Notes from a Thon Dancer

My experience at THON this year was unbelievable. I was honored to have the chance to dance and it definitely opened my eyes. I was the THON chair for my Hospitality Organization this year, which got me much more involved and that was the group I danced for, but it was great to have my brothers all still visiting me during the weekend.

It's very hard to describe how amazing the weekend actually was. Even though I have been to THON for the past three years, to dance in it, is a completely different experience and one that I will remember for the rest of my life. Ending the weekend by finding out that we had raised a new record just made it even better.

This year the chapter raised approximately $11,000.

Stuart Ringelheim

  Nittany Lion (L) and Stuart Ringelheim

Nittany Lion (L) and Stuart Ringelheim