2006 OX Golf Open Update

To date the following Brothers have signed up: Dave Matthews, Evan Rosenburg, Brian Fleuhr, Tony Bernardo, Ron Biernacki, Mike Dalesio, John Loyle, Dave Beiswanger, Craig Bagshaw, Scott Wickel, Tristan Stancato. I have commitments from many others. Note the trend...a lot of first time attendees... primarily from those who graduated in the early 80s. Could there be a ringer among them. It's never too late to sign up (see below) but we do need to give the Golf Course and the caterer a good estimate of attendees, so please get your checks in as soon as you can. You may cancel within two weeks of the outing without penalty.

April 4th is the cutoff for the $90 rate at the Sheraton Park Ridge. So far 4 rooms have been reserved by Perkins, Cunningham, Meyers, Biernacki, Hunter, Bohach, McGill, and DeJulius. The cost is a lot cheaper than the price of accommodations provided at the King of Prussia Roundhouse. The procedure to reserve is to call 610-337-1800 and tell the registration desk that you are with the Penn State Alumni Group. Any problem please let me know. A shuttle will be provided to escort players to and from Turtle Creek Golf Course. Again, please make your reservations by April 4th.

Please note, at the request of many, the menu has been changed to accommodate the meat lovers among you. The dinner will now be surf and turf. I'll see if I can have them make a batch of Babe's chili for you real meat lovers.

This just in. Perennial 2nd place finisher Stretch Cunningham has been under investigation for possible use of the Cream and Clear in an effort to get him over the hump and win the illustrious Theta Chi Red Jacket. Suspicion was raised by observation of a bloated body, a very large head and an irritable personality. Upon further investigation it was determined that his condition stemmed not from abuse of the steroid Cream but from the legal drug Genesee Cream. Cunningham has been known to rub huge quantities of Genesee Cream all over his body, but there is no medical proof that this can accelerate performance (we asked his wife). Mr. Cunningham has been cleared to play in the Open.

.....53 Days to the Open

A. Play at the Theta Chi Open on Friday May 5th - Cost $100
B. Attend only the 19th hole banquet - Cost $50
C. Take advantage of the "Stretch" mobile - Cost: You have to drink with Stretch

Download Registration Form to Mail

If you would like to reserve your place at the 25th annual Theta Chi Open please mail this entry form along with your check payable to Mike Perkins, 13 Eagleton Farms Road, Newtown, PA 18940.

You may cancel for a full refund up to two weeks prior to the event. Cancellations less than two weeks prior to the event date may result in the forfeiture of the entire fee.

Mike Perkins '76