Encore - Dream Girl of Theta Chi '61

Sally Ann Leight

At the annual Pledge Formal in December, Social Chairman Tim Nelligan announced our 1961 Dream Girl as Miss Sally Ann Leight (photo to right). Sally, a ZTA, is a Speech major with the Class of '62. The lucky young man is Brother Mike Lazorchak, '61. To Sally our sincere congratulations.

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Encore - The Allan Legacy

L to R: Dave Allan (Beta Zeta '86), Greg Allan '89 and Norm Allan '64

L to R: Dave Allan (Beta Zeta '86), Greg Allan '89 and Norm Allan '64

Of Theta Chi, Greg Allan '89 says It's family you can always come back to." That's true, but it's easier for Greg than most Theta Chis.He's just one part of a Theta Chi family that includes his brother Dave (Beta Zeta '86) and father Norm (Omega '64).

There wasn't a lot of Theta Chi influence in the Allan house when Dave and Greg were growing up and leaving for college. Norm did not push them toward Theta Chi; he wanted them to make up their own decisions regarding fraternities in general and their own choices when it came to houses in particular. "Whatever they wanted to do was fine. I just wanted them to find a house with a good mix of guys," Norm said about his influence.

Even though he was a legacy, greg did not take much advantage of the fact in his early Theta Chi experiences. "I didn't emphasize the fact that I was a legacy at all. I didn't want the chapter to feel like they had to give me a bid."

By the time Greg received his bid and started pledging, dave Allan was wrapping up his time as an undergraduate Theta Chi at Michigan State. When asked if Dave provided any hints about pledging, greg replied, "No, he acted just like an Omega brother." Well done.

The Allan's have no regrets. "The chapter helped make life more manageable at a big school. The 40 or so guys in the house made it more fun," Norm reflected on his time as an undergraduate. Greg agrees. "No matter how long you're away, Theta Chi always appears from time to time."

Norm and his wife, Barbara (once a runner-up for the Sweetheart of Theta Chi), currently reside in Pittsburgh. Norm is senior vice president of marketing with an investment firm. Dave and his girlfriend, Marci, currently reside in Seattle. He works for REI, a large outdoors supply company. Dave is planning a trek to the summit of Mt. McKinley in the spring. Greg married Jessi in May, and they currently live outside Orlando, Fla. Greg is in training to run industrial air conditioning and refrigerator compressor remanufacturing business.

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Encore - Brother Eberly '39 Extends the Helping Hand

Robert Eberly '39

Robert Eberly '39

For Robert Eberly '39, the concept of extending the helping hand influenced his earliest years. His mother and father, Ruth and Orville Eberly, taught their son that whatever you gave to a charity would come back to you tenfold. This generosity as well as a strong work ethic and a desire for education were instilled in Robert by his parents and have flourished throughout his life.

After graduating from the Pennsylvania State University in 1939 with a degree in chemistry, Brother Eberly joined the U.S. Navy as a civilian chemist. Years later, he joined his father in the natural gas business. As this bushiness grew, he branched out on his own and co-founded Eberly and Meade, Inc., an independent oil and gas producer, with a partner from Oklahoma.

In 1963, Brother Eberly's father established the Eberly Foundation to share the family's good fortune with others, particularly residents of Fayette County. Through the Eberly Foundation and later with the Eberly Family Charitable Trust, Brother Eberly has been able to foster his primary philanthropic objectives - undergraduate education and collegiate-level research.

In addition to the Eberly Foundation and Trust, Brother Eberly's personal contributions have supported and funded many scholarships to colleges and universities that have a sizable enrollment of students from Fayette County. He has also lent strong support to many national programs, educational institutions and civic organizations as well as the arts and sciences field. The American Red Cross, Penn State, Theta Chi, the Boy Scouts of America and the Y.M.C.A. are just a few of the many recipients of Brother Eberly's helping hand. Of all his accomplishments, Brother Eberly reported that he received the greatest satisfaction from his success of bringing a Penn State branch campus to Fayette County.

In Penn State's most recently completed campaign drive, Brother Eberly served as campaign treasurer and made a very strong statement about education and Penn State when the Eberly Family Trust made the leading gift of ten million dollars. The University honored the Eberly family's generous gift by naming the college of science the Eberly College of Science (read Daily Collegian story about this event - March 19 1990).

Brother Eberly currently serves as chairman of the board of Eberly and Meade, Inc., president and treasurer of the Eberly Foundation, manager of the Eberly Family Trust, and treasurer of Penn State;s national Development Council. He also serves and affiliates with many other civic, philanthropic and political organizations and endeavors. He resides in Uniontown, Pa., with his wife, Elouise. Robert has two sons and five grandchildren.

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"Dad Would Have Been Proud" - The Rattle, Spring 2000

The Spring 2000 "The Rattle"

The Spring 2000 "The Rattle"

By George W. Chapman, Jr., '49
(reprinted with permission of Theta Chi International from the Spring 2000 Rattle)

Editor’s Note: Hundreds of guests and members of Theta Chi Fraternity visit the International Headquarters in Indianapolis every year. Be they participants in Fraternity events in the city or travelers on their way to some point on the compass, or conventioneers, or undergraduates on a road trip to “See National,” the impact upon them of Fraternal historical artifacts and emotional triggers seems to be consistent from one man to another. In the morning of November 2, 1999, a phone call that seemed initially like so many others was received by the Headquarters staff and a few casual and highly informative questions were answered positively. Less than an hour later, an alumnus brother and his wife walked back into personal and Fraternal history in a way only a few of our members could ever do. This is his brief recollection of that visit.

Our visit to Theta Chi Fraternity’s International Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana was really unplanned. My wife, Marion, and I knew we would pass through the city but did not expect to have time to stop. When we found ourselves with a few extra hours, we called Theta Chi to see if a quick visit was a possibility. It was!

I should mention that my father, George W. Chapman, had been a former Executive Director of Theta Chi for exactly 20 years prior to his retirement on January 1, 1968. He, and a group of other students from Philadelphia, had formed Omega Chapter at Penn State in early 1919. So I have a special connection to Theta Chi, in addition to my own membership.

Brother El Ahlwardt, Director of Development, for Theta Chi Funds, Inc. and Editor of The Rattle, and Scott Thomas, Director of Chapter Services, met us at the front door of the beautiful Headquarters building.

George W. Chapman Jr. (Omega/Penn State '49) stands before a display case at the International Headquarters in which are displayed many mementos and personal artifacts of his father, George W. Chapman (Omega/Penn State '32)

Before portraits of Frederick Norton Freeman and Arthur Chase, and a watercolor of The Old South Barracks, site of Theta Chi Fraternity's founding, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Chapman, Jr. examine a copy of the seventeenth edition of The Manual of Theta Chi Fraternity. Originally compiled and edited by Brother Chapman's father, The Handbook of Theta Chi Fraternity was first published on August 15, 1939

I must admit that it has been many years since I have had the occasion to use the Theta Chi grip, but instinct took over and our formal greeting was as though rehearsed. Brother Ahlwardt and Brother Thomas were as fine a pair of gentlemen as we could have met anywhere, and a great credit to our Fraternity.

As part of our tour of that building, we were ushered into “The Chapman Library,” a beautifully furnished room that would seem to be the heart of Theta Chi since it contains displays of all items of our history since 1856. This was a most emotional moment for me.

I had previously visited “The Chapman Library” when the Headquarters was in Trenton, New Jersey. But I had assumed that, with the movement of the Headquarters to the Midwest in the early 90s and the passage of some 30 years, things would have changed. If the library still existed, it merely had a new, more modern name. I hope my brothers and my wife could excuse the choke in my voice when I saw my father’s portrait and a display cabinet of his writings, books, photos, awards, etc still intact in “The Chapman Library.” This was a thrill and a moment of nostalgia I shall not soon forget.

There were also mementos of other Theta Chi greats of that generation. Men like Sherwood Blue, Dusty Rhodes, Joe Ross and others, who guided the Fraternity through the difficult post-war years.

As a young man, I knew these men as colleagues of my father, but I did not yet understand the devotion, dedication, and drive with which they served their Fraternity. They gave freely of their time and energy and resources, sometimes at the expense of their personal and business lives. Their obsession was to see that Theta Chi grew and prospered, and along with all those devoted brothers who followed, this Fraternity has been well served.

While photographing his brick, and the adjacent bricks in the Pathway of Brotherhood upon which are engraved the names of his brother (Philip C. Chapman, Omega/Penn State '57) and father (George W. Chapman, Omega '32), Brother Chapman and his wife, Marion, are assist-ed by Scott Thomas (Delta Kappa/Ball State '97), Director of Chapter Services

Brother Chapman admires a coat of arms patch that is on display at the International Headquarters. Suit patches of this sort were worn very fashionably in the 1950s and 1960s on a blue blazer. Shortly after his visit to the International Headquarters, Brother Chapman gave one of his own Theta Chi suit patches for display in the Chapman Library. The gold leaf frame, which contains the patch being admired by Brother Chapman, was crafted in 1856, the year of the Fraternity's founding

Marion and George W. Chapman Jr. stand before a portrait of George W. Chapman that hangs on the wall of The Chapman Library at the International Headquarters

We continued our tour throughout the great Board Meeting Room and through the various office areas where we met the staff members who keep the behind-the-scenes business of Theta Chi running smoothly. We inspected the Pathway of Brotherhood in front of the HQ building, paved with memorial engraved bricks. We noted with satisfaction the adjacent bricks with the names of my father, my brother Philip, and myself-all members of Omega chapter at Penn State.

George Chapman's '20 brick

George Chapman Jr's.'49  brick

Philip Chapman's '57 brick

One humorous incident came to mind during our tour. My father’s formal retirement in 1968 was held during the 112th Anniversary Convention in Miami Beach. He urged my sister, Ann; my brother, Phil; and myself to attend if we could. By pre-arranged agreement, we all advised him that we could not be able to join him. In the meantime, we made secret plans to fly to Miami and surprise him with our presence. We joined the reception line, but when our time came to greet Dad, there was no wild exclamation of joy as we expected. He merely shook our hands, and with a twinkle in his eye, passed on to the next guest. His usual dignity and poise turned the tables and we were the ones surprised-the joke was on us! It was the subject of much family humor for years!

Our thanks to Brother Ahlwardt and Brother Thomas for being such kind and friendly hosts on short notice. I can truly say that Dad would have been extremely pleased and proud to know of the beauty of the International Headquarters, and the excellence of the leadership and staff of our beloved Fraternity, Theta Chi. We also took great pride in the beauty and practicality of the Headquarters Building.

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