never ends! We would like to continue the terrific progress that has been made on the house by having an alumni reunion (work) weekend on March 1st and 2nd. Yes, we will ask our alumni and active members to grab a hammer (or tool of choice) and pitch in on projects that will help take our house to the next level. But more importantly, the goal of this weekend is to reunite with old friends, relive great times, and ensure that Theta Chi continues to be one of the top fraternities on campus. (That makes the "work" part well worth the effort, doesn't it?)

To help make this weekend possible, we are asking that each brother bring $50 to donate to a repair fund to be used on projects during the weekend. We are also looking into getting tickets to the men's basketball game against Michigan on Saturday night. If you cannot make the trip, you can still send your donation for the Reunion Weekend to Rich Maltz at 185 West End Ave #18H, NY NY 10023 - checks should be made payable to "Theta Chi of Penn State".

Schedule of Events

Saturday - March 1st 
10:00 AM - Welcome returning brothers 
Afternoon - Fix up the house 
8:00 pm – Men's basketball versus the Michigan Wolverines (visit the Skellar)

Sunday - March 2nd 
10:00 am - Breakfast at the house, finish projects and clean up 

Any question please feel free to e-mail me.


Richard Maltz '90
Alumni President