Alumni Work Weekend 2013 - Wrap Up (Photos and Video)

Another successful Alumni Work Weekend has come and gone. This year we set our sites on improving both a room in the house and the comfort & experience of the undergraduate brothers. Many years after the old table (originally donated in the spring of 1976 by Br. Tony Bernardo's parents) was disposed of (anyone recall why, please let us know) we put our efforts towards restoring the room back to a pool room. 

A new table was purchased, new carpeting was installed, a couch, chair and a pool light were purchased. Along with the pool room, two radiator covers were built for the dining room. No one can recall the last time the radiators had covers (again if anyone can recall please let us know) but they brightened and classed up the dining room. Finally, the alumni and brothers helped to level and smooth out the parking lot (from the repair work that was done the sewage system in 2011).

We like to thank those alumni below who came up for the weekend of work and for those who contributed financially to the project.

Richard Bartnik, Edward Benish, Chris Burke, George Chapman Jr., Jeff Damoctt, Tyler Doppelheuer, William Elmore, Richard Hill, Joseph Kampman, Brian Leauby, Richard Maltz, Jasen Marshall, Jeremy Railing, Colin Scheible, and Robert Waltenbaugh

A big thanks to every alumnus who pitched in, and we hope to see you back more often!