Omega Finishes First in 2017 For The Glory Talent Show

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Theta Chi and Vole Perform at Eisenhower Auditorium during For The Glory Talent Show

...Vole and Theta Chi won first place with their electric jazz performance incorporating The Great Gatsby.

Mary Decavalcinte (senior-mathematics), of Vole, said the performance was based off of a dance in their fall showcase this past weekend that they tweaked, making it adaptable for the Theta Chi members.

Saif Khalil (senior-civil engineering), president of Theta Chi, stepped in last minute.

"I was pretty nervous going up there," Khalil said. "I thought some of the other performances were just as good as ours, if not a little bit better."

Khalil said Theta Chi has never had the opportunity perform at THON but are so happy to finally do it for the kids.

Decavalcinte said she is excited Vole won first place in the talent show but also that they get to share the stage with Theta Chi.

"It feels amazing just going out there in front of the kids and performing for them," Khalil said. "It's going to be such an honor."

Decavalcinte and Khalil agreed that they both thought they would end up in the top three but did not expect to be number one.

"It came as a complete shock to me," Khalil said. "I'm still shooketh right now."

Theta Chi of PSU

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