2019 Board of Directors Nominations


Dear Brothers,

It is my honor to announce that nominations are now open for three positions on the Board of Directors for Theta Chi of Penn State, Inc. I hope Omega Chapter has provided value for you and for others, as it has for generations of men over the last 100 years. Please consider nominating yourself and/or another brother to serve a two-year term on the Board to assist our chapter.

We, the Board, serve the alumni brotherhood and undergraduates in a variety of ways. We coordinate alumni communications, plan annual events and reunions, manage the chapter property, provide short-term and long-term financial planning, and help advise and support the active chapter. Engaged alumni volunteers are essential to a long-lasting and beneficial fraternity.

Our chapter’s 100th year has been filled with more challenges than celebrations. With the suspension of all undergraduate members in 2019, we are set on rebuilding our Chapter better than ever before. Our brotherhood needs strong leadership to help us prevail and thrive through these new challenges. Brothers who are elected to the Board will have a chance to help Omega Chapter start the journey to be a top-performing fraternity once again.

Serving on the Board is a great opportunity to meet and foster relationships with brothers from different eras, experience Theta Chi leadership and networking conferences both regionally and nationally, and to stay in touch with the undergraduate chapter and membership.

You say you don't have the required knowledge or expertise to serve on the Board? Every brother, regardless of age or experience, has valuable perspective and wisdom to contribute and we urge you to volunteer and lend a helping hand. What's most important is that you are willing to invest a bit of your time and energy in support of the chapter and its mission of creating resolute men who are promoters of knowledge, advancers of culture andbuilders of character. By bringing together brothers with diverse skill sets and a common drive to succeed, we will continue building the usefulness of our Fraternity and our Chapter for many years to come.

Nominations should be submitted via the below form or by email to oxomegaboard@gmail.com and will be accepted through September 30, 2019. If nominating another brother, please include their current contact information so they may accept their nomination. We are planning to have the Annual Corporation Meeting in mid to late October via a conference call. Please be on the lookout for the electronic invitation in the next month.

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Love & Respect,

Edward J. Wallace ‘12
Secretary, Alumni Board of Directors | Omega Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity