Brother Needs Books for His Students - Helping Hand

Dear Brothers, 

I am 14 weeks into teaching in Greenville, MS and I realize now more than ever how important it is to have a student-centered classroom. Going into the classroom, I had a library for my students, but the books I had were not books that they felt motivated and interested to read. Slowly, I have realized that building literacy and improving reading levels are the most important things I can work on with my students. I have researched books that I know they will read - and I have given a few of my students who have shared their dislike for reading a few novels on this list. These students have loved the books and have been begging to take the books home. Unfortunately, I cannot afford all the books I need on my own. I am asking for your help. Please consider donating enough to buy one book; one book bought is one more student that is engaged in reading.

Here is a direct link to my Amazon Gift List for my students - Amazon Wish List

Please send your donated books to ...


Thank you for your help.

Shawn Stern

Theta Chi of PSU

Theta Chi, Omega Chapter, 523 South Allen St., State College, PA 16801, USA