Evan Rosenberg '80 Running for PSU Trustee

Greetings all,
We have one of us who seeks to ascend to greatness. OK, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement. Let me re-load. We have one of us who wants onto the PSU Board of Trustees.

Evan Rosenberg is running for a seat on the board. For what it’s worth, I am endorsing him. That I am endorsing him may be a curse upon his candidacy, but here goes, anyway. I’m gonna vote for Evan, and here’s why.

When I was his Pledge Marshall, I did not scare him off which speaks to some stoutness of character, and a willingness to submit to abuse and to drive on.

He came in first in his pledge class. Now, it needs to borne in mind that this class included Biernacki, Krauss, Josephson, Bodenschatz, Rob2D2 and a number of other misfits. Some might term this, “Damning by faint praise.” Interpret it as you see fit.

He is an executive at CHUBB, an insurance firm that has not gone insolvent or, so far as I know, required any form of taxpayer bailout. Man, I hope I’m right about this one.

His daughter is a PSU student.

I did attempt to extract some semblance of a campaign platform out of Evan prior to putting together this endorsement. He was coy in his responses. Maybe he thought I wasn’t being serious. When pressed, he came up with the following:

"Figure out a way to curtail university spending so as to get a handle on tuition costs"

As you may have noticed, Penn State has been on a building binge during Graham Spanier’s tenure as university president. In so doing, he has created an infrastructure that is awesome and impressive. The lack of state support is a substantial problem. The building can't be helping the tuition costs, though. Think about it. Could most of us have readily afforded to come here back in the day? One could argue that a trustee operating with the idea that Penn State needs first-and-foremost to be affordable would not be a bad thing. 

So, let’s support Evan Rosenberg for University Trustee. 

Bob Mooney '78