Omega WWII Updates - The Rattle, Sept. 1944

As appeared in The Rattle - Vol. XXXIII No. 1 - September-October 1944

World War II Plaque honoring those brothers that gave their lives during World War II

Wednesday, April 9, 1947, will remain etched in the memory of the brothers of Omega Chapter. On this date, led by Dr. Francis Doan, alumni adviser, brief memorial services were held in honor of the brothers of the chapter who gave their lives for their country in World War II. The climax of the ceremony was dedication of a bronze plaque, donated by the undergraduate and alumni members of Omega Chapter, which has the names of the five brothers inscribed upon it. 

The Elks Lodge at Penn State, Pennsylvania, established the Capt. Bruce Gilliard Memorial Award for essay contest for the Omega Chapter alumnus.


  • Sgt. Alexander A. Dow, ’33 - January 1946 died from physical disability received at Dieppe while in service with Canadian Army
  • Capt. Bruce S. Gillard, ’35, November 7, 1977, in Metz
  • Pvt. George Harkness, ’39, 1942, in a plane crash in Trinidad
  • Lt. (jg) Reed G. Held, ’43, 194 over South Pacific
  • Lt. Robert Gaerthe Coran, ex-’44, June 29, 1944, one of Chennault’s Flying Tigers, over Japanese territory in China


  • Cpl. Edward Banyer, Silve Star
  • Lt. J. Bruce Brooks, ex’44, Air Medal 4
  • Capt. John H. Genther, ’39, Silver Star
  • Col. Blair E, Henderson, Bronze Star
  • Capt. Richard H. Knowles, ’39, Bronze Star
  • John M. Metzger, ’39 (son of Fritz L. Metzger, Norwich, ’03), Air Medal
  • Lt. Wayne A. Stover, ’38, Air Medal
  • S/Sgt. Robert P. Thompson, ’43, Silver Star

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