Theta Chi for Life Campaign Update - July 2013

Click here to download PDF of July 2013 UpdateAs you are likely aware, we have begun the necessary repairs and upgrades to the chapter house.

Br. David Schrader provided a detailed architectural review of the physical conditions of the property. The review can be accessed clicking here.

The board has used this study as a guide to determine the most pressing needs. As funds have been raised, we have been able to complete the following:

  • window replacement,
  • replaced the shutters and
  • removed the old dishwasher and replaced it with a commercial sink.

The committee is currently in the permitting and bidding process to complete the long overdue repairs and code compliance issues associated with the bar windows and side porch deterioration. Our plans are to perform the following by the start of the fall semester:

  • Remove the glass block, install new structural supports and install new glass block 
  • Replace porch railings to code, 
  • Replace porch stairs, repair slab edge and repaint 
  • Replace porch roof and provide new gutters and conductors 
  • Replace the French doors from the living room to the porch, from the downstairs dining room to the parking lot and the interior doors to the bar 

The board is also investigating the installation of new security lighting and video security equipment and addressing any other safety repairs needed throughout the interior of the house.

Once these renovations are completed this summer the remaining items on our renovation list will be completed in subsequent years. Your donation to the capital effort will is critical to our success.

THE PROJECT LIST (not in order of priority)

  • Replace windows on first floor and second floor COMPLETE
  • Replace exterior shutters COMPLETE
  • Remove, replace, or repair the side porch – SLATED FOR SUMMER 2013 
  • Update the electrical system in the basement, first floor and second floor 
  • Renovate the second floor bedrooms
  • Replace doors on the first and second floor
  • Paint, repoint and clean the exterior of the house
  • Repair/replace the entry roof from the parking lot to the kitchen
  • Renovate the first floor walls and floors
  • Replace the water damaged concrete floor in the kitchen
  • Renovate the basement bathroom
  • Rebuild the bathroom on the first floor
  • Renovate the stairs from first floor to 2nd and 3rd floors
  • Investigate and repair water leaks from the 1st floor
  • Install radiator thermostats
  • Bring to ADA compliance

We would be remiss if we did not thank Br. David Schrader. This project would not be possible without his input. David has provided all the architectural expertise, from the feasibility study, to the documents needed for the Society of Greek housing, all project specifications and drawings, permit documents and bidding oversight. This scope of work would not be possible without his selfless generosity.

Capital Campaign Financial Update

We want and need the participation of all alumni to reach our campaign goals. We want you to give what you can to help make this renovation a reality and, in the true spirit of Theta Chi, we want to do this TOGETHER. So, we are bucking the trend and are hoping to raise 80% of our money from 80% of the group OR MORE! See the pyramid below with payment schedules below to help you determine at what level you might be able to make your pledge. You can help us complete the pyramid by making your gift and encouraging others to make theirs.


$500,000 to renovate the chapter house at 523 S. Allen Street, and to fund an endowment that will enable Omega Chapter of Theta Chi to remain a viable and leading force at The Pennsylvania State University.

Where Are We Now...

We have raised $128,598.00 from 63 alumni.

We have raised 25% of our goal to date, from 6% of our alumni.

What Do We Need...


Please consider your gift and click here to download a pledge form before the “Theta Chi and Penn State: A Century in the Making Fall Gala” on October 19th.

Below are the giving levels that will help us reach our goal. Please review and determine at what level you can give; then complete and return your pledge form.

Please consider giving that the highest level you are able. Gifts over $5,000 are tax deductible and will help us reach out goal more quickly. 

If you are wondering – what would a pledge to the campaign look like at each level, we’ve broken it down for you below. We have made the pledge period three years and hope that the ability to pay over a few years will allow you to contribute more. We are grateful for your contribution and hope you will take a moment to encourage others to give as well.

Pledge Payment Schedule over 3-Year Pledge Period

 Pledge Amount  Yearly Payments  Bi-Yearly Payments Quarterly Payments   Monthly Payments
$10,000 $3,333.33   $1,666.67  $833.33  $277.78
 $5,000  $1,666.67  $833.33  $416.67  $138.89
 $2,500  $833.33  $416.67  $208.33  $69.44
 $1,000  $333.33 $166.67  $83.33  $27.78
 $500  $166.67  $83.33  $41.67  $13.89
 $250  $83.33  $41.67  $13.89 $6.95