Important Founder's Day Meeting

Dear Brothers of Theta Chi Fraternity,

Your presence is being requested for a corporation meeting of the Theta Chi of Penn State, Inc. on Friday night, April 21 at 8:00 the Omega/Pennsylvania State University chapter house located at 523 South Allen Street, State College, Pennsylvania.

The agenda for this meeting focuses on the future of the Omega Chapter at Pennsylvania State University. Specific items that will be covered include the following:

  1. Resignation of Dennis Foley as Corporation President and the future leadership of Theta Chi of Penn State, Inc.
  2. The Norwich Housing Corporation loan in default and two years of unpaid taxes and property insurance.
  3. Renovations and repairs of current house.
  4. The establishment of a Chapter Advisory Board for the chapter.

In March of 1919, the Omega Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity was established with the assistance of brothers from the Gamma/University of MaineDelta/Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteIota/ColgateUniversity, Kappa/University of Pennsylvania, and Pi/Dickinson College chapters. Over 85 years later, Omega needs the assistance not just from its 1300 alumni, but from all alumni in the State College, Pennsylvania area.

The future of this chapter rests not just on the shoulder of its own alumni, but from support from all Theta Chi brothers. As mentioned above, there are several issues that need to be resolved at this meeting. We ask that you come to the meeting with an open mind and a willingness to move the chapter and corporation forward into the future. The chapter needs leaders to emerge from this meeting; and with your dedication to Theta Chi, the Omega Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity will hopefully make a complete one-eighty.

If you are willing to serve on the alumni corporation or on the chapter advisory board and will be unable to attend the meeting, please contact Jereme Grinslade, Director of Alumni Resources and Housing, at the International Headquarters of Theta Chi Fraternity at 317-824-1881 or at


Dennis Foley
President, Theta Chi Penn State, Inc

Jereme Grinslade
Administrative Officer, The Norwich Housing Corporation
National Director of Alumni Resources & Housing, Theta Chi Fraternity