Mrs. Chapman Remembrance - The Rattle, Winter 1970

As appeared in The Rattle - Vol. 58 No. 2 - Winter 1970
From The Executive Office 
Br. Howard R. Alter, Jr. Executive Director 
In shocked silence I listened as the voice at the other end of the telephone told me that Delta Pi's chapter house had just burned to the ground. The handsome brick home of Indiana State's Theta Chis in Terre Haute where I had been a guest this past spring was gone! It was difficult to conceive, for this house was the pride of its occupants and this pride was reflected wherever you looked, from its handsome living room to its well-ordered individual rooms. I'm sure that when other fraternity fires occurred in the past several years, the brotherhood, undergraduates and alumni of Delta Pi, felt "it can't happen here." But it did. There is a lesson to be learned for all of us. Has your insurance been updated recently? I understand the chapter could have been carrying 30% more insurance and it would have come well within the house valuation; and the cost would have been under $100.00 per year. Don't we all tend to think accidents happen to somebody else? This loss should bring home to each of us who are connected with the administration of our chapters that it can happen here, for in the past two years, at Zeta and at Delta Pi, it did. 

Mary Craley Chapman

In Remembrance of Mary Craley Chapman
Mary Craley Chapman, wife of Executive Director Emeritus George W. Chapman, and mother of George, Jr., Omega '49, and Philip C., Omega '57, died suddenly at their home September 29, 1969. Memorial Services were held at the Abington Friends Meeting on October 3rd. Both Fraternity and National Inter-fraternity Conference representatives were in attendance. The family requested that contributions be made to the Foundation Chapter in lieu of flowers. Remembrance has been substantial. 

My Celebrity
by Nance Chapman, grade 5

Who I would like to be is really unusual. I would like to be my grandmother. 

My grandmother hasn't done anything that would make her a celebrity to everyone. But in a way she is a celebrity to me. 

Although my grandmother is pretty old, she is not like some other grandmothers who just sit around and take walks in the park. My grandmother is very active. 

My grandmother can tell the beauty in a blade of grass with the sun shining on it. 

My grandmother can make friends with a garbage man or the president of the United States.

I respect my grandmother very much. I wish everyone in the world could have a grandmother as good and nice as mine. 

The above was written of Mary Craley Chapman by her granddaughter in 1965 as a school assignment. Of it Mrs. Chapman said, "I am humbly grateful for the love my granddaughter expressed in this essay." All who knew Mary Chapman felt the same love for her; but who else could express it so honestly, so sincerely? Thank you, Nance, for saying what we all felt. 

George W. Lord ’27 - 1950
James O. Marshall, Jr. ’28 - 1969

Alumni News

Lester B. Strickler, professor of finance at Oregon State University, has been elected president of the 300 member Western Finance Association which represents academic and financial institutions.

GUESTS HONORED. Gamma Xi Chapter President David Anderson (center) congratulates Executive Director Howard R. Alter, Jr. (left) and district 10 regional counselor Harry Anderson for their achievements and dedication to the national fraternity. Counselor Anderson received a special trophy for his commitment to the San Jose State College Chapter as regional counselor during the past four years - as appeared in The Rattle, Winter 1970

THETA CHI ENJOYED one of the largest turnouts of any national fraternity at the National Interfraternity Conference in Chicago, December 4-6. Thirty-four Brothers attended the Theta Chi luncheon: 
Kneeling are Chris Combe, Northwestern; Wm. Terry Osborn, Ball State; John Brogan, Ball State; Scott Campbell, Hartford; Paul Sacco, Northern Illinois; Richard Northcutt, Washington State; Robert J. Iglehart, Eastern Kentucky (Colony); Don Brown, Indiana of Pa.; and Larry Fergerson, Northern Illinois. 
Sitting are Wayne A. Pitner, Northwestern; Carl H. Samans, Rensselaer; Keith Nester, Connecticut; Allan Rodgers, Indiana State; William T. Gillis, Rutgers; Marvin Fleming, Florida; Howard R. Alter, Jr., Penn State; Harry W. Steere, New Hampshire; Joe D. Ross, Jr., North Caro-lina; Earl D. Rhodes, Rensselaer; and Jim Twyman, North-western. Standing are William John Simpson, Northwestern; David Skverven, North Dakota State; Russ Wilhelm, Dick-inson State; John Short, Central Michigan; David Field, Central Michigan; Ed Caster, Western Illinois (Colony); Lawrence T. Anderson, Illinois Wesleyan; Dale A. Slivinske, Duke University; Michael 0. Stewart, California-Berkeley; Robert E. Tinsley, Morehead State (Colony); Jeffrey A. Riley, Gettysburg; Gene Jackson, North Dakota State; George W. Smithey, Iowa State; and Edward P. Jacobson, Oregon State - as appeared in The Rattle, Winter 1970

Theta Chi of PSU

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