National Message in Regards to Omega

Brothers of the Omega Chapter,

It is with great pleasure I write to you today. Many things have been going on at Penn State since last September. Your alumni corporation is getting stronger, more brothers are asking how they can be involved and more importantly the chapter itself is growing with brothers each of you should be proud of to call a brother.

While the Omega Chapter has been working on growth and involvement, The Norwich Housing Corporation over this past year has invested time and money to help improve your "home away from home".

In September of 2006, your Alumni Corporation was faced with a serious issue of requesting The Norwich Housing Corporation to take a deed in lieu of foreclosure. This tough decision that your alumni corporation made is what saved your beloved chapter house.

Here is a list of a few items that have been accomplished since last year.

  • Past due taxes and insurance has been paid and is current.
    A property manager was located and secured. If it was not for Greg Butts, our property manager, I do not believe we would be at the position we are today.
  • A new roof was put on the house with a 20 year warranty.
  • Finished installing fire resistant doors on the 2nd floor.
  • A new steel kitchen door has been installed.
  • All doors on the house are now operational with a master key system.
  • Firesprinklers have been installed.
  • New valves and steamtraps for the radiators.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors have been installed throughout the house.
  • The 3rd floor has been gutted and totally remodeled with new windows, fire resistant doors, new electrical, industrial strength/high impact drywall, new flooring, and for the first time there is insulation on this floor.
  • An additional water line was installed at the same time as the water line for the fire sprinklers to help out with water pressure in the house.
  • The chimney has been recapped.

It's been a year and much has been done. I'm excited to hear that the chapter is doing well in recruitment. The Alumni Corporation is really moving forward and putting together a plan to buy the house back from The Norwich Housing Corporation. So let's keep the ball rolling!!!

On November 17th, The Norwich Housing Corporation and representatives from the Grand Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity and the International Headquarters will be having a luncheon at the Atherton Hotel at noon for all Theta Chi Brothers in the State College area. Brother Howard Alter, Class of 1941, will also be in attendance at the luncheon. During that day, The Norwich Housing Corporation will also be meeting with the Omega Alumni Corporation.

If you have questions, please contact me at (317) 824-1881 or at The emailing listing that we have is limited, so please forward this information on to all of your Brothers.

I hope each of you will be able to join us on November 17th.


Jereme W. Grinslade
Director of Alumni Resources & Housing, Theta Chi Fraternity
Administrative Officer, The Norwich Housing Corporation

November 17, 2007


Atherton Hotel (State College, PA)
125 South Ahterton Street
State College, PA 16801
(814) 231-2100

The buffet luncheon has been kept a low cost of $23.00 per person. To provide an accurate count to the hotel, please RSVP by Friday, November 2, 2007.

Click Here For The Online RSVP Form

After the luncheon there will be a meeting at the chapter house to discuss the Alumni Corporation taking back ownership of the house.

We hope you are able to attend both the luncheon and the meeting.