3rd Annual OX Omega Whitewater Rafting Trip - Week of May 17th

NOTE: The trip will be either May 17-18 or May 18-19 based on your feedback. It will not run May 17-19 based on current planning.

The whitewater trip is back again for more thrills, more spills, and further amusement at Somerset county roadhouses. All Omegas, family, and friends are welcome to join us for this fun and challenging adventure as we once again take to the water.

Right now we are trying to get some of your feedback. We intend to run the Cheat River in WV this year on either Friday or Saturday, a class III-IV paddle that would be described as an advanced but not expert paddle. We can run the trip through the same company, Laurel Highlands River Tours, as we have had good results the last two years. Friday rates are $80 per rafter; Saturday rates are $95 per rafter. Camping the night before has been an option the last two years and we want to do that again as well. The trip departs from the same location as all the other tours the company runs so we can still enjoy the magic of the Ohiopyle, PA area and see some different scenery during the trip despite actually rafting in WV.

Right now, we are trying to determine the better day to raft: Friday or Saturday. Reservations for camping and rafting are cheaper by maybe $25 if we go Thursday-Friday vs. Friday-Saturday. Weather is unpredictable as are water levels. Your feedback appreciated below.

Camping at Scarlet Knob Camp Ground just up from town is optional as it has been the last two years, but is encouraged if you are able to make the trip. Meet up time for the Cheat trip appears to be around 11:00 AM making a drive in very doable day-of for most of PA and MD. We would like to be making reservations late next week so please check your calendars as soon as possible.

Whitewater reservations will be made as a group through one organizer and then you can call and pay for individual seats on the trip afterward. Camping reservations will also be made by one brother and repayment managed on site.



Probable itinerary for either May 17-18 or May 18-19:

Camping @ Scarlet Knob Camp Ground starting around 6pm

Dinner in the Ohiopyle area around 7 or 8pm

Return to the Campsite for the night

Campsite checkout between 8:00 and 8:30am

Breakfast in downtown Ohiopyle (Previously at the Ohiopyle House or Falls Market) around 8:30 or 9:00am

Meet up at trip launch area around 10:30am for waivers/rentals/11:00am departure

The company also offers tours on rapids more family orietend as well as more extreme than the tour we have selected. If you are interested in coming out to raft, camp, and/or enjoy the Ohiopyle area (also noted for its rock climbing, bike trails, hiking, bird watching, golf, etc.) we should be able to set you up with another tour if you believe this one will be too challenging. Start times are similar around 11:00am. Please let us know your feedback (these dates don't work for me, this class of river makes it hard to bring my family, is there an option just to camp and enjoy the area) if the trip as presented does not work for you. We will incorporate your feedback as best we can into the planning for this year, and also use it to plan future trips for OX Omega. Thanks!


Timothy Uhrich and Robert Blumstein