Chapter's 2005 Homecoming Plans

Dear Brothers,

Homecoming is once again upon us. For 2005, the theme for Homecoming is “Heart of the Lion”, and I can assure you that this has been something that the entire Omega brotherhood has put its heart into. Having paired up with a PHC sorority, we plan to win and are on track to do just that. Omega has budgeted one thousand dollars, and has put literally thousands of man hours in so that we can bring the first place trophy back to 523 South Allen Street.

As you can imagine, we are doing everything that we can do make this an enjoyable and a successful week, but you can help us to make it more enjoyable and more successful by giving us one thing, your support. Please come back and show us your support for Theta Chi. We are proud of our accomplishments and want to show off that pride to all of you!

Consider coming back to see some of the events that our time and our money has gone into. Many of our brothers have been working hard with the girls to perfect our Airbands show. A few brothers are brushing up on their Penn State trivia to take first place in Nittany Pursuit, a Penn State scavenger hunt. Finally, on Friday night, the Theta Chi float will make its way down the parade route.

Please, come stay at the house and see everything that Omega is achieving. Come see many of the new trophies and other awards that have been awarded to us. See some of the progress that is being made on the house, and allow us to share our thoughts and ideas for future changes. Let Homecoming be a chance to bring Undergraduate Brothers together with Alumni Brothers in a true showing of Omega Brotherhood. 


Jeff Kranzel
Homecoming Chair