Come Omega! (chapter song)

'Come Omega!' Sheet Music -  Download

'Come Omega!' Sheet Music - Download

By: G. Chapman '20, W. Shaw '21 & R. Miller

Come Omega Let us All Join in the highest praise
Singing of thy wondrous fame and of the joy of college days
Ever to there we’ll be loyal honor we they name
Every faithful loving brother helps to swell they fame, fame

Loyal brothers of omega where so’er we be
Whether home or on the campus let us think in joy of thee
we shall ever be as brothers steadfast to the core
one for all and all for one, now and ever more

When life’s brightness fair omega turns to shadows deep
we shall cherish all thy teachings we shall than thy glories reap
ever honoring ever praising till lifespan is past
keeping foremost Theta Chi’s teaching to the last

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