5th Annual Alumni Work Weekend - March 23rd


When you think back to your time as a brother, one thing is present in everyone's memories, no matter the graduation year, 523 S. Allen St. This ever present symbol of Theta Chi's presence at Penn State is starting to showing her age. Let's face it; a house doesn't go for 80 years without accumulating its fair share of dings and dents, especially one that's got 40 college students in it.

This is an opportunity to give back for all the good times you had there, and to keep the house in its best shape so brothers for years to come can have those same memories.
This year the 5th annual Alumni Work Weekend is schedule for the weekend of March 23rd. Its a great time for Alumni and active brothers gather for a few days to fix up the house, as well as relive the good old college years.

We are asking that each brother bring $50 to donate towards the weekend projects. If you cannot make the trip to State College you can still support the weekend by sending your donation for the Reunion Weekend to:

Richard Maltz
Theta Chi of Penn State
1019 6th St. #6, Santa Monica, CA 90403
please make the checks payable to "Theta Chi of Penn State".

We look forward to seeing you.