Omega's in the News - The Rattle, Feb. 1940

As appeared in The Rattle - Vol. XXVIII, No. 4 - February 1940

Philadelphia Alumni Elect
At a meeting of the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter. October 24. the following ware elected for the coming year: President, George Chapman, Penn State; vice president. Peter Steigerwald, Dickinson; secretary, Joseph Fouracre, Pennsylvania; treasurer, David Llewellyn, Penn State. Monthly meetings are planned for the year, all of the being held at the Kappa chapter house.

AMONG THETA CHIS attending the National Interfraternity Conference (12-1-1939) were left to right, seated: George W. Chapman, national marshall; George Starr Lasher. vice chairman-elect of the National Interfraternity Conference; Earl D. Rhodes, national president; Dean Floyd Field, director southeastern regional conference of the National Interfraternity Conference: standing, Harold A Sweet, Zeta: Daniel E. Sweet. representative of the University of New Hampshire Interfraternity Council: A. H. Aldridge: retiring chairman of the College Fraternity Secretaries Association; Arthur Howland, Michigan State. chairmen of the National Undergraduate Interfraternity Council - as in The Rattle, Feb. 1940