2017 Homecoming Minutes

Call to Order: 10:07 AM, Nov. 12, 2017

Alumni Brothers In attendanceK. Trippel, A. Speagle, J. Damcott

Undergraduate Reports:


  • 2 new members for Fall 2017
  • Aware that recruitment is an issue
  • LEC visit went well but identified two items for improvement
    • Recruitment. Set goal of 20 new members for Spring 2018.
      • Condition of chapter house
  • rd place Overall for Homecoming 2017
  • Highest GPA among fraternities


  • Finances holding for now, concerned about upcoming insurance bill due to low undergraduate membership numbers
  • Requests discussion audience with Alumni Treasurer for path forward

Other Concerns

  • In-house wifi is not performing at acceptable levels, need assistance to support repair/replacement.
  • Recruitment concerns & rule changes
    • New members must be Sophomores or higher (24 credits)
    • Discussed methods of informal recruitment. Befriend freshmen, and suggest for recruitment as sophomores and beyond
    • Discussed that recruitment is the responsibility of the entire chapter
  • Payments no longer going through bursar, discuss switching to OmegaFi

New Business:

Alumni Executive Board Elections:

  • Br. Trippel stepping down as Alumni President
  • Br. Damcott stepping down as Alumni Advisor
  • New alumni executive board has been selected by voting Alumni members
    • Chris Burke ‘93, Paul Kirkegaard ‘92Jason Jonas ‘15Ian Maxwell ‘13Aaron Speagle ‘12 and David Stoltzfus ‘13
  • New board will select roles at a date TBD

  • New board begins the 3-3 stagger, three of the members will choose to serve a 1 year term, and return to 2-year terms fall 2019. Each year 3 board members will be elected/re-elected.

Alumni Advisory Boar

  • New Alumni Executive board will be reaching out to other alumni to chair and sit on a chapter advisory board to increase frequency of communications between undergraduates and alumni.

Greek Life Sanctions/Challenges

  • Discussion of ongoing challenges faced by recent rule/regulation changes made by the university and the borough with respect to greek organizations
  • Discussed need to tread very lightly moving forward to remain operational.
  • Discussed finding ways to be more frequent with communication between alumni and undergraduates.
    • Have undergraduate executive board meet with alumni board

    • Have members of alumni advisory board or exec board call into or videoconference at undergraduate chapter meeting


  • Issue/Distribute Omegaphone
  • Close/Finalize Capital Campaign Reporting
  • Send/Distribute Fundraiser Mailers
  • Centre County Fire Code Report
  • Insurance from National
  • Alumni Advisory board
  • Repair House Wifi

Meeting adjourned 11:00am ED

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