Omega Chapter in The Rattle - The Rattle, Dec. 1931

As appeared in The Rattle - Vol. XX No. 3 - December 1931

Many in Publications
One-Tenth of the membership of Pi Delta Epsilon, honorary publications society, at Pennsylvania State College, are members of Omega Chapter. They are: Sherwood K. Booth, assistant business manger of Old Mail Bell, literary magazine; Samuel Sinclair, associate business manager of Penn State Collegian, official publication of the campus; and Edward W White, associate editor of Penn State Collegian.

What the Theta Chi Monument Chest Contains
When the copper chest that was sealed in the Theta Chi Monument , marking the place of the founding at Norwich, Vermont, is opened twenty-five, fifty, or a hundred years from now, there will be found in it many articles of unusual interest. Each active chapter was notified that it should send some article suitable for pacing in the chest, but no on anticipated the great variety of those objects.

Among other things, the chest contains the following from Omega, initiation banquet menu.

Theta Chi of PSU

Theta Chi, Omega Chapter, 523 South Allen St., State College, PA 16801, USA