Omega NEEDS YOU to HELP us reach our GOAL!

Omega Alumni are a unique and special group for many, many reasons.  Over the past year, we have embarked on a capital effort to renovate the house and ensure our active brotherhood can recruit the best men on campus by giving them a house that is competitive with other housing options at Penn State.  You have joined with a select group of over 60 of your fraternity brothers by leading the way in this effort and we are now asking you to help us bring other alumni to the table.

To meet our goal and put the chapter on solid financial footing we need to raise $500,000, of which we have already raised $125,000.  This will allow us to complete the below:

THE PROJECT LIST (not in order of priority)

• Replace windows on first floor and second floor - COMPLETE

• Replace exterior shutters - COMPLETE

• Replace doors on the first and second floor

• Remove, replace, or repair the side porch (scheduled for this summer)

• Update the electrical system in the basement, first floor and second floor

• Renovate the second floor bedrooms

• Paint, repoint and clean the exterior of the house

• Repair/replace the entry roof from the parking lot to the kitchen

• Renovate the first floor walls and floors

• Replace the water damaged concrete floor in the kitchen

• Renovate the basement bathroom

• Rebuild the bathroom on the first floor

• Renovate the stairs from first floor to 2nd and 3rd floors

• Investigate and repair water leaks from the 1st floor

• Install radiator thermostats

• Bring to ADA compliance

There are 922 living alumni and 850 of them have not yet made a contribution to the campaign.  You likely know a few of them and that’s where we need your assistance.  Brother to brother outreach is the final component of completing this effort and we simply cannot do it without your help.  Our plan is to have reached our goal, or be very near to reaching the goal by the gala event on October 19th.

We are asking each current donor to the campaign to help us raise an additional $5,000 in new gifts.

This can come from one person or ten and we can provide you giving and contact information for anyone you would like to reach out to.  We will also be sending out a marketing piece that updates alumni on the state of the campaign, the house, the progress we’ve made and what we still need that will support your efforts by educating alumni before your outreach.

We know we have asked a lot of alumni over the last few years, and we are asking again now.  We can and must close this effort in a way that ensures the financial future of Omega Chapter and your continued loyalty, leadership, generosity and support is what will help us do it quickly and effectively.

If you are able to assist us in this effort, you can reach our volunteer coordinator at or at 814-571-0576.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and HOPE that you will join us in this critical effort.


The Theta Chi for Life Campaign Committee

Richard Bartnik '67
Leo Sugg '88
James Stuhltrager '89
Richard Maltz '90
Christopher Bartnik '91
Jeffrey Damcott '91
Chris Burke '93
Dave Hartwich '09