Thomas A. Eyerly, Jr '59 - Alumni Profile

Click Here to Fill Out Your Own Alumni Corner ProfileThomas A. Eyerly - 1959
Big Brother: Tom Eynon
Offices Held: Vice President (but only for a month)

OX: Why did you join Theta Chi? 
Thomas Eyerly: First and only fraternity I visited. Waited until end of sophomore year to pledge, Spring of '56 Guys were great.

OX: Tell us your favorite Theta Chi Story?
TE: Nearly flunked out in senior year helping to refurbish a player piano rather than studying for finals. Had to repeat Thermo and Calculus, graduating a half year late. Loved Gifford's meals and him as a person. Spaghetti sauce was never thrown out, it just "aged" in the refrigerator until the next batch was added to it.

OX: What Influences did OX have on you?? 
TE: Provided an anchor and a home for my last two and a half years with excellent mentoring coming from George Walker, a returning Korean Vet. Those guys added a real stability to the house.

OX: What is your nickname? How did you get it?
TE: Don't think I had one.

OX: Who were your roommates? 
TE: George Walker '58. Tom Eynon '58. Can you imagine: Tom Eynon and Tom Eyerly in the same room?

OX: Any Pledge trip stories? Where?
TE: Can't remember a trip, but I do vividly remember Hell Week and "Mung Night." To this day I still can't eat French Dressing.

OX: With whom do you stay in contact?
TE: No one. Last contact was with Bill (and Bonnie) Kress '60 in Raleigh many years ago.

OX: Any brother you are looking to contact?
TE: It would be great to see Bill and Bonnie again, so I will try to make that happen.

OX: What other activities or organizations were you involved with during your college days? 
TE: None.

OX: Tell us about your family. Have you married? Do you have children? 
TE: Married Anne Clark, a 59 Bucknell University graduate from the York area in 1964. Started married life in Virginia Beach where a daughter and son were born. Then moved to Orlando where last child, son, was born. We still live in Orlando in the same house we built in 1968, with some additions

OX: What do you do for a living? 
TE: I have been retired since Dec. of 1998. I was in engineering sales all my career, with the last 23 spent selling CT scanners. I retired from GE Medical Systems after 10 years with GE.

OX: What do you do with your free time?
TE: Lots of babysitting for our three grandchildren living in the Orlando area. Our daughter, Susan, married Chip Caray, grandson of Harry CarayChicago Cubs announcer. Chip is announcer for the Atlanta Braves now, and had been with the Cubs for 5 years before joining the Braves. They live here in Orlando with their daughter and identical twin sons

I entertain myself trying to learn how to play bluegrass banjo. After 5 years and questionable progress, I wish I had started earlier.

Twice a week I volunteer as a reading mentor at a black elementary school here in Orlando grades K-2. Very rewarding.

OX: What are your goals for the next few years? 
TE: Enjoy whatever time we have left by trying to help our kids, grandkids, and those terrific kids at the elementary school where I tutor. And to travel and see old friends.

OX: Involved with any organizations now?:
TEClassic Corvettes of Orlando - I have a 58 Corvette, and Sunshine State Cougar Club - I have a 67 Cougar.

Orange County School Board as a volunteer reading mentor.