2013 FLICKS Wrap-Up and Photos


This year FLICKS was held on Sunday, April 7th and we are happy with the results. Brothers Shawn Stern and Grant Gaston were in charge of the event and successfully recruited 9 teams. Ultimately we raised $887, although we may donate more out of pocket in order to raise that total to $900.

This year saw an improvement from previous years and set a strong foundation for the future. We received contact information from a local Ultimate Frisbee team who gave us links to connect with other teams from around the area. In addition, we also sent thank you emails to all teams involved, the majority of whom said they would come back in the future. Regarding sponsorships, we were able to get several pizzas from a local restaurant Little Mama’s. For the future we suggest looking into sponsors early and often.

All in all, FLICKS was a success relative to years past. We are confident that future events can bring more teams and money for Pennsylvania CASA. Some suggestions include dividing the tournament into a competitive league for Ultimate and Club teams, while reserving a recreational bracket for everyone else. In addition, we want to offer incentives for signing up early and get early sponsorships.