2013 Homecoming Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order on October 19, 2013 at 10:00am at the Nittany Lion Inn

General Introductions of all individuals

Reading of minutes waived

Undergraduate President Reports

  • Membership - Currently 36 Undergraduate Brothers
  • 10 Pledges in Fall 2013 class – Largest Pledge Class since Fall 2010
  • Chapter House - 23 Brothers Living in House. 23 or 24 Brothers will be living in House next semester
  • Academics - 3.22 GPA for Spring 2013 – All Men’s Average 2.89 and All Fraternity Average 3.07
  • THON - Looking for corporate sponsors for THON 2014. Two Brothers will be Dancing in THON 2014
  • K.I.C.K.S. - will be held on November 3rd this year. Sponsored by Muscle Milk
  • Homecoming - Omega finished in First Place and was paired with Tapestry Dance Company.
  • National - Received Chapter of Excellence award in the following: Scholarship Programming, Community Service and Philanthropy Programming, Alumni Programming, Chapter Finances, The Ritual, Chapter Operations, Internal Cooperation, Campus Involvement, Social Programming. 158th National Convention will be July 16-19, 2014 and we are required to send at least one Undergraduate Brother

Undergraduate Treasurer Report (read attached report)

  • Discussion on two brothers that are disaffiliating - Claim schedule conflicts
  • Mandating living in a house - general discussion.  There are rules.  Alumni feel it must be made mandatory. Undergrads explained upperclass issues with apartment leases.
  • University requires freshman to sign leases for sophomore year by Oct of Freshman year and pledges get initiated by November so conflict.  Bartnik (Sr) explained issues. Housing being offered now is first class and making competition.
  • Picking selective with new members is understandable but must be mindful of filling the house so need to make more of a concerted effort with rush.
  • More general discussion.  Undergrads actively looking at ways of enhancing rush.
  • Good rush event will get 15 rushees. 
  • Current class 7 freshman...good! Rush you friends
  • 12% of frosh go greek...

Alumni President Report

  • Capital Campaign - 105 Pledges $194,964.
  • Windows done, side porch being repaired.
  • David Schrader did a feasibility report on the chapter house that Alumni Corporation is using as their road map to house repairs. 
  • Glass block, steel lintels been replaced, roof being replaced, gutters will be added to side-porch roof, sealant on concrete, french doors being replaced but will be w/ sidelight. Doors in dining room are being replaced.  Some electrical work will done as well to the side-porch.
  • Work should be completed by end of month - Doors in mid November 
  • "FratFix" not being responsive to repair calls.  Alumni President asks the undergrads to call Alumni to crack down on them...not undergraduate job.
  • Alumni President discusses scaling back on Affinity...renegotiating contract...goes month to month for capital campaign.
  • Discussion on "burn out" with current board.  
  • Initial goal was $500,000 for Capital Campaign. We are missing the big donors ($50 K) and that is what we are hoping for.
  • Discussion of "Class Captains" ...hard time to get the volunteers. Affinity will help with those people.
  • House Operations
  • Work weekend to be set up in spring - undergraduates should provide dates.
  • Discussion of weekly e-mail blasts.  Will be replaced by a different marketing approach as we are now past the Gala.
  • Talked about putting up videos on the website and of the gala to stir up interest.  $5000 is the threshold for Tax Deduction. 
  • Discussed using 3rd party (frat fix) working with leasing, deposits, move-in and move-out of undergraduates.

Alumni Treasurer Report (See attached report)

  • 23 guys in the house is the "break even" point for budgeting.
  • Our ability to pay bills is a problem...money goes out slow...we pay after 30 days.  We need to speed up payment.  Structure should be changed.
  • Discussion of making payments more timely to the undergraduates and to our vendors.

Old Business

  • Voting - Board candidates acclimated. New board is Chris Burke, Jeff Damoctt, David Hartwich, Jeremy Railing and Timothy Uhrich. Congrats to the new board members. The board will meeting and select a president and treasurer from their ranks.

New Business

  • Leo - Discussed "Young Professionals" type of board to serve with standard board. We need to get a formalized structure. Helps with interactivity with undergrads.
  • Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) never really took off. Suggest that we consider using that as the new "board".
  • Leo Sugg covers schedule of events for tonights Gala

For the Good 

  • Alumni Corporation bestows Theta Chi's Citation of Honor to Chris Burke, Jeff Damcott, Chris Bartnik, David Hartwich, Richard Bartnik, Jim Stuhltrager, Leo Sugg and David Schrader for all their time and effort towards the fraternity
  • Alumni President Richard Maltz said his goodbye. He helped save the house and thanked those that helped him. 

Meeting closed at 11:45am


Theta Chi of PSU

Theta Chi, Omega Chapter, 523 South Allen St., State College, PA 16801, USA