Aaron Speagle '12 - Alumni Profile

Click Here to Fill Out Your Own Alumni Corner ProfileAaron Speagle - 2012
Big Brother: Troy Slack
Little Brother: Ian Brodsky, Nick Stadtlander
Offices Held: Recruitment, Historian, House Manager, THON, Marshal

OX: Why did you join Theta Chi? 
Aaron Speagle: Theta Chi extended a helping hand to me when i didn't even know i could use one. I was given a snap bid and took the leap of faith in trust of the few brothers I did know prior to recruitment and never looked back. To this day it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

OX: What is your nickname? How did you get it? Did anyone in particular give it to you? 
AS: Speags, no story really, it just kind of stuck

OX: Did you live in the house? If so, who were your roommates? Tell us about a memorable time with them. 
AS: I roomed with Geoff Rolstone and Mitch Hulderman when i was in the house, and with Brent Homcha before I moved into the house.

OX: What do you do for a living? 
AS: Nuclear Engineer at Newport News Shipbuilding

OX: What organizations are you involved with in your community? 
AS: Theta Chi for life