2012 Homecoming Meeting Minutes

2012 Homecoming Meeting Agenda

Call to order - 5:05pm

Introduction of Officers

Reading of the Minutes
  1. motion passed to waive the reading of the minutes
Undergraduate Reports
Chapter President - Kevin Trippel
  1. Currently 42 undergraduate brothers
  2. 8 New Members in the Upsilon Pledge Class 
  3. 28 living in the house for the fall, 3 graduating at end of fall
  4. A minimum of 25 living in the house for the spring, however 3 brothers are trying to break housing contracts to move in for the spring
Chapter House
  1. 28 Brothers currently in house
  2. First year with cook went great, so we are continuing to offer the meal plan
  1. 3.2  Average for Spring 2012 – (higher than all-male average)
Intramural Sports
  1. Finished 2011-2012 year in 8th place.
  2. Currently in 9th place for Fall 2012
  1. Partnered with Orchesis Dance Company
  2. Still Awaiting Results
  1. Raised almost $4,100 on first canning trip, next is October 19th-21st
  2. Trying to get corporate sponsors this year if anyone may have potential contacts
  1. Date set for October 14th with Alpha Xi Delta, supporting Autism Speaks
Alumni Relations
  1. Alumni Tailgates at football games
  2. next tailgate is at the Ohio State Game
  1. Sent Sam Shively to National Convention in Palm Springs, CA. Earned Key Man Award
  2. Next National Event is Mid Year Leadership 
  3. Alumni will once again pay for two registrations for summer National event (paid for National convention - $800)
  1. Received 2011 IFC Chapter of Excellence
  2. 2011 IFC Chapter of the year
  3. 2011 Penn State Presidents Cup for top Greek organization
  4. 2011 Chapter Advisor - Richard Bartnik
  5. Chapter of Excellence
  6. On track for 2012 Chapter of Excellence
Chapter Treasurer - Kyle Sussman (download report)
PNC Bank Statements: 
  1. Dues: $923.57
  2. Paid $9,075 insurance bill
  3. $175 in donations
  4. House: $30.25 (Unused Account)
  1. Brothers in House = 29*$2,500= $72,500 (29*$25= $725 to undergrads for supplies)
  2. Meal Plan= 24*$1,175= $28,200 (all amount to undergrads)
  3. Net incoming = $43,115-$28,917 = $14,198 (matches incoming dues)
  4. Dues: 43*$330= $14,190 (all amount to undergrads) 
  5. $14,190-$1,200= $12,990 (to come)
  1. Meal Plan = 4*$7,048 = $28,192 (meal plan bills)
  2. Currently $14,096 in unpaid meal plan bills and $347.57 in unpaid supplies
  3. Supplies = roughly $725 total
  4. Total outgoing = $28,192+$725= $28,917
  1. Total- (meal plan, dues, supplies) = $43,115
  2. Awaiting two checks currently: $18,700 and $6,120 = $24,820
Short term expected:
  1. After 2 checks in, 3 bills out: ($18,700+$6,120) – ($14,096+$347.57) = $10,376.43
Other chapter officer reports
  1. none
Alumni President - Richard Maltz
Capital Campaign
  1. Passed $104,000 in pledges. 
  2. Moving slower than hoped
  3. will be reaching out to more brothers for both donations and getting involved.
  4. Please make a pledge and than reach out to your friends and let them know they should make a pledge as well.
  5. Windows and Shutters have been installed
  6. Top to Bottom House Cleaning
  7. Undergrads are to compile a list of complaints of areas that weren’t really cleaned.
  8. Fratfix cooks did the cleaning and they really weren’t professional or anything.
  9. Showers weren’t really cleaned well enough?
Move in / Move out
  1. Undergrad chapter officers couldn’t keep up with everyone when this was done at the end of the spring 2012 semester and the beginning of the fall 2012 semester
  2. Look into Nittany Co-op for their inspector and move in services
  3. Talk to alumnus brother Leshawn Haynes, he works for a hotel/ apartment management company that might also use a service that we could also use or at least get a quote from.
  4. discussion about requiring brothers to live in house.
Side Porch and Bar Area renovation
  1. This is the next big project that will be attacked
  2. If we start it we are worried about ADA compliance issues so thinking about delaying it until we have more money to pay for it all.  Alumni Board will be having a conference call to come up with a plan of action
Kitchen Renovation
  1. Talks about investing in a dishwasher.  Was it a mistake to not install one when the renovation was done?  Can always put one in later.  Undergrads should look into it and determine if they really need one and price a few options out.
Work weekend
  1. The undergrads need to decide on a date as soon as possible.
Alumni Treasurer - Chris Burke (given by Richard Maltz) (download report)
  1. Financials broken down into alumni, house, and capital fund. Capital fund is making money, just not collected all pledges as some are made over time.
  2. Need to discuss increases to insurance coverage, based on conversations with insurance broker for total assets in house and rental loss coverages.
  3. Chapter House expenses and revenues solid, rebuilding reserves after purchase of chapter house
Old Business
New Business
  1. Undergraduates present “Helping Hand of Omega” award to Richard Maltz '90. Thanks for doing so much for our chapter!
  2. Board of Director elections will be held at 2013 Homecoming. Will appoint someone to find those brothers interested in running of for the board of director.
  3. Richard Maltz, alumni president, announces he will not be running next year. Living in California makes it too difficult to be involved and attend functions in State College.
For The Good
  1. Chapter has done an awesome job and congratulations on all the awards.
  2. Br. Vandenburgh '63 making the annual pig roast dinner. Thank you very much Br. Vandenburgh.
Motion to Adjourn - 5:55pm